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Butterfly Revoldia CNF review – first nanofiber blade

Butterfly Revoldia is the new blade from Butterfly. This is the first blade that features cellulose nanofiber. This technology is called CNF (Cellulose nanofiber).

What is CNF technology?

The Butterfly Revoldia CNF offers a revolutionary blade fabrication technology. Unlike traditional carbon, ALC, TAMCA, or ZLC fibers, this revolutionary fiber sets a new benchmark for blade design and performance. This new technique is termed CNF (Cellulose NanoFiber). Cellulose Nanofiber is a wood pulp fiber. This carbon layer has been nano-refined to a few hundredths of microns.

Revoldia CNF
Revoldia CNF

Its ability to perform like a carbon blade on attack strokes and the delicate touch of wood on soft and medium intensity shots sets it apart. The interwoven wood of the Cellulose Nanofiber improves the wood’s ball contact properties. 5 wood plies + 2 nanofiber plies = minimal vibration, high reactivity. This provides a tremendous feel and a high rebound when the ball is hit.

Is Revoldia a fast blade?

Revoldia has only 5 plies. However, this blade is rather fast, with an 11.7 reaction speed. The vibration is only 9.5, so the surface is rather hard. (check price 1/ check price 2)

Class: OFF
Ply: 5W+2CNF
Blade Thickness: 5.7mm
Made in Japan

Reaction: 117
Vibration: 95

Revoldia CNF speed
Revoldia CNF speed

A+ blade. Faster than Innerforce Layer ALC but slower than Viscaria. The handle is not as round as Viscaria, but it is still comfortable for little hands. The blade is the finest balanced ever. With Dignics 05 or Tenergy Hard. Good match with the aforementioned. This blade’s flying chopping balls and steadiness in passive and touch play truly pleased me.

Why this blade is so expensive?

At 330 euros, the Butterfly Revoldia CNF is one of the most expensive blades in the world. It’s due to the CNF layer, which is rather an expensive type of carbon.

Here is the review of Nam Do:

| Tischtennis | Review Butterfly Revoldia CNF feat. Tenergy 19

Watch this video.


Best rubbers for this blade

Tenergy’s rubbers are recommended for this blade. Tenergy 05 has the largest arc and shortest travel path on the table. The Tenergy 80 has the second-highest arc, landing the ball mid-table. A low trajectory Tenergy 64 has the longest route and lands closest to the table’s end.

Revoldia CNF handle
Revoldia CNF handle

The FX version of these rubbers will perform well if you want more feel and a deeper ball trajectory on the table. To improve grip on this blade, acquire Soft Grip Tape (check price 1/ check price 2). It gives the racket handle a good grip. Add side tape to the blade for further racket care. It can protect the wood from being hit by the table’s edge or top.

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Revoldia CNF

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