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Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC Review

Review of one of the best ZLC blades of Butterfly: Timo Boll ZLC.

Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC

One of the most famous bats in butterfly history is Timo Boll ZLC. Superb control and a high-speed bat. The blade has a ZL-Carbon layer, which is rather elastic. ZL Fiber’s elasticity allows it to hold the ball for a longer period of time than typical Carbon blades, which is a benefit of the Timo Boll ZLC.

There are 3 types of handles for you:

Increased dwell time helps you to achieve maximum speed and spin. It’s an excellent blade for the power attacker who wants to both loop and smash to gain points, at the mid-distance.

If you’re looking for a blade that’s both fast and efficient, this one is for you. The high speed does not reduce the blade’s high dwell time, which allows the player to open up nicely off a backspin ball and loop securely over the net with a lot of spin. This is what makes this blade exceptional.

Timo Boll ZLC handle
Timo Boll ZLC handle


Timo Boll ZLC speed

Timo Boll ZLC speed

Which rubbers fit well to Timo Boll ZLC

This blade is a confirmed OFF blade because it provides good speed even when making little strokes. When the player hits a backspin ball, the blade retains its long dwell time, allowing the player to open up and loop over the net with plenty of spin even if it is moving at a high velocity.

Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC Blade review
Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC Blade review
Fit very well with Andro Rasant
Fit very well with Andro Rasant

I would recommend this blade for use with hard Chinese rubbers like the Hurricane series. Butterfly Dignics 09C, Andro Rasant, and Tibhar MX-P are two examples of high-tension rubbers that you can use on your backhand side. The combination of a blade that lets you spin the ball well and attack your opponent serves with a strong spin.

The feeling in your hand will provide you with the most satisfaction from the blade.

Butterfly Timo Boll ALC VS Timo Boll ZLC

Both blades serve various purposes, which is what distinguishes them from one another. Because of the Arylate carbon fiber used in its construction, the ALC has both good toughness and a mild impact.

Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC - handle backhand
Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC – handle backhand
Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC - flared handle diagonal
Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC – flared handle diagonal
Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC - ply
Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC – ply
Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC - handle detail
Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC – handle detail

It’ll take more power or energy to manipulate the ZLC, on the other hand. For players with strong skill sets, both blades can be used as looping blades. They are both good blades to impact of huge spin in your shots.

In terms of damping, Timo Boll ALC is superior to Timo Boll ZLC. ZLC is the ZLYON Carbon which has a different hardness from the ALC. ARYLATE carbon fiber construction makes the blade soft to hit with but the rebound speed is faster.

In order to dominate Timo Boll ZLC, you’ll need a lot of power. Both are loop blades, however, ALC is easier to get started with, while ZLC is better suited for players with more acceleration force.

They also have different structures:

ALC is made out of koto, ALC, ayous, Kiri wood, and koto.

And Timo Boll ZLC blade’s composition is koto, ZL carbon, ayous+Kiri Wood, and koto.

ZLC Carbon vs ALC Carbon

ZLC carbon is somewhat softer than ALC carbon.

Butterfly Table Tennis brings you a quick view of the Timo Boll ZLF table tennis blade.

Butterfly Timo Boll ZLF Blade

Watch this video.

User reviews

Timo Boll ZLC Review

Timo Boll ZLC has an amazing feel

Rated 5 out of 5
February 12, 2022

I like the soft feeling of ZLC Timo Boll.

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