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Best Professional Table Tennis Coach in China

Here is the list of Chinese table tennis coaches. They are all professional coaches, who work for the Chinese National Team.

Professional table tennis coach

Some personal coaches in the Chinese National Team:

Men’s team:

Xiao Zhan: Zhang Jike, Hao Shuai, Yan An, and Fang Bo’s coach

Qin Zhijian: Ma Long, Xu Xin, and Wang Liqin’s coach

Wu Jingping: Ma Lin, Wang Hao, and Fan Zhendong‘s coach

Ma Junfeng: Chen Qi and Zhou Yu’s coach


Coach Qin Zhijian - one of the best coach in China
Coach Qin Zhijian – one of the best coaches in China

Women’s team:

Li Sun: Li Xiaoxia, Zhu Yuling, Sheng Dandan, Wang Xun, and Jiang Yue’s coach (also Wang Nan and Zhang Yining’s coach before, maybe he is the best coach in women’s team)

Chen Bin: Ding Ning, Rao Jingwen, and Zhao Yan’s coach

Liu Zhiqiang: Liu Shiwen, Chen Meng, Wen Jia, and Gu Ruochen’s coach

Qiao Xiaowei: Guo Yue, Cao Zhen, and Yang Yang’s coach

Ren Guoqiang: Guo Yan, Wu Yang, and Chang Chenchen’s coach

Retired coaches in China

Other famous coaches (retired) in China

Yin Xiao: Liu Guoliang and Kong Linghui’s coach

Li Xiaodong: Wang Linqin’s coach when WLQ at the peak of his career

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