Backhand Flip vs Forehand Flip in Modern Game

Is it time to learn the forehand flick in table tennis - importance

In the modern table tennis, the flick (or flip) techniques are crucial. You can’t survive in this era without the forehand flick and the backhand flick. But which one is more important to learn, to master first? Let’s analyze the new trends in table tennis. Backhand flick and forehand flick are the 2 attacking strokes … Read more Backhand Flip vs Forehand Flip in Modern Game

Table Tennis Ma Long’s technique

Ma Long advanced table tennis skills

This is the ultimate analysis of Ma Long’s table tennis techniques. This tutorial includes several aspects of the advanced table tennis skills: Ma Long’s grip, Ma Long’s serve, Ma Long Ma Long’s service receive, changing the grip during the rallies, etc. This tutorial will answer these questions: Should I change the grip during the rallies? Does … Read more Table Tennis Ma Long’s technique

Table Tennis Professional Micro-adjustment

Micro-adjustment the key to become professional in table tennis

There are many differences between professional and amateur table tennis players. Some of them are timing, consistency, power, micro-adjustment, and tactics. To become professional in table tennis, in my opinion, micro-adjustment plays a role very important! So what is micro-adjustment in table tennis? Micro-adjustment is very difficult to be observed. However, micro-adjustment will make you … Read more Table Tennis Professional Micro-adjustment

Contact Point to get Max Spin & Power in Table Tennis

Optimal contact point in table tennis

What is the optimal contact point on the racket when serving and doing the forehand topspin? Today, coach EmRatThich explains the best contact point to get the maximized spin and speed of the strokes. Mastering the contact point for each stroke is very important. It will help you make a deceptive serve. And improve the … Read more Contact Point to get Max Spin & Power in Table Tennis

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