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How to glue your table tennis rubbers the right way

Xu Xin put the glue on the racket

How to glue correctly in table tennis? How to glue and cut the table tennis rubbers and racket perfectly. Hello, welcome back to PingSunday. Today let’s talk about table tennis equipment. How to glue and cut the table tennis rubbers. How to make a beautiful table tennis racket. I have explained you previously, how to … Read more

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Fake Timo Boll Spirit versus Real one

real Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit with black bronze

Hello. Welcome back to PingSunday. Butterfly blade is the best table tennis blade on the market. Many professional players play the Butterfly table tennis racket. How to identify fake Timo Boll spirit? Timo Boll Spirit is also the target to be fake in the Chinese market. I have explained some features of the fake Butterfly … Read more

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Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC is so good (blade review)

Viscaria vs Super ALC Viscaria

Is Super ALC Viscaria too hard and bouncy? This is a quick review of the Butterfly new product Super Viscaria SUPER ALC blade. We will also compare the Viscaria Normal version and the Super ALC Viscaria. Nam Do also made a very nice review of this blade. The link to his video is found below. … Read more

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5 Cheap Alternative of Tenergy 05

5 Cheap Alternative of Tenergy 05

Hello! Welcome back to PingSunday. I hope everything is going well at your side. I’m EmRatThich. Tenergy 05 is one of the best rubber in table tennis. But it is rather expensive. 5 Cheap Alternative of Tenergy 05 Which rubbers are most similar to tenergy 05? Butterfly Tenergy 05 is one of the best backhand … Read more

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Where to buy real Double Happiness DHS products

Some real DHS products

In the previous article, we have talked about the National version of Hurricane 3. I recommend you just buy a normal version, which is much cheaper. Today, I will share with you my experiences of buying real and legit Double Happiness products. There are many fake DHS products But a problem with Chinese rubbers is … Read more

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Buying National DHS Hurricane 3 version

National Hurricane 3 rubber - honest review

Should I buy the national Hurricane 3 rubber? The myth about the National and Provincial Hurricane 3 I have explained the 3 myths about Chinese table tennis rubbers. You can search “The truth about Chinese rubbers pingsunday” on Google to read it. Or you can watch this video. Today, I will answer your question: Is … Read more

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How to Choose Forehand Rubber

How to choose forehand rubber

How to choose the right rubber for your forehand side? It’s not the same as the backhand rubber because you need to hit harder with your forehand topspin. So the right forehand rubber should be a hard sponge rubber (harder than 47 ESN degrees), and a low throw angle. I also give you the list … Read more

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Best table tennis equipment for chopper

Ma Te equipment 2018

What are the blade and rubber recommendations for the chopper? Chopper is a defensive playing style in table tennis who relies on the spin to win the point. What is the Chopper playing style? The defensive chopper is a style of play where the player chops with very heavy underspin all the time. The opponent … Read more

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How To Choose Your Table Tennis Racket/ Paddle

How to choose the right table tennis racket for your style

“What is the best table tennis racket?”, and “How to select a table tennis racket?” These are the 2 common questions that every new (beginner) table tennis player asks. Understanding the parameters of a racket Beginners often misunderstand the parameters of a racket. Here is the quick recap for you: Handle Shape: It’s very important! … Read more

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Chinese Philosophy of Table Tennis Equipment

Chinese tacky rubbers

Why do Chinese table tennis players use ultra tacky rubber? Why has the Chinese National Team dominated table tennis for a long time? Coach EmRatThich explains the secret of Chinese Table Tennis, tacky DHS Hurricane 3 rubber, Tenergy 05, Stiga table tennis racket, and more. Fundamental of table tennis equipment The most basic table tennis … Read more

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How to Build a Your Own Ping Pong Racket

How to Build a Table Tennis _ Ping Pong Racket

How to put together your own table tennis racket (Step-by-Step)? Making your own table tennis racket demonstrates that you are dedicated to improving. You purchased a blade and rubber to match your individual style, and this tutorial will show you how to assemble it yourself, step-by-step. Table Tennis Racket Composition To have a good racket, … Read more

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List of Butterfly sponsored players in the world

Table Tennis and Ping Pong Team Members of Butterfly

In terms of table tennis equipment, Butterfly is the most widely recognized brand. Hikosuke Tamasu, a Japanese international player, formed Tamasu Company Ltd. on December 19, 1950. Several of the sport’s top players promote Butterfly’s table tennis equipment, which is now available all around the world. Here is the list of Butterfly-sponsored players. Butterfly sponsored … Read more

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How to choose your table tennis rubber

Choosing table tennis rubbers are equally important to select a table tennis blade

There are hundreds of new table tennis rubbers released every year. New players are totally confused to choose the right rubbers. Famous table tennis brands like Butterfly, Stiga, Donic, Nittaku, and DHS release a lot of new rubber every year. Coach EmRatThich makes a guideline to help you to choose the right table tennis rubbers. … Read more

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DHS Hurricane 3 National (Blue Sponge) is good ?

real or fake DHS national Hurricane 3 blue sponge

DHS Hurricane 3 rubber, blue sponge, fake or real? Should you choose the National, Provincial Chinese rubber? Why do top players heavily tune it with a booster? Many players asked me many questions about the Chinese Double Happiness Hurricane 3 rubber. That the top Chinese players like Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin are using. … Read more

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DHS Hurricane 9 with several colors

DHS Hurricane 9 with blue topsheet

DHS Hurricane 9 is coming in 2022 with different colors. Since November 2021, there are a new colors rule for table tennis rubbers. You can use more colorings other than only red and black. DHS Hurricane rubber with blue color 247tabletennis has found that DHS Hurricane 9 with blue rubber. You’re thinking, that it must … Read more

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Is it worth buying a custom blade in table tennis?

is it worth buying a custom blade in table tennis

Let’s discuss the custom blade in table tennis. You may choose to attempt a custom blade maker’s copycat of a popular Butterfly model to save money, or simply try one of the custom blade maker’s off-the-shelf models. Is custom blade legal? Some players asked me that can he use the custom blade in the official … Read more

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Stiga Cybershape Carbon – An honest review

Review the Stiga Cybershape Carbon (2)

Should you buy the Stiga Cybershape carbon blade? Coach EmRatThich reveals the secret of this blade. Let’s analyze the blade with me. In the previous video, Stiga Cybershape, part 1, we have talked about the possible advantages of this blade. These advantages are claimed by Stiga. Are they true? Some players said that this is … Read more