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Case Study – Injury and Accident in Table Tennis

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Table tennis, in general, is a very safe sport. However, since the pro players want to attack a very short ball. It’s very risky for your hand.

This is the second time I have seen an accident in table tennis.
This is the case study for the accident in table tennis.

Accident 1 – Tomokazu Harimoto

Do you remember this? In the T2 Tournament, Tomokazu Harimoto from Japan also made the same accident.


Watch this incident:

Injury in table tennis: Harimoto hitting the table edge!

Watch this video.

Accident 2 – Karlsson Kristian

In this European Championship 2022, the semi-final match between Karlsson Kristian and Jorgic Darko.

Here is the full case study:

Case study for the injury, accident in table tennis

Watch this video.


photo from: ETTU

You need to be careful!

It’s very hurtful and painful to see an accident like that.

I’m so sorry for Karlsson Kristian. I hope that he will recover soon. I hope that we should learn this, and be careful when you want to topspin attack a semi-long ball.

Avoid some common injury

There are some common injuries in table tennis, you need to know them.

Ding Ning ankle injury
Ding Ning ankle injury
Ma Long has a serious injury on his left knee
Ma Long has a serious injury on his left knee
Lower part injury - Samsonov's femur (thighborn) pain during competition
Lower part injury – Samsonov’s femur (thighborn) pain during competition

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