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Best Table Tennis Training Center in China (2019)

Many players asked me “Hi is there any training center in China that u would recommend ?”. Yes, I do have! And you can get a free scholarship to go to China to practice table tennis with the best coaches.

Summer school table tennis camp in Shanghai 2018

Last year, I’ve presented and sent some players to the Shanghai training camp. They are so happy. And they write me a thank you message.

Ying Yi, one of the selected player said to me:

Hello, I’m very grateful to you for letting me know about the summer school camp in Shanghai. I was so lucky that I’m able to join the camp and I have learned a lot of things and got the chance to meet so many friends. Thankssssss.

Training Camp in Shanghai 2018
Training Camp in Shanghai 2018

I feel so happy for both of these students. Enjoy your trip, and enjoy table tennis! Some players also shared with me:

Students at the 2018 China Summer School Photo courtesy of China Table Tennis College
Students at the 2018 China Summer School Photo courtesy of China Table Tennis College

Yea I think one of my friend from the camp have shared some video and photo with u.

Ying Yi also asked me:

May I know I can apply for this? But I’m a Chinese from Malaysia. Can I still apply this (2018 Training Camp)? I’m interested

I’ve said:

yes! You are Malaysian, not Chinese. So do it!

And finally, she got accepted 🙂

China College Summer School Shanghai 2019

What about this year! Great News! Here you are! Be quick, the application will be closed on Monday 20th May 2019.

  • Located in Shanghai, the China Table Tennis College will organize the 2019 Summer School.
  • Date: from Thursday 27th June to Wednesday 24th July.

In addition to table tennis training sessions, students will be offered Chinese language courses, experience traditional Chinese culture and enjoy a range of social activities including sightseeing tours. (Source ITTF Invitation)

All participants attending the Summer School will be housed in twin rooms in student apartments within the campus, the table tennis training hall is a short walk. The rooms are newly furnished and have private bathrooms and laundry facilities.


Applicants must be physically and mentally healthy, not Chinese citizens and should have competed in major domestic competitions; a total of 20 students aged 16 years to 25 years will be accepted.

Applications close on Monday 20th May. Players accepted will be notified within a period of two weeks.


For further information, including fees and to whom all replies should be addressed, contact:

Ms. Xu, China Table Tennis College – Email: stella20402040@163.com 
Tel: +86 21 65507016 Fax:+86 21 65507018

The Personal information form should be completed in full, a passport copy remitted plus a certificate or document in Chinese of English endorsing student status.

Documents Form

2019 China Table Tennis College Summer School: Official Letter of Invitation (issued Wednesday 27th February)

2019 China Table Tennis College Summer School: Application Form (Closing date is Monday 20th May)

Table Tennis Training Course by Ping Pong World

The ratio of coaches to trainees is 1:4. The basic technical training coach will be adjusted according to the technical level of individual trainees. Area DISTRICT: Wan Chai in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong also has a good coach – table tennis is one of the most popular sports in Hong Kong, and there are countless friends who study table tennis and participate in table tennis competitions every year. The vigorous development of the Hong Kong table tennis world relies on the efforts of many coaches and spares no effort to cultivate elite players.

PP Station table tennis coach in Hongkong
PP Station table tennis coach in Hongkong

It seems that the local-born local player Huang Zhenting has made his mark in recent years. He has won the semi-finals in several international competitions and won in the doubles competitions. Other young players also have good international results. Local players can speak internationally, Hong Kong. The coach is really indispensable.

Site: http://www.pp-station.com/search/label/CLASS

email ppstation@gmail.com .

Summer Training Camp by Yaozhong Sports

Yaozhong Sports basic course: For beginner to learn the basic technique of table tennis and to cultivate interest in table tennis. By coaching the center of gravity shift and the basic serving practice, the coach strengthens the basic stability of the students through the assignment of multiple points and comprehensive exercises.

Yaozhong Sports Traing Course
Yaozhong Sports Training Course


Foundation Training Course by Asian Table Tennis Training Center

The Asian Table Tennis Academy has been committed to the development of school table tennis in Hongkong. It is hoped that children will develop their interests from an early age, recognize their goals, and then receive professional training.

Table tennis is a competitive project that emphasizes the sense of speed, rhythm, and presence. It requires a correct judgment and immediate response to the ball in a very short time. This sport will help improve the coordination of hands, eyes, and feet.

Asia Table Tennis Institute
Asia Table Tennis Institute

For beginners, table tennis will help them grow. By participating in the training courses designed by our head coach, we will be able to enable students of all levels to Improve table tennis skills and knowledge. During the training process, the coaches will share their experiences and encourage them to “make more questions and share more!” to help them build confidence and develop their self-review and expression skills.

Promoting the development of table tennis in Hong Kong, cultivating young people’s interest in table tennis and providing different levels of technical training.

Discovering Hong Kong’s potential table tennis players

Site: http://tabletennishk.com/load.php?link_id=50441

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