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Best Table Tennis Blogs You Should Know

What are the best blogs about table tennis? Table tennis is one of the most popular sport in the world (next to football). However, we are a small and closed community. There are not many table tennis blogs around the world. Here, I review some of the best table tennis blogs to read.

Top 8 Table Tennis Blogs

The 8 most popular table tennis blogs that serious ping-pong players should know.

  1. Butterfly Magazine Blog
  2. Larry Hodges’ Daily Blog
  3. Expert Table Tennis Blog
  4. Marcel’s blog “Thought on Table Tennis”
  5. Ping Sunday “EmRatThich Table Tennis Blog”
  6. Rowden Fullen’s blog
  7. Greg Letts blog
  8. Ping Skills of Alois Rosario

These are the top table tennis blogs in my own opinion. You can find out more about the top 40 blogs of table tennis on feedspot.com of Anuj Agarwal.

1. Butterfly Magazine Blog

Butterfly Magazine is the official blog and website of Butterfly. You can find good coverages, and articles about the equipment of the company. The analysis of the table tennis techniques of top players from several authors. Search for Author Manabu for the Chinese table tennis.

You can also read the blog of Butterfly USA. Very good article and tips.

Butterfly Official Magazine
Butterfly Official Magazine

2. Larry Hodges’ Daily Blog

Larry Hodges is a USA Table Tennis Hall of Fame member and a professional table tennis coach. He has some very good table tennis books (best seller) on Amazon. I really like the “Table Tennis Tactics for the Thinkers”. Larry writes a lot. He updates news, table tennis techniques, his own experiences of coaching. Very interesting to read.

Larry Hodges' daily blog will go up Mon-Fri
Larry Hodges’ daily blog will go up Mon-Fri

3. Expert Table Tennis Blog of Ben Larcombe

Expert Table Tennis is a blog run by Ben Larcombe (England). Ben is a professional table tennis coach. His most famous video is “Expert in a Year”. He writes good articles to help new players to improve in table tennis. Ben publishes an interesting Podcast. He is also the founder of EquipmentJunkie, review of the table tennis equipment.

You can find the old table tennis coaching videos of Table Tennis University, hosted by Ben Larcombe.

Ben Larcombe's blog
Ben Larcombe’s blog

4. Marcel’s blog “Thought on Table Tennis”

Marcel is a German-based table tennis player and math graduate. The article is hard to read (complicated and scientific approach). He makes very good articles about table tennis rubbers, and techniques. Some good one like Playing against long pimples, and Match analysis: Zhang Jike – Wang Hao Olympic Final London 2012.

Unfortunately, he didn’t update regularly his blog. The latest one is in Jan 2016.

thoughtsontabletennis blog
thoughtsontabletennis article list

5. Ping Sunday “EmRatThich Table Tennis Blog”

Ping Sunday is the table tennis blog of EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach. He focuses on “Chinese table tennis techniques”. His videos help new players improve fast in table tennis. You can find very useful tips and tricks about equipment and fundamental techniques. His coaching videos are simple, concise and easy to follow.

EmRatThich Table Tennis Channel with the leadership "Ping Sunday coaching videos"
EmRatThich Table Tennis Channel with the leadership “Ping Sunday coaching videos”

6. Rowden Fullen’s blog

I really like reading the blog of coach Rowden Fullen, especially about the development of women’s table tennis. His articles are really deep and well thought. I recommend reading his blog for serious table tennis coaching.

Rowden Fullen's blog
Rowden Fullen’s blog

7. Greg Letts blog

Greg Letts is one of the first authors of table tennis on the Internet. He continues to publish many table tennis articles on ThoughtCo.

Greg Letts's table tennis blog
Greg Letts’s table tennis blog

8. Ping Skills of Alois Rosario

If you are still a beginner or intermediate level player, you definitely should check out PingSkills YouTube Channel. Many instructional videos and they even have a daily “Ask the Coach Show”.

Ping Skills blog
Ping Skills blog

There are also many good table tennis blogs that you should also check: Martin’s Table Tennis BlogMatt Hetherington’s blog, Killerspin’s blog.

Do you want to present other blogs? Just let me know. Don’t forget to share this article.

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  1. Best is thoughts on table tennis by marcel why has he made it a private blog i dont know i respect his decision its a beautiful blog with the best scientific information about everything.I beg to differ in that every starter to intermediate player should read it completely it will.help a lot to understand the game and prevent unnecessary buying of different rubbers and blades and instead focus to buy the right blade and rubber based on individual game.I have already requested an invite to his blogspot will eagerly wait for him to respond to my request for invite

    • yeah. I really like his blog. But recently he made his blog private. And he stops blogging a long time ago.

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