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Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC is so good (blade review)

Is Super ALC Viscaria too hard and bouncy? This is a quick review of the Butterfly new product Super Viscaria SUPER ALC blade. We will also compare the Viscaria Normal version and the Super ALC Viscaria.

Nam Do also made a very nice review of this blade. The link to his video is found below.

Overview of Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC

Let’s analyze the picture and parameters. Special thanks to XiaoP table tennis.

Viscaria vs Super ALC Viscaria
Viscaria vs Super ALC Viscaria

The Viscaria Super ALC has a weight of 91 grams, which is similar to the normal Viscaria weight.

The thickness is about 5.7mm, and the head size is 157 x 150. So there is no difference.

The balance point of Super Viscaria is 124mm, and the balance point of ordinary Viscaria is basically 130mm. The smaller the value, the closer the center of gravity of the blade is closer to the head. So Super Viscaria is a little bit more head heavy than the normal version.

Left - Viscaria and Right - Super ALC Viscaria
Left – Viscaria and Right – Super ALC Viscaria

The handle thickness is the same to me.

Blade composition of Super ALC vs ALC

Looking at the fiber layer, the Super Viscaria is obviously thicker and darker. The handle color Super Viscaria is darker, and the logo on the front looks better.

For the comparison test, both blades are mounted with the Hurricane 3 blue sponge 39 degrees.

On Top - Super ALC Viscaria - Bottom - Viscaria ALC
On Top – Super ALC Viscaria – Bottom – Viscaria ALC

Review with personal testing

First of all, this blade is not very bouncy as many players think.

Before, many analysts were guessing that it would become a too bouncy ball with a short holding time. After you really get started, you will find that it is the other way around. You can’t feel any difference when you play against each other. When you start to push and pull, you will obviously feel that the time the ball stays on the blade will be a little longer.

New blade of Butterfly - Viscaria Super ALC
New blade of Butterfly – Viscaria Super ALC

Viscaria feels like the ball hits a hard object directly, which is very crisp.

Super Viscaria feels like vibrating a little more. But you have a slight pause allows the user to have more time to handle the incoming ball. At the same time, this buffer only acts on the process of the ball hitting the blade, and has no effect when the ball is thrown out, so the vibration is still neat and the pointing is still clear.

Super ALC Viscaria has a nice handle
Super ALC Viscaria has a nice handle

The arc of Super Viscaria pulling the ball is slightly longer, but it is a bit lower than that of Viscaria. Because it has a little more time to hold the ball, it can better control the racket, and it is less bouncy in pulling the ball, and the rotation is better.

There are some balls pulled out in the same way, and it seems that there is no difference in the way of balls pulled out with Viscaria, but the rotation will be better, which was also certified by golfers at the beginning of the game.

The blade composition of Super ALC Viscaria
The blade composition of Super ALC Viscaria

In addition, the fault tolerance performance of this blae is much better than Viscaria. When dealing with the same backspin in practice, Super Viscaria will have a better performance than Viscaria. I feel that this is also very important, not only technically, but also psychologically.

Viscaria Super ALC vs Viscaria ALC

Here, I have made a comparison between the Super ALC and the ALC version. In general, the Super ALC Viscaria is a little bit powerful when you play at mid-distance. The feeling and the bouncy speed are very similar to the Viscaria ALC.

Viscaria Super ALC vs Viscaria
 Viscaria Super ALCViscaria
Blade structure5-ply wood
+ 2 Super Arylate-Carbon
5-ply wood
+ 2 Arylate-Carbon
Reaction (Speed)12.111.8
Vibration (Feeling)10.110.3
Blade size157×150 mm157×150 mm
Blade thickness5.7 mm5.8 mm
Handle sizeFL: 100×25×34 mm
ST: 100×23×28 mm
FL: 100×25×34 mm
ST: 100×23×28 mm
Chinese penholdCpen: 82×22×31.5 mmCpen: 82×22×31.5 mm

Viscaria vs Zhang Jike ALC

Here is the comparison between Viscaria ALC and Zhang Jike ALC.

blade namespeedcontrolhardness (outer-layer)stiffness (core-power)thickness
Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC996.76.65.8
Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit9.
Butterfly Timo Boll ALC9976.45.9
Butterfly Viscaria9.

Viscaria Gold tag versus Viscaria Super ALC

As for what some people say is like a gold-label Viscaria, I personally don’t feel the same. The main difference is in the feel. Super Viscaria is soft on the outside and rigid on the inside. But the Golden Tag Viscaria has a soft and elastic feel, and the experience between them is slightly different.

very nice handle of Super ALC Viscaria
very nice handle of Super ALC Viscaria


Viscaria ALC vs Super ALC
Viscaria ALC vs Super ALC


Super Viscaria is not too bouncy. Due to the higher density Super ALC carbon layer, it has a crisper feel. It is also more powerful at mid-distance.

To sum up, Super Viscaria adds some ball holding time to the original Viscaria’s crisp feel, improves fault tolerance, slightly longer and lower arcs, better rotation, stable defense, and more offense.

Viscaria Super ALC made in Japan
Viscaria Super ALC made in Japan

Taking my own experience as an example, when I started with Viscaria, I didn’t dare to take the initiative to play some balls, but when I played with Super Viscaria because I knew that the fault tolerance of this would be slightly better, sometimes I wanted to fight it.

Viscaria Super ALC review
Viscaria Super ALC review

If you take the initiative to get started, you can really get on it, which makes your confidence better and puts a little pressure on your opponents. When I tried the equipment, I always regarded fault tolerance as a more important parameter. As for the strength of these two blades, I really don’t see any difference.

Viscaria Super ALC Silver Tag
Viscaria Super ALC Silver Tag

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