Basic Skills

4 Principles of Table Tennis

Chinese coaches explain that there are 4 philosophies in the foundation of table tennis. Every new player who wants to improve fast should master these principles. Here are 4 elementary of table tennis, based on Chinese coaching philosophy.

  1. Power From The Ground
  2. Yin Pai
  3. Right Timing
  4. Foundation Skills

1. “Power From the Ground”

Power From The Ground” is one of the 4 fundamentals of Chinese philosophies about table tennis. If a player can apply this concept, he can improve the power, the speed of his shots.

It’s due to the limit of power of the forearm, you can’t hit very hard. By “taking” the power from your legs, (the ground), transfer it through the whole body, you can now hit as hard as possible.

Chinese coach often says

“You should hit by the legs, but not hit by the forearm”.

While Western coach says:

“Hit and close the racket by snapping your arm”.

2. Yin Pai – Prepare your strokes

Yin Pai” is the key to the power and the consistent. Top Chinese players like Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin, Zhang Jike always have a good “yin pai”. Yin pai is the way you prepare your stroke, generate power and contact the ball at the right timing.

3. “Right timing”

Hitting the ball at the right timing is the key to reduce unforced error. The timing here includes the “right contact position“, and the “right trajectory“. China dominates table tennis because of its superior techniques, and coaching methods. If you want to play better, follow their coaching principles.

4. Foundation skills

Like building a house, you need a solid foundation. Chinese coaches emphasize a lot on the 10 fundamental skills and the 4 types of footwork. They are the foundation skills in table tennis that every player should master in their first 2 years.

Knowing how to hold the racket, the proper distance, and how to spin (“acceleration”) are also crucial for beginners players.

Pro players understand very well these principles. They accelerate at the right timing with the power from the whole body. While amateur players forget to “accelerate into” the ball. Don’t know how to move and generate powers.


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