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The Secret of Yoshimura’s Serve

The Secret of Yoshimura's Serve

Welcome back to PingSunday, the best place to learn table tennis. Today, we talk about the “Secret of Yoshimura’s serve”. His serve is very spinny and deceptive. Recently, in the Zen-Noh 2019 Team World Cup, Timo Boll has lost to Maharu Yoshimura 3-0 (11-7, 11-9, 13-11). Yoshimura has won a lot of points directly with … Read more

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Table Tennis Ma Long’s technique

Ma Long's technique analysis by coach EmRatThich

This is the ultimate analysis of Ma Long’s table tennis techniques. This tutorial includes several aspects of the advanced table tennis skills: Ma Long’s grip, Ma Long’s serve, Ma Long Ma Long’s service receive, changing the grip during the rallies, etc. This tutorial will answer these questions: Should I change the grip during the rallies? Does … Read more

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Table Tennis Professional Micro-adjustment

Micro-adjustment the key to become professional in table tennis

There are many differences between professional and amateur table tennis players. Some of them are timing, consistency, power, micro-adjustment, and tactics. To become professional in table tennis, in my opinion, micro-adjustment plays a role very important! So what is micro-adjustment in table tennis? Micro-adjustment is very difficult to be observed. However, micro-adjustment will make you … Read more

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Table Tennis Training Drills in China

Table Tennis Training Drills in China Team

What is the best training exercises for table tennis? Today, let’s learn from the best Chinese table tennis players: Zhang Jike. How they train in their normal practice drills. In general, a training session last for 3 to 4 hours. This is one of an example of a practice drill in China performed by Zhang … Read more

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Contact Point in Table Tennis (Increase Spin & Power)

Optimal contact point in table tennis

Mastering the optimal contact point for each stroke is very important. It will help you make a deceptive serve. And improve the power of your strokes, which is the key of table tennis techniques. What is the optimal contact point on the racket to get maximum spin and speed in table tennis? Coach EmRatThich explains … Read more

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How to practice Ma Long powerful forehand

Ma Long training forehand

How Ma Long practices his powerful forehand? This is the training session of Ma Long in Werner Schlager Academy (WSA). You can learn the footwork and the forehand techniques of Ma Long. Ma Long practices the forehand to forehand topspin drills with Xu Xin. Why Ma Long’s forehand is so powerful? Ma Long’s forehand technique … Read more

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Zhang Jike Forehand Loop Technique

Zhang Jike is well known for his spinny forehand topspin. His forehand loop is not as powerful as Ma Long’s forehand but is spinnier. Today, I will analyze the table tennis forehand loop technique step by step of Zhang Jike. You improve your forehand loop the topspin ball by learning from the Chinese National Team players. Forehand … Read more

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5 Steps to Do Backhand Loop Table Tennis – Ma Long’s technique

Ma Long backhand loop training

How to Play a Backhand Loop in Table Tennis? In the history of table tennis, there are only a few players that can consistently use the backhand attack the backspin ball of a chopper. They are Werner Schlager, Kalinikos Kreanga, Karakasevic and Wang Hao. Even the backhand dominant player like Zhang Jike and Ovtcharov, they always use the forehand to attack the backspin ball … Read more

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Forehand Loop against heavy backspin

Ma Long forehand technique

How to Forehand Loop Against Backspin In Table Tennis? Many players really struggle hitting the forehand topspin shot against a chop/slice. They know how to swing up, but don’t know how to loop powerful (to loop kill the underspin ball). I will show you the best tips to forehand loop against the backspin ball with Chinese Forehand Style. We … Read more

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Boomerang Flick in table tennis (Zhang Jike’s technique)

Zhang Jike Strawberry backhand flick techniques

You may know backhand “banana flick” or “chiquita flick”. But have you heard about the “Boomerang Flick” (Strawberry flick) in table tennis? Today, I will show you a training session of Zhang Jike and the China Head Coach Liu Guoliang. What is the “boomerang” flick in table tennis? In fact, the “boomerang” flick is the pure … Read more