Best table tennis brands that you can trust

Best Table Tennis Brands of All Time. Here are the most popular and the best table tennis brands that you can trust. Their product’s quality is confirmed by many table tennis players and coaches around the world.

These brands offer high-quality table tennis equipment that will assure the best quality. This is the list of the top ten brands that table tennis players can trust and buy from, compiled and verified by coach EmRatThich.

You can also check their product at the official websites of the top table tennis manufacturer.

01 Stiga

Since 1938, Stiga has been making table tennis products, but it wasn’t until 1944 that the company was formally established. As one of the first companies to mass-manufacture table tennis products efficiently, the Swedish company swiftly rose to a position of global recognition. In the present day, Stiga sells a wide range of table tennis gear, ranging from paddles and blades to balls, bags, tables, and clothing. Stiga would be at the top of the list because many products available today are Stiga-branded. 

Stiga’s Allround Classic blade (check price) and the Stiga Clipper CR (read review/ check price) is the most popular blade of all time, having sold more than a million units worldwide.

The Swedish junior national team member Truls Moregardh, a World Junior Championship medalist, is one of their sponsored athletes.

Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin are also sponsored by Stiga. But since November 2021, Fan Zhendong is now sponsored by Butterfly (to promote the Butterfly Viscaria Gold Edition).

02 Butterfly

Butterfly is the top brand for professional players. They have a global reputation to be regarded as a long-standing and respected brand. Butterfly has started making table tennis products since 1950. Butterfly’s authenticity is unquestionable, as the company was created by Hikosuke Tamasu, a former Japanese table tennis player who sought to start a successful company selling table tennis gear. 

Tamasu was founded before “Butterfly” was renamed. Even though they sell everything from paddles and balls to entire sets, they’re known for their high-quality tables.

The most famous product of Butterfly is the Tenergy 05 rubber series. The most well-known blade of Butterfly is the Butterfly Viscaria (review/ check price).

03 DHS

DHS is China’s best-known table tennis brand and has been around for a long time. They are known for producing high-quality products.

DHS stands for “double happiness”. Almost every world champion in China used DHS rackets.

Ma Long and almost every player in the Chinese National Team are sponsored by DHS. The most well-known rubber of DHS is the DHS Hurricane 3 National version (review/ check price) rubber.

The best blade of DHS is the DHS Hurricane Long 5 (check price).

04 Donic

There is a long and interesting history behind the name Donic, which extends all the way back to 1889. “Donic Schildkröt” was originally a rubber and celluloid-ball focused brand. They started out making table tennis balls and rubbers, but now they have a wider variety of things to choose from. Founded in Germany, they’ve maintained their position as a leading brand for more than a century. 

Donic has grown tremendously over the last two decades to become a household name in the world of table tennis. Dimitrij Ovtcharov of Germany and Jan-Ove Waldner and Jörgen Persson of Sweden, two of the greatest table tennis players of all time, use Donic products. The Donic Bluefire rubber line, which is a favorite of players of all levels, is one the best backhand rubber on the market.

Donic’s name is well-known throughout the table tennis community, having provided various table tennis products for numerous World Table Tennis Championships and European Championships. 

05 Tibhar

Tibor Harangozo, a professional table tennis player from Germany, founded Tibhar in 1969. In the past, he concentrated on creating the best blade and rubber he could, but these days, Tibhar sells a wider range of goods, including tables, balls, and clothes. 

It has been located in Saarbrücken since its inception. Tibhar products are used by world-class players like Vladimir Samsonov. Among the most popular products is the Tibhar Evolution rubber line, which has been favored by world-class players and competitive players of all levels since its release.

Emmanuel Lebesson of France, Vladimir Samsonov of Belarus, and Tomislav Pucar of Croatia are all sponsored by them. 

Since the emergence of table tennis as a global sport, Tibhar has built a solid reputation for manufacturing high-quality equipment.

06 Yasaka

Yasaka was formed in 1947 by Hirosi Yaoita and Sakamoto, whose names were combined to form the company’s name, which is a combination of the two. Yaiota began his career as a table tennis player with low origins and a desire to produce high-quality items. His company quickly became a household name around the world. 

Yasaka’s “Mark V” revolutionized rubber technology, making its mark on the table tennis world. Ma Lin, a Yasaka-sponsored player, earned many gold medals during his time with the company. The Japanese company is well-known for its rubber innovations.

Currently, Mattias Falck is sponsored by Yasaka. The best blade of Yasaka is the Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon blade (review/ check price).

07 Nittaku

In the 1920s, a production company called Nittaku was founded in Tokyo. It didn’t begin producing table tennis products until 1947. Similar to other sports businesses on this list, the rise of Nittaku can be traced back to the time when football was becoming a worldwide phenomenon. It’s hard to find them in the US because its headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan, but they’re a household name in table tennis thanks to their role in three Olympic Games and seven European Championships in a row as official balls provider. 

In addition to Mima Ito, Hitomi Sato, and many Asian table tennis players are sponsored by Nittaky. As a sponsor of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), Nittaku ensures its presence on this list.

The best product of Nittaku is the 3-star Nittaku ball.

08 Joola

In 1952, Karl Frey founded Joola. Table tennis brand JOOLA is undoubtedly the most well-known in Germany. Joola rackets are frequently the primary choice for recreational table tennis players because of their wide selection of hobby and ready-made rackets. After the company was founded, it began producing ping pong tables. In 1973, Joola began manufacturing blades and rubbers, which led to the company’s sales of balls, accessories, clothing, and more. The fact that Joola has provided the official table for three Olympics solidifies its position as a leading table tennis brand (1996, 2000, 2004).

Additionally, Joola is one of the world’s leading professional brands. Jörg Rosskopf, or “Mr. Tischtennis,” has had a long and fruitful relationship with the Joola brand. 

Currently, Quadri Aruna is sponsored by Joola.

09 Cornilleau

Emile Cornilleau began a joinery shop in France in 1946 after spotting a significant need for joinery items in an area that had just emerged from World War II. He began building furniture such as tables and cabinets. Cornilleau’s ping pong fame didn’t begin until a 1969 order from a Parisian company for 300 ping pong tables. 

Currently, the French company has produced more than 4 million tables. For the past 30 years, Cornilleau has sponsored several table tennis tournaments, including the many Spanish and French Opens. 

The best blade of Cornilleau is the Cornilleau Hinotec blade. Simon Gauzy is sponsored by Cornilleau.

10 Victas

In Tokyo, Japan, Victas was born in 1931. YAMATO TAKKYU CO., LTD’s TSP and Victas brands are particularly well-known throughout Asia. They started off making celluloid balls, but have since expanded their product line to include everything from blades to rubber, tables, accessories, and clothing. Because Victas has been around for so long, they stand out from many of the other businesses on this list. Top Japanese players, Koki Niwa, Kazuhiro Yoshimura, and Kenji Matsudaira are sponsored by Victas. 

The TSP balsa woods is one of the best balsa blades on the market. V > 15 are also their well-known rubbers. 

11 Andro

In 1970, the Dortmund, Germany-based company Andro was founded. As a result of Sport-request Micke’s to produce personalized racquets, Scholer and Sport-Micke agreed to join to better serve their customers. They are one of Germany’s biggest table tennis brands, providing a wide range of ping pong products, including blades, rubbers, and balls, to this day. 

The rubber series Hexer and Rasant are very popular. They are the best ESN rubbers on the market, which are good alternatives to Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubbers.

Pro table tennis players such as Sharat Kamal Achanta, Simon Gauzy, and Killian Ort are all on the roster for the brand. Andro focused a lot on youth table tennis events in Germany and Europe. Young players used many rubbers from Andro.

10 Xiom

Xiom, a table tennis rubber producer based in South Korea. It has already established itself as a leader in the industry. They are especially popular in Europe and the U.S. because of their low price-to-performance ratio. The rubbers are manufactured in Germany by the world’s premier table tennis rubber manufacturer.

Their best rubbers are the rubbers Xiom Vega Pro and Xiom Vega Europe which are very popular worldwide.

11 Palio

Palio, a Chinese table tennis brand, has become one of the most popular and well-known in Germany. Products like the Palio rubber Thor (Chinese tacky rubber with tensor technology) or classic rubber Cj8000 are their best products.

12 Gewo

For many years, the German table tennis brand Gewo has enjoyed widespread popularity. Table tennis products from the company are available in a variety of price points. It’s hard to argue with the superb quality and reasonable price.

Some top French and German players are sponsored by Gewo.

The best Gewo products are Gewo HYPE EL rubber.

13 Friendship

Friendship, a Chinese table tennis rubber manufacturer, is a prominent brand. Most famous rubber like the Friendship 729 Super FX has delighted players for decades who are looking for both good quality and a reasonable cost.

14 Avalox

Swedish table tennis blade maker Avalox is known for its high-quality blades. As a result of their popularity, Avalox Blue Thunder and P500 and P700 blades have gained a cult following. Avalox isn’t widely known in Germany. Playing with Avalox is like playing with a piece of history.


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