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Best Table Tennis Lessons Online – Free & Paid

What are the best and free table tennis coaching videos on the Internet? There are many good table tennis lessons on YouTube, and on other online platforms. The most famous one could be PingSkills and Table Tennis University. If you want to learn table tennis with the Chinese coaching lessons, the best place is “EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach”. Concise, quick tips, fundamental lessons.

Not many players have the opportunity to have a good coach. So learning online by watching free coaching videos is a great way to learn table tennis. Here is the list of the best and well-known free online source to learn table tennis.

Free Online Coaching Videos on YouTube
Free Online Coaching Videos on YouTube

In the previous post, I’ve explained about the free table tennis lessons provided by Chinese coaches.

Today, here are the Best Online Coaching websites by English-spoken coaches.

Timo Boll - Tischtennis Coaching Portal
Timo Boll – Tischtennis Coaching Portal

Table Tennis Daily Academy

Probably one the best online table tennis coaching website in English (Go to TTD Academy). Maintained by Dan (admin of table tennis daily Forum) and Tom. Updated regularly every month, and TTD Academy covers short and concise coaching videos on technique, tactics, service, returning serves, fitness, psychology, footwork training drills.

  • Academy Trial (FREE): Access to 4 coaching videos
  • Monthly £9.99 per month: Unlock the whole Academy. Unlock all our basic, intermediate & advanced videos
  • Yearly £99.99 per year: Best value plan for yearly access to the Academy

The platform is a free premium. There are free coaching samples.

  • Basic: This video section covers all the basic strokes and skills in table tennis
  • Technical: covers a wide range of strokes and skills in table tennis
  • Tactical: videos on the tactical aspect of table tennis and useful tactics for match play that you can learn and improve.
  • Fitness: Everyone wants to be quicker around the table right? Having improved fitness and condition for table tennis can be the difference between winning and losing.
Table Tennis Academy - Best Online Learning Website for Table Tennis
Table Tennis Academy – Best Online Learning Website for Table Tennis

EmRatThich YouTube Channel

Many interesting videos cover techniques, tactics, services, equipment, training, and more. All of these coaching videos are free. There are many playlists that you can choose to watch: (Go to EmRatThich Channel)

  • PingSunday‘s playlist – the best collection that can level your skills to the next level by the Chinese coach.
  • Table Tennis Tips and Techniques – basic skills for every player
  • Table Tennis Advanced Skills – improve to the elite level
  • Table Tennis Documentary (Eng Sub) – Learn and understand the secret of Chinese table tennis
EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach - Free table tennis lessons on YouTube
EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach – Free table tennis lessons on YouTube

Table Tennis University

There are free courses and paid courses (Premium). (Go to TTU). The table tennis courses are taught by the Chinese coach (Tao Li). The platform is maintained by coach Ben Larcombe (admin of experttabletennis.com).

Coach Tao Li’s credentials and expertise

Coach Tao Li played table tennis professionally for the Hebei Provincial Team in China from 1985-1991 and won a gold medal at the 1989 Chinese National Junior Championships! In 1995, he began his career as a table tennis coach at the Beijing Jiaotong University in China.

In 2000, he moved to Canada and continued his success as a coach, coaching the British Columbia Men’s Team to a Silver Medal and the British Columbia Women’s Team to 3rd place at the 2001 International Junior Championships. The very next year, Tao coached the Women’s Team to a Gold Medal and the Men’s Team to a Silver Medal at the 2002 B.C. Winter Games.

Presently, Coach Li is a well-respected NCCP Certified Level 3 coach at the Greater Vancouver Table Tennis Association. He also holds a Bachelor of Physical Education from Beijing Sport University.

Transform yourself into an elite table tennis player in just 52 weeks with full access to Tao’s revolutionary online training program!

You can watch the videos online or download them to your iPhone
You can watch the videos online or download them to your iPhone

That means you can take them with you to your club or wherever you choose to practice! In fact, we strongly encourage you to download the videos and watch them on the way to training or in between drills.

The TTU Professional Bundle also includes:

That’s 10 separate training courses and over 30 hours of high-quality table tennis instruction, covering absolutely everything you need to know to become an elite table tennis player.

TTU with coach Tao Li
TTU with coach Tao Li

Tao’s TTU course is:

“A revolutionary online training program that will transform you into an elite, well-respected table tennis player in the shortest time possible.”


One of the first and the most famous platform to learn table tennis. The master of coaching online: Olympic and Paralympic Coach Alois Rosario, and Olympian Jeff Plumb. (Go to PingSkills)

There are many free coaching videos on their YouTube channel. There is also a premium member (Monthly €25.00, Yearly €160.00)

  • Follow a 52-week training plan
  • Learn the correct technique for all your strokes.
  • Learn all the major serves and how to make them effective

Stiga (Drill Your Skills)

The fundamental table tennis skills performed by the Chinese National Team (Go to Stiga playlist “Drill Your Skills with China National Team”). Stiga has done a great job. All of these coaching videos (with English Subtitles) are super high quality. You should check them all, to learn the best techniques. Thank you Stiga Table Tennis! They are free!

Stiga Drill Your Skills with China National Team
Stiga Drill Your Skills with China National Team

ITTF (How To Play Table Tennis)

Stiga has shown us the best techniques of the Chinese players. ITTF shows us the best coaching videos of the top European players (Marcos Freitas, Michael Maze – Go to ITTF playlist “How to play table tennis”). How to serve, how to topspin, to block, to receive, etc. With the slow motion, and very well made. You should also watch these free videos! A must!

ITTF How to play table tennis
ITTF How to play table tennis


Great platform with iPhone Application, maintained by Olympian William Henzell and Australian coach Brett Clarke. The coaches help you to break down the fundamental techniques of table tennis and help you to find your winning edge. (Free Coaching Videos on ttEdge)


  • World class coaching;
  • Step by step coaching lessons;
  • Email access to our coaches;
  • Video analysis of your game;
  • Ultra-slow motion footage;


Dynamic Table Tennis

Great coaching videos from the USA coach Brian Pace, a real guy with a lifelong love affair with table tennis. There are 9 distinct training videos that address every aspect of table tennis. There are other training resources, like the downloadable workouts that are specific to isolating a certain skill in your game. Free coaching videos on their YouTube channel.

Dynamic Table Tennis
Dynamic Table Tennis



Good blog and YouTube videos of table tennis of coach Tom Lodziak Table Tennis England qualified coach (UKCC level 2). He started coaching part-time in 2011 and became a full-time coach in 2018. (Go to his YouTube channel).

Here is the link to his blog: tabletenniscoach.me.uk.

Tom Lodziak UK Coaching Blog
Tom Lodziak UK Coaching Blog


Timo Boll Webcoach

Dream comes true! Do you want to get coaching from one of the best players in the World? He is Timo Boll! Here is my review for his platform.

Timo Boll Webcoach
Timo Boll Webcoach

Coach Me Table Tennis

CoachMeTableTennis has very high-quality coaching videos. It is maintained by the UK coach Eli Baraty (High-Performance International Table Tennis Coach, Senior British League Premiership Division).

Eli Baraty Academy of Table Tennis - Coaching - eBaTT
Eli Baraty Academy of Table Tennis – Coaching – eBaTT

Go to the free coaching videos of coach Eli Baraty.

The website and brand name is eBaTT. The website is completely done, you can take a look.

Coach Me Table Tennis with eBaTT platform (Old design)
Coach Me Table Tennis with eBaTT platform (Old design)


LHTT (Left Hand Table Tennis)

If you want to learn the best techniques from the Chinese coaches? Or wonder if you should travel to China to take private coaching over there?

Don’t worry! Here you are! LHTT Coaching videos are so great. Many good coaching videos from the Ex-Junior China National Team player (private coaching lessons).


LHTT Youtube - Chinese Korean Coaching
LHTT Youtube – Chinese Korean Coaching

Tomorrow Table Tennis

One of the hottest coaching videos on YouTube. Well explained! Funny! and easy to follow! Tomorrow Table Tennis channel is maintained by Andy Zhou (A good Chinese-Canadian players). Tomorrow Table Tennis Promotion Association is a Canadian not-for-profit organization founded by Jiaming (Andy) Zou in 2016. It is dedicated to the promotion of table tennis on a global scale. Go to free coaching lessons on Tomorrow Table Tennis.

Tomorrow Table Tennis
Tomorrow Table Tennis


Yangyang TT

If you love table tennis. You should love Yang Yang. 🙂

Hey, I’m Yangyang, I am here to help you achieve success with your table tennis. I am a Chinese National Second-level Athlete. I’ve been playing table tennis for 15 years and coaching for 8 years. My training videos break down all the techniques, using easy explanations to help you understand the mechanics of table tennis. Follow my table tennis YouTube Channel to be fast, spinny, powerful and successful.

Yang Yang Table Tennis is another Chinese-American table tennis channel (similar to Andy Zhou Tomorrow Table Tennis). Very nice, lovely videos. All are free.

Yangyang TT
Yangyang TT


Here is my funny video with coach Yangyang.

Beautiful Chinese coach - Yangyang's table tennis lessons

Watch this video.

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