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Top 8 Best Short Pimple Rubbers [Aggresive Style]

Short pimples rubber for offensive forehand attack is a new trend in table tennis. Short pips rubbers are used mainly by Chinese players with the penhold style (Liu Guoliang, He Zhi Wen, Wang Zeng Yi, Yan Sheng, Tang Peng, etc). However, due to the new ball with higher bounce, short pips quick attack on the forehand side is coming back.

For the female side, Mima Ito has made great success. She is the new hope for Short Pips female players. And recently, Mattias Falck has made a huge buzz at the male side with the forehand short pips offensive style. So here is the list of best short pips rubber for the forehand in table tennis.

Famous Short Pips players

Liu Guoliang

The most famous short pips player is Liu Guoliang, the 2nd Grand Slam in table tennis. His style is unique and very aggressive. He used the penhold style combined with short pips to quickly hit the ball on the bounce.

Liu Guoliang the head of China Team
Liu Guoliang the head of China Team

He Zhi Wen

He Zhi Wen is a very famous short pimple players from China. Actually, he lives in Spain with the nickname Juanito. He is using the Frienship729 802 short pimples. In his career, He Zhi Wen has won many famous players: Timo Boll, Schlager, Pitchford Liam, Chen Weixing, etc. His best world ranking is WR30.

He Zhi Wen is using Frienship729 802 short pimples (Red on the forehand side)
He Zhi Wen is using Frienship729 802 short pimples (Red on the forehand side)

Yan Sheng

Recently, in China, there are Yan Sheng who is considered as the Successor of Liu Guoliang’s Forehand Short pips attacking style.



Mattias Falck

And in Europe, we have Mattias Falck from Sweden, a new hope for Short Pips attacking style. His equipment fits very well his aggressive playing style.

We are amazed at the performance of Mattias Falck, who made it to the final of the 2019 World Championships. Falck is the first Swede to make it to the final since his compatriot Jan Ove Waldner was there in 1997.

He is using the Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon as his blade. The blade is known for its excellent feel and ability to execute all offensive strokes. Falck is famous for his forehand short pips attack. He is using the short pips Yasaka Rakza PO (black) on the forehand side. Falck’s backhand is among the strongest backhands in the world. Very very fast backhand attack. He’s using Yasaka Rakza X on the backhand side. This rubber is powerful and spinny. It’s one of the best backhand rubber for the modern table tennis nowadays.


FALCK Mattias smashed the high ball on the forehand side by using short pips rubber
FALCK Mattias smashed the high ball on the forehand side by using short pips rubber


Mima Ito

At the women side, Women’s Japanese National player Mima Ito is a huge threat for the Chinese National Players. She is using Nittaku short pips rubber: Nittaku Moristo SP on her backhand side.

Mima Ito equipment - New Hope for Short Pips player
Mima Ito equipment – New Hope for Short Pips player


Short Pimple vs Long Pimple

While long pimple is used to defend (defensive playing style), short pips rubber is used to attack. That’s why you should play short pips on the forehand side to hit, smash the ball.




I’ve explained how to deal with the chopper (defender) who used long pips rubber, mostly on the backhand side to chop the ball. Ma Long has shown a great way to win long pips players.

Short Pimple Strength and Weakness

Like any combination rackets (Short pips, Long pimple, sand anti-spin rubbers), it’s not easy to play with short pips. And as many playing styles, short pips players have some pro and cons.

Short Pips rubber is an inverted rubber sheet turned upside down. The space between the buttons will help to reduce the incoming spin. This will allow you to aggressively attack the opponent’s shots regardless of the spin. Short pips are great for hitting, blocking and returning serves. However, they are unable to produce as much spin like a normal inverted rubber.

Pros of Short Pips Rubbers

Short pimples characteristics: Generally short pips used to attack with and they don’t provide much topspin. So you will have to counter-topspin the ball.

Short pips rubbers are great to counter hit and block the loop. This is the main advantages of short pimples rubbers. Watch this video to see how Wang Zeng Yi practices his short pips.


Please remember to add the lifting force, or the ball can’t go over the net.
If the ball is high, just flat hit it with your forehand.

The strength of short pimples is the BLOCK. Short pips defenders like to block all of the balls, no matter how the spin on the ball.

Bonus: Learn how to block here.

They can block the topspin ball, the backspin ball!



Cons of Short Pips Rubbers

The best tactic against short pimples is to vary the pace and spin as much as possible. The most difficult shot to control for short pimples is a heavy spinny ball (but slow) and a float ball. So to win short pips, you need to vary the spin of your forehand loop.

Short Pips rubbers are very weak at the far distance. That’s why Mattias Falck stays very close to the table to counter-attack. When Short Pimples Players are forced away from the table, they lose control. See Fan Zhendong forced Yan Sheng to moved away from the table in the video below: a death sentence to short pip player!




Should you use Short Pips?

A very good question. Here is my advice:

You have to think short pips need more training. You have to always hit the ball when it is high enough. Prepare yourself to be aggressive. Make a good service, and then attack strongly with your forehand short pips.


Best 8 Short Pimples Rubbers

Here is the list of top 8 short pips rubbers used on the forehand side offensively. These short pips rubbers are really fast. They are used by most professional short pips players (read above). You can use short pips with sponge because you need speed in your attack.

1. Friendship RITC 802-40

Very popular, with vertical pips. Pro players like using Friendship RITC 802-40 (check price 1/ price 2). Short pips, suitable for both backhand and forehand side. Can be used to attack efficiently, and rather sensitive to incoming spin. I would recommend 802-40 for budget or super spin pips. Top short pips players in China use it.

Friendship RITC 802-40 with 2.2mm sponge - best short pips rubber for forehand attack
Friendship RITC 802-40 with 2.2mm sponge – best short pips rubber for forehand attack

This short pip has a 2.2 mm sponge, which is great because you need speed in your attack. Used by He Zhi Wen.

He Zhi Wen is using Frienship729 802 short pimples (Red on the forehand side)
He Zhi Wen is using Frienship729 802 short pimples (Red on the forehand side)


2. Nittaku Moristo SP

Moristo SP (check price) is a very fast and powerful short pips rubber. It features low, horizontal, conical, hashed pips on a thin top sheet which allows a 2.2mm sponge in its max version. The sponge is white, very small-pored, and soft.

Nittaku Moristo Sp Pimples Out Table Tennis Rubber (red, max spong)
Nittaku Moristo Sp Pimples Out Table Tennis Rubber (red, max sponge)

Nittaku Moristo SP makes a more flat trajectory than Rakza PO, Victas 102/101 or Friendship RITC 802-40.

Moristo SP is used by Mima Ito.

Mima Ito is using Nittaku Moristo Short Pips
Mima Ito is using Nittaku Moristo Short Pips
Mima Ito equipment - sponsored by Nittaku
Mima Ito equipment – sponsored by Nittaku

3. Yasaka Rakza PO

Yasaka Rakza PO (more info) is an Excellent Short Pips. You can do Forehand Topspin, Forehand Drive, or smash easily. Used by Mattias Falck.

Yasaka Rakza PO Table Tennis Rubber (Black, 2.0mm) - one of the best short pimple rubber on the forehand side
Yasaka Rakza PO Table Tennis Rubber (Black, 2.0mm) – one of the best short pimple rubber on the forehand side

Yasaka Rakza PO is one of the most spinny and powerful short pips rubbers available today. One of the best short pips of Yasaka which provides a strong spin and offensive play style.

FALCK Mattias equipment short pimple forehand rubber
FALCK Mattias equipment short pimple forehand rubber

Fit very well if you block, hit, and drive the ball close to the table.


4. Andro Blowfish

While the DHS Sharping is a very hard sponge (Chinese DHS Sponge) short pips rubber, Andro Blowfish is good short pimples rubber with a soft sponge for the attack.

This rubber comes with 3 option for sponge thickness: 1.8 mm, 2.0 mm, and 2.3 mm.

Andro Blowfish Short Pimple Aggressive with 2.3mm sponge thickness
Andro Blowfish Short Pimple Aggressive with 2.3mm sponge thickness

Blowfish is good for topspin, block and counterattack success. Combined with the TENSOR sponge, BLOWFISH soft rubber offers greater sensitivity, feedback, and exceptional ball control.

Blowfish with its soft sponge is a fast and offensive short pips rubber that allows for some variability. The speed glue effect sponge allows it to have excellent speed and feeling on all strokes. Blocks can be sent back either fast. The block close to the table is also great with good placement. This rubber is designed for aggressive players who love blocking close to the table with the short pips.


5. Stiga Symmetry

Stiga Symmetry is a made in Japan short pips rubber developed for the plastic ball. The elastic sponge and built-in speed glue effect give this rubber high speed and excellent spin possibilities. While it’s spin generation is noteworthy for a short pips rubber, its ability to flat hit well is also surprisingly good.

Stiga Symmetry Short Pips
Stiga Symmetry Short Pips

This allows for a very stable rubber that is proficient in most strokes relative to short pips. Opening loops against pushes will come back with heavy topspin, blocks and counters come back with very high but still manageable speed, and drives are sure to put pressure and finish points.


6. DHS Sharping

DHS Sharping (check price) is unique attacking short pimple rubber: distinctive for its specific concave shape of pimples. The medium-hard sponge gives additional speed for your offensive strokes.

DHS Sharping pips
DHS Sharping pips

However, due to the hard sponge, it’s not easy to hit it fast. It’s slower than the 802-40. If you can’t hit hard, or feel it too slow, I recommend you Rakza PO, or 802-40.


7. Victas VO 102

Victas VO 102 Short Pips is a fast short pips rubbers. With a slightly larger pimple, VO 102 is a very fast and high spin short pips. VO >102 is built with High Energy Tension Technology. The new rubber sheet with optimized pips geometry produces a great pips-out effect, speed, and spin on the ball.

Victas VO 102 Short Pips - Pips Out Table Tennis Rubber – Red 1.8mm
Victas VO 102 Short Pips – Pips-Out Table Tennis Rubber – Red 1.8mm

Victas is a premium brand launched in 2001 by the Mr. Koji Matsushita, TSP president, and former world-class defensive player. The new pips design will also provide for direct ball feedback and excellent control.

This rubber excels at everything, good services and returns lots of control, great speed and blocking. It is a very fast forehand block pips rubber, but less spin comparing to Rakza PO.


8. TSP Spectol

TSP Spectol is a hard (Pip Hardness 45 degree) and fast short pip rubber, which is preferred by many pro players. Very deceptive when blocking fast drives. This SP is perfect for all-out aggressive players. Very popular TSP Spectol rubber among the top short pips players due to its speed.

Spectol Speed TSP Red 2.15 mm (more info)

The Spectol surface has now been combined with a harder sponge. All strokes can be played harder and faster. The ball bounce is also very flat. Although the rubber is fast, the control is still very good and it is easy to make accurate strokes and precise shots. Perfect short-pimple rubber for all-out offensive players. Made in Japan.



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  1. Hi coach, what do you think about Giant Dragon 8228 A-FC ? I’ve played a lot of short pips on forehand in the past (Waran, 802-40 et al. ) but this one (with thin sponge of 1,0) gives the ability to strike hard, fast and with a high amount of deception at a high level of control.

  2. Hi Coach,
    Why do you recommend 802-40 Mystery 3 and not Mystery 2 or the 35 degree super soft version. What is the main difference between them. I currently use the 35 degree super soft pro version max red on my F/H


  3. Hello Coach,can you pls advise which is best spip for bh which will have a low trajectory while playing BH counter ,blocks and we can push underspin and loose balls. Thanks

  4. Many people refer to the Friendship 729 802-40 sp and the 802-40 Mystery III interchangeably. Are they the same rubber or is it the same topsheet with different sponge? Thank you.

  5. Hi Coach, can you please give some tips for Jpen player short pimp rubber to be used? I am a offensive penholder Japanese style but using Pimps at moment , and considering to change rubber but keep same blade (nittaku 3fire). Can you please advise ?
    Thank you

  6. Don’t forget about TSP Spectol. A lot of pro player also use this SP because of its good review. Thanks.

  7. What do you think about Stiga Clippa?, I’m Penhold RPB but I’m having problem with backspin balls or low’s ball. Probably was the change of the ball’s material but before was easy to me make a topspin with Clippa but now I go to the net or my shot is short…would you recommend change the clippa ?..I’m thinking in a Blowfish or Rakza.
    Thanks Coach!!

  8. I have a palio legend 2 is it a good bat for me. I am an intermediate offensive shakehand looper. Thank you sir

    • Sardius is a very hard, and thick carbon blade. It’s too fast, and is only good if you are the hitter. While the Hurricane Long is a good looping blade (due to larger head). It’s fast, but a very good blade.

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