Top 10 Forehand Rubbers - Fast, Spinny and Powerful

Top 10 Forehand Rubbers of All Time

What is the best rubber for your forehand? It’s not an easy question! Because choosing the forehand rubber is totally different than choosing the backhand rubber. Here is my recommended list of Top 10 Forehand Rubbers – Fast, Spinny and Powerful. In this list, there are some tacky hard Chinese rubbers that the professional players love using. There are also some new released modern European (ESN) and Japanese (Butterfly) rubbers that suit very well the modern style of table tennis (harder sponge to favor counter-attack style).

Choose The Best Rubber For Forehand

Many players asked me what is the best forehand rubber in table tennis. Is choosing the forehand rubber the same as backhand rubber.

Some coaches proposed new and intermediate players to buy the same rubbers for both sides.

Wrong! Because the mechanism of the forehand and the backhand stroke are not the same.

Ding Ning personal racket at QOROS 2015 World Table Tennis Championships
Ding Ning personal racket at QOROS 2015 World Table Tennis Championships


So today, I will show you what are the characteristics of a good rubber for the forehand side? Why Chinese rubbers are good for the forehand side? and finally, I will list the top 10 most popular forehand rubbers which fit very well to the modern table tennis trending.

Which type of rubber do you need for your forehand side?

Forehand attack is not the same as a backhand attack. For your forehand loop, you rotate your body, use the power from the ground and hit the ball with a larger amplitude stroke. While you hit the backhand topspin in front of your body, with a much compact stroke.

So choosing the forehand rubber is totally different than choosing the backhand rubber.



Harder Forehand Rubber

You hit the forehand topspin with a larger stroke, so, therefore, you can impact the stronger force. That’s why the forehand smash and the forehand loop kill is the most powerful stroke in table tennis.

That’s why you need to choose a harder sponge for your forehand side than the backhand side. The rule of thumb is the sponge hardness of your forehand side must be +2 or +3 hardness degree harder than your backhand side.

Fan Zhendong Stiga Custom made racket with National Hurricane 3 Bluesponge
Fan Zhendong Stiga custom-made racket with National Hurricane 3 Bluesponge


If you choose too soft forehand rubber, you can not transfer 100% of your forehand power to the ball. Hence, the speed and the spin will be lost due to the “bottom out” effect.

Always choose Max thickness

Even at the new level, don’t choose too thin rubber. I’ve explained the “secret of the sponge thickness” here. Because too thin rubber will “bottom out” the ball even with a medium force forehand stroke. And due to the ITTF regulation, the overall thickness can’t exceed 4 mm, so always choose the thickest rubber as you can.

Guide to choose the right table tennis forehand rubber hardness for the beginner
Guide to choosing the right table tennis forehand rubber hardness for the beginner

Many coaches advise their players to choose 1.9mm to gain control. I don’t agree with this approach. The control comes from the blade. If you rely on the rubber for control, you will make a very bad habit “move up the elbow” while playing the forehand topspin to compensate with the “bottom out”. I’ve seen many many new players have this bad habit. And it’s painful and difficult to correct your bad habits.

Zhu Yuling personal racket in Women's Single 2015 World Table Tennis Championships
Zhu Yuling personal racket in Women’s Single 2015 World Table Tennis Championships

The only exception is when using the Chinese rubbers as your forehand side, you should choose 2.15mm instead of 2.20mm. Because Chinese rubbers perform the best with a booster. The booster will expand the sponge, and soften the sponge hardness to 1.5 to 2 degrees. If you choose MAX thickness, the sponge can pass the thickness limit allowed by ITTF, and boosting the too thick sponge will also reduce the consistency (due to the absorption and evaporation of the oil during the time).

Denser sponge

The density of the sponge is proportional to the weight of the rubber. You should choose a denser and heavy rubber on your forehand side. The density can relate to the hardness too, but not (always true. Some Chinese rubber, which is light, and hard. And some bad, and cheap rubber which is heavy but not dynamic, not hard enough.

Sponge and pimple structure of the Tenergy 05. Pimple has 1.7mm size.
Sponge and pimple structure of the Tenergy 05. Pimple has 1.7mm size.

I always recommend my players to choose dense sponge. If you love playing with “spring sponge” (a specific structure of the air bubbles inside the sponge), you should choose a smaller bubble-sponge. Because smaller size bubble will enhance the elastic of the sponge. The air compartments contract on impact and then expand again, imparting additional power on the ball.

DHS Hurricane 3 blue sponge
DHS Hurricane 3 blue sponge

Chinese rubbers are in general have a very dense sponge. That’s why Chinese rubbers are very good as the forehand rubber. Some players said that “but Chinese rubbers are so heavy“.

DHS Hurricane 3 national blue sponge has the tacky topsheet which is effectively enhance the spin of the new plastic 40+ ball
DHS Hurricane 3 national blue sponge has the tacky topsheet which effectively enhances the spin of the new plastic 40+ ball

Wrong! the cheap and normally fake sponge is heavy. But the real, in the domestic sponge of Chinese rubbers (especially of DHS rubbers), is not so heavy. The sponge is rather light, but uniform and hard structure. I’ve explained also the main difference between Orange Sponge, and Blue Sponge.

Fake Blue Sponge
Fake Blue Sponge

Due to the new plastic ball, it’s mandatory to play with a harder sponge, but a lighter sponge, that’s the main reason, top Chinese player all switch to Blue Sponge.

Low to Medium Low Throw Angle

Unlike a backhand stroke, you need a low throw angle in the forehand side. Please note that the “throw angle” is a complicated subject. Because it depends also on your blade (your combination rubber/blade), mostly due to the outer layer of your blade. I will explain it later.

Ma Long low throw angle on his forehand side
Ma Long low throw angle on his forehand side


But in general, for the backhand shot, you mostly close the racket more and hit in front of your body, so you need a rather medium-to-high throw angle rubber. That’s why a good backhand rubber is often bouncy, high throw angle, spinny and fast. While the forehand rubber is different, you need to transfer the force and reduce the energy lost, so bouncy is not really necessary. But the low angle is necessary. Because when you use a too high angle, it’s harder to use to develop the full stroke in your forehand loop. The power of the forehand comes mostly from the rotation of your hip, the lower the throw angle, the faster the ball will land on the opponent’s side.

You should watch this video, to understand this. The lower throw angle also increases the “the kick effect” of your forehand. At the professional level, the “kick effect” is very very important!



Top 10 Forehand Rubbers – Fast, Spinny and Powerful

01. DHS Hurricane 3 National (blue sponge)

DHS National 3 rubber is no doubt one of the best forehand rubber. Used by all of the top Chinese rubbers, both Senior and Junior players. Some HongKong players also use Hurricane 3 on their forehand rubbers.

  • Name: Double Happiness Hurricane 3
  • Sponge hardness: 39-40 DHS degree, 54 ESN degree
  • Sponge thickness: 2.15 mm
  • Sponge color: Blue


HK Junior National player with boosted Hurricane rubber on the forehand (more info)
HK Junior National player with boosted Hurricane rubber on the forehand (more info)


JEOUNG Youngsik equipment wttc 2019
JEOUNG Youngsik equipment wttc 2019 (Viscaria with Xiom Icecream handle) – Forehand DHS Hurricane 3 Bluesponge

We all want high speed and spinny forehand rubber. Chinese rubbers in general and DHS rubbers are highly recommended as the perfect rubbers for the forehand. But there is a big problem here?

Many players just buy and test a commercial Hurricane neo 3. Due to the tackiness of the topsheet, the rubber can spin easily, but the speed is really lacking.

There are 2 problems:

First, most of you just buy the fake DHS rubbers. You can buy a pack of DHS rubbers, even fake Tenergy rubbers, or Tenergy blades on Taobao. They cost less than 5usd/rubbers. And most of these rubbers are imported to the dealers/online shop around the world.

Ma Long forehand and backhand rubber
Ma Long forehand and backhand rubber

Second, you are using Chinese rubbers in the wrong way. Every player who play Chinese rubbers on the forehand side, boost their rubbers. It’s impossible to play without using a tuner/booster. Why?

Blue sponge vs Orange Sponge - higher elasticity in blue sponge, stable support with endurable tension and control
Blue sponge vs Orange Sponge – higher elasticity in a blue sponge, stable support with endurable tension and control

Because the sponge is too dense, too hard. You can’t have enough speed with a too hard sponge. The energy is conserved 100% (no energy lost), but you can’t impact enough of force and convert it into the speed. So you need to “break in” the sponge. You can “break in” using a physical break, and a chemical break. A chemical break (chemical expansion of the sponge by expanding the polymer liaison with the organic oil) is much faster and easier.

Currently, on the market, you can buy the National Hurricane 3 orange sponge (39 Degrees). Most of the blue sponge are fakes. The orange sponge national rubber is sold by the Official store of DHS on Amazon. Here are some reviews:

National White paper package - mostly fake
National White paper package – mostly fake


This is not the same as what the national team uses. There is a general consensus in the table tennis community that national team rubbers are not commercially available and are basically unicorns. You can also cross-check the serial number on the DHS website.

That being said, I bought this rubber for fun to see if it is actually better than the other hurricane 3’s. After adding 3 layers Falco tempo long booster to this rubber and provincial version, I think this one is a bit faster… but this might be explained by the inconsistent boosting process. It is still a good rubber – like other hurricane series if you have the right technique and fast stroke you can get a lot out of it. It is probably better to just buy provincial version though.

DHS Hurricane 3 Neo National Black Table Tennis Rubber (2.15mm, 40º Hardness)-out
DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Black, National Table Tennis Rubber (2.15mm, 40º Hardness) by DHS Store (more info)


National DHS Hurricane 3 Net weight 64g - rather heavy
National DHS Hurricane 3 Net weight 64g – rather heavy


Amazing, no wonder Ma Long uses it. Very sticky but no bouncy. Need to be boosted. Great for offensive play.

First of all, all DHS “national” rubbers in the market ain’t the real thing, they are just copies or imitations of the nationals pros use, because, nationals are exclusive for CHN national players ONLY. They are VERY LIMITED. You can never buy those, don’t be HYPED by others who say what are you gonna get is Genuine unless you get it personally from Ma Long, WLQ, etc.

So the issue of what you might buy being fake or genuine is out of the question.

Anyway, all fakes are designed or made after the real ones, so chances are, its properties were copied from no other than the real thing. Which make this indeed still a great rubber.. take it as consolation.


The blue sponge has greater elasticity which increase the speed, and stronger spin effect
The blue sponge has greater elasticity which increases the speed, and stronger spin effect

Even, many players emphasize using the national version. I recommend you just try a commercial one and use the booster. I’ve explained it in this article “the truth about the Chinese rubber“.

Amazing rubber, its a completely different rubber.
->Commercial version is as dead as hell
->Provincial version is where it actually starts playing as it says on the package.
->National is where it is perfection, it plays like a beast, u can rip out topspin that is just beautiful. control is great u can block, push and touch shots.

The orange sponge gives a really good feeling.

It’s due to the effect of the booster, the real Chinese rubber is not hard dead. Many fake hurricane 3 rubbers are really slow. Here is the real story:

Im my club we have a chinese trainor he’s name was Li Qi. They say he’s an ex pro maybe only here in spain I guess. But his forehand is tottaly chinese looper and nothing at all european stlye and it’s quite sure he trained in china.

Well anyway… I am using h3 neo provincial that can buy anywhere. I think it was good and the same as the pro chinese rubber. Then i got bored and see him sitting. I went to him and ask to have a hit on his raket.

It was a crazy Hurricane 3 (cant remember if its neo or not) and yasaka pride. The bat doesnt weight anything compaired to mine. When i touch the hardness of his Hurricane 3 its a lot softer than my trash Hurricane H3.

And you can feel and see the pimps on it when you touch, i think its 38deg (due to the booster).

HK Junior National player with boosted Hurricane rubber on the forehand (more info)


It is bouncy when you play the ball on the raket, its not tacky at all maybe little i think. I loop arms wide open too and also i’m asian. God it’s amazing it’s fast, spiny and sooooooooo easy to lift the ball.

I try to brush very slowly then the ball has a lot spin. It’s so smoothhhh. I wish i can tell u the felling. It’s like playing with tenergy 05 but much much better than that. I SAID TO MY SELF…… “NO DOUBT THIS IS GENUINE, THIS IS THE REAL NATIONAL EQUIPMENT” when i look at the rubber again… It’s not the same way it printed, look at site and click “FOR DISPLAY” it say’s “Ma Long personal rubber” and it cost $9999. It’s ridiculous, and it’s fake!

He told me he change rubber every 2 to 3 months. If i have a chance again i will talk to him and ask him if he still have those used or sell me new one.

It’s been pleassure to swing even a little time with that pure beauty of rubber I will treassure it. Even I have this junk h3 selling in all market I will never let go. Because the rubber corrected me. It does’nt tollerate me (bad moves aint work).

02. Stiga Calibra LT+

If you don’t want to buy fake Hurricane 3 rubbers, I have found another good alternative. It’s the low throw, and long trajectory rubber “Calibra LT+” (check price/ read review). It’s not as spinny as another ESN rubbers (Stiga Mantra H, MX-P, Rhyzm, etc.) or Japanese (Butterfly Tenergy rubber). But it’s very fast and direct (the main characteristic of a good forehand rubber).

  • Name: Stiga Calibra LT+
  • Sponge hardness: 52 ESN degree (39 DHS degree)
  • Sponge thickness: 2.20 mm
  • Sponge color: Orange
Stiga Rubber Calibra LT Plus, options 2,2 mm, black
Calibra LT Plus has an extra hard sponge for tremendous hitting power options 2,2 mm, black

This rubber is classified as one of the fastest ESN rubber on the market. The topsheet is not tacky as Chinese rubber, hence it’s difficult to make spin at the soft stroke. It’s not for beginners. Many top European players use Stiga rubbers due to its speed, and the grippy topsheet.

MOREGARD Truls is using Stiga Rubbers
MOREGARD Truls is using Stiga Rubbers

Calibra LT Plus has an extra hard sponge (50 ESN degree hardness which is equivalent to 38 DHS Chinese hardness) that ensures tremendous power when hitting. This is an excellent choice for the highly skilled player who demands a professional combination of spin, speed, power and long trajectory.

Here are some reviews:

Massive spin on Forehand attack with the Calibra LT Plus, and I have now switched it to my BH as well! My coach (2500+) loved it so much he switched to it as well!


Stiga LT plus is the fastest and longest trajectory Stiga Rubber
Stiga LT plus is the fastest and longest trajectory Stiga Rubber


Compared to other popular forehand rubbers (MX-P, Hurricane 3 unboosted, Tenergy 05), Calibra LT is faster. It’s similar to Tenergy in feeling. Nice catapult, balls sinks into the rubber giving very nice control. Low throw so it’s difficult for the opponent to counter the topspin. Overall this is a favorite rubber for the powerful forehand attack player.



With Tenergy balls used to drop a lot while counter topspin, but with The Calibra LT it hardly drops (due to the longer trajectory). Try to out for your self.

Very fast and decent speed. One of the best rubbers Stiga has produced in a while. Not for beginners. Excellent rubber. I find many of the ratings here to be exaggerated but not for this one. It is super fast, super spinny with great control. Definitely a long trajectory, as advertised, so great from mid and long distance from the table, but not bad from close to table.

03. Tenergy 05 Hard

With the new poly ball, players need a harder and harder sponge. That’s the reason why Butterfly release the new Tenergy 05 Hard rubber (check price 1/ check price 2/ read review). I’ve made a review article of this new Harder version.

Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard 2.1 Black
Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard 2.1 Black

For most of the player, Tenergy 05 Hard fit very well on the forehand side. Because you hit harder on your forehand side than your backhand side. Tenergy 05 is more powerful, and a spinnier than the normal version.

Tenergy 05 Hard - Performance
Tenergy 05 Hard – Performance


Many pro players (non-Chinese) use Tenergy 05 Hard rubber on their forehand side. Advantage: reliable topspin, very fast, spinny and high curve rallies.

Andrej Gacina (pro player) is using Viscaria FL blade +Tenergy 05 both sides
Andrej Gacina (pro player) is using Viscaria FL blade +Tenergy 05 both sides (more info)


Butterfly recommends TENERGY 05 HARD especially for players with a well-developed technique able to cope with its increased weight and linear acceleration
Butterfly recommends TENERGY 05 HARD especially for players with a well-developed technique able to cope with its increased weight and linear acceleration


04. Stiga Mantra H

Stiga Mantra H (check price/ read review) is an upgrade version of the Stiga Calibra LT+. The main problem of Stiga Calibra LT+ is the topsheet durability. During around 1-2 month, the Calibra LT+ topsheet lost the grippy. While Mantra H topsheet is more grippy and it lasts longer (more than 6 months).

  • Name: Stiga Mantra H
  • Sponge hardness: 50 ESN degree (38 DHS degree)
  • Sponge thickness: 2.20 mm
  • Sponge color: Orange
Stiga Mantra H 2.1 mm
Stiga Mantra H 2.1 mm (more info)

Stiga Mantra H is one of the best backhand rubber. It’s very consistent and linear. However, it’s not as fast as Calibra LT+. It’s due to the higher throw angle of the Mantra H. So if you love spinny, consistent forehand topspin, then Stiga Mantra H is a powerful and consistent forehand rubber.

Stiga Mantra H weight by Dan (TTD)
Stiga Mantra H weight by Dan (TTD)

The hard sponge creates a classic feel (linear feel for the forehand) with extreme attacking possibilities. Very high speed and effectiveness from a short distance. Excellent blocking abilities in close to table action.

stiga calibra lt plus sponge
Stiga Calibra lt plus sponge

Stiga Mantra H has a hard sponge – 50 degrees ESN hardness, which is equivalent to 38 degrees Chinese hardness. Hard rubber fits very well on the forehand side. The topsheet is very durable and linear. A good alternative for tacky Chinese rubber.

tiga Mantra H (pimple distance)
Stiga Mantra H (pimple distance)


Xiom Asia (from V to VII) (check price/ read review) has a very hard sponge, combined with a very elastic rubber and very adherent. Thanks to the Dynamic Friction technology that has evolved to better synchronize with the harder sponge, you will be able to develop an extremely powerful game for your forehand attack. This rubber gives a lot of spins, suited for Asian forehand attacking style.

XIOM Omega V Asia, options 2.3 mm, red
XIOM Omega V Asia, options 2.3 mm, red (more info)
  • Name: Xiom Omega Asia
  • Sponge hardness: 52.5 ESN degree (39-40 DHS degree)
  • Sponge thickness: 2.30 mm
  • Sponge color: Black

Xiom Asia is a very good forehand rubber. It provides linear feeling, with a low to medium throw angle. Excellent for hitting, loop kill, who has powerful forehand attack.

Xiom Omega Asia sponge
Xiom Omega Asia sponge

This is a fast rubber with a hard sponge. Don’t use it with stiff blades. You can use Stiga Rosewood XO for good vibration and fit very well for forehand.

OMEGA V Asia is geared towards attackers who emphasize hard loop drives and counter-topspin. The elastic topsheet and harder sponge make this rubber a top choice for professional level close and mid-distance play. If you like Chinese style, Xiom Omega Asia is a good alternative for Hurricane 3 Neo and Nittaku H3 Neo (unboosted). Highly recommended.

06. Haifu Shark 3

Haifu Shark 3 (check price) is a factory pre-tuned rubber. This is a good Chinese forehand rubber. The national version of the rubber but you couldn’t find it anywhere despite living in China. The Shark 3 and Shark Speed play almost the same but it seems to me the training version is a bit more of high quality.

Haifu Shark III (Shark 3) Factory Tuned Pips-In Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Rubber With Sponge (black)
Haifu Shark III (Shark 3) Factory Tuned Pips-In Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Rubber With Sponge (black) (more info)
  • Name: Haifu Shark III
  • Sponge hardness: 38 DHS degree
  • Sponge thickness: 2.15 mm
  • Sponge color: Red

The Haifu Shark is quite similar to Yinhe/Galaxy Moon Speed but it has more power, speed, spin and requires more perfect technique. The topsheet is more elastic making it more suitable for flicks.  I would recommend this rubber for those who play with Hurricane-like rubbers on their forehand. The rubber is practically a good all around attacking rubber for your forehand side.

Haifu Shark 3 weight is 69g
Haifu Shark 3 weight is 69g

07. TG Skyline 3

Another good DHS Chinese rubbers are TG Skyline 3 or Hurricane 2 rubbers. They have a lower throw angle than the Hurricane 3 rubbers. So it fits better on the forehand side. However, using Hurricane 2 is more demanding than the Hurricane 3 rubbers.

DHS Hurricane 3 blue sponge
DHS Hurricane 3 blue sponge
Skyline Blue sponge rubber
Skyline Blue sponge rubber (more info)
  • Name: DHS Skyline 3
  • Sponge hardness: 39 DHS degree
  • Sponge thickness: 2.15 mm
  • Sponge color: Orange/Blue

You can have a very fast killing forehand shot, but more unforced error. So it depends also on your style: control topspin or powerful loop kill style. Skyline TG (Technology Generation) 3 continual and dense attack. Skyline 3 rubber made with new technique has quicker attacking power with loop drive.

Wang Hao is using the TG Skyline 3 on his forehand side.

Wang Hao - Best Reverse Penhold backhand
Wang Hao – Best Reverse Penhold backhand
Thick glue on Wang Hao personal rubber (Hurricane 3 + Custom Sriver) - Photo by Phong Nguyen (table tennis connect)
Thick glue on Wang Hao personal rubber (Hurricane 3 + Custom Sriver) – Photo by Phong Nguyen (table tennis connect)

TG3 Neo is good for mid-distance looping attack play style. Similar to DHS H2 with Nittaku sponge, slightly hard. Need to use booster to the best performance. Very good for block over the table and loop attack at a middle distance like penholder players.

Another alternative is the DHS Hurricane H2 rubber. This rubber is one of the hardest rubber you will play with. You need to “break in” the Hurricane 2 rubber by using the booster.

DHS Hurricane 3 blue sponge
DHS Hurricane 3 blue sponge

08. Sanwei Target National

Sanwei Target National (check price/ read review) is a very good forehand rubber. Very tacky topsheet which is similar to both Hurricane 3 and Haifu Whale 2 rubbers. Topsheet is softer than Hurricane 3 on top of a hard and lively sponge.

sanwei target national
Sanwei target national – black (more info)

Faster than the commercial DHS Hurricane 3 with the same level of spin. For most Chinese rubbers, the black one is the tackier one and the red is the harder one. As the upgraded version of model Target, the Target National is a better choice for 40+ new plastic ball.

Sanwei blue sponge
Sanwei blue sponge


Sanwei target national - packaging
Sanwei target national – the packaging

The topsheet is very tacky. This makes Target National a fast but controllable rubber. It picks up the ball from the table for a couple of seconds. The DHS rubbers are not as tacky as Sanwei Target.

  • Name: Sanwei Target National
  • Sponge hardness: 39-40 DHS degree
  • Sponge thickness: 2.15 mm
  • Sponge color: Blue
sanwei target national - showing blue sponge
Sanwei target national – showing blue sponge

You can use Sanwei Target National or Moon Pro. Both are excellent Chinese rubbers available for under $25usd. These rubbers give what you put in (very linear), so both speed and spin potential are brought out by the player.

Sanwei target national - red
Sanwei target national – red

Sanwei rubbers have a large diameter and thick bottom pimple structure. So it’s a fast rubber to hit close to the table. It suits well the fast attack forehand style. This is supposed to be a Tenergy 25 clone from Sanwei.



Another good Chinese forehand rubber is Sanwei T88-I, Palio Amigo Biotech or Galaxy Moon Pro.

09. Fastarc G1

Nittaku Fastarc G-1 (check price 1/ check price 2/ read review) is an offensive forehand rubber. It’s made in Germany. One of the best forehand rubber with a medium throw angle like Rasant. The topsheet is rather tacky which helps to topspin the ball easily.

Nittaku Fastarc G-1, Table Tennis Rubber, Pimples in for Offensive Play, Made in Germany (Black, 2.0)
Nittaku Fastarc G-1, Table Tennis Rubber, Pimples in for Offensive Play, Made in Germany (Black, 2.0) (more info)

The Nittaku Fastarc G-1 rubber is “Fast” with an “Arc”! A power topsheet with a built-in tension power sponge produces the ideal combination of ball speed and ball arc – an outstanding powerful spin ball.

G-1 means “Grip First”. The rubber isn’t the fastest but it’s fast enough. It isn’t the spinniest but it’s really good. The control is out of this world and if you are a half decent player, this will give you the margin you need to really build your confidence and play the strokes properly.

10. Tibhar EVOLUTION MX-P50

MX-P50 (check price) is the new version of Evolution MX-P for the Plastic ball. The sponge hardness is about 50 ESN degree. This hardness fits very well for the forehand side. The normal MX-P version is one of the best rubber for the backhand side. MX-P50 has a lot of power. The topsheet is sensitive to humidity, and not very durable.

Tibhar MX-P50 harder sponge for the new plastic ball - good forehand rubber
Tibhar MX-P50 harder sponge for the new plastic ball – good forehand rubber (more info)
  • Name: Tibhar Evolution MX-P50 (for Plastic ball)
  • Sponge hardness: 50 ESN degree
  • Sponge thickness: 2.20 mm

The fastest version of the EVOLUTION series. The strong integrated tension and the hard sponge favor the tense trajectories and the very powerful game. Thanks to the highly elastic rubber, the spin is excellent.

MX-P50 has a hard but very fine sponge. The topsheet is similar to MX-P and FX-P. But the speed is higher, a lot of spins like MX-P. The trajectory is lower and fits very well to the forehand powerful forehand topspin. This version should already be used by more than 50% of the players Tibhar pros players.

Remarkable other good forehand rubbers:

Another option that you can choose is Joola Rhyzm P, Rasanter R47, Tibhar 1Q XD, Donic Bluefire M1 or Joola Rhyzm. They are all good ESN forehand rubber, which is fast, spinny and rather powerful.

Many players confirm that the best forehand rubber they have tried including Rasant Powergrip, Rasant, tibhar Aurus, Yasaka rising dragon, Xiom Omega 4 pro, Xiom Omega 5 Asia, Hurricane 3 neo, Skyline TG3 neo, Fastarc G1, etc.

4 types of Forehand Attacking Style

Conclusion! Which is the best forehand rubbers in table tennis?

Choosing the right forehand rubber is not easy. I know. Because it depends also on your style, on your winning conditions. So here is my recommendation, based on my coaching experiences and testing many combos of players.

Firstly, you should know which is your forehand style? There are mainly 4 forehand styles:

  1. Topspin machine
  2. Topspin first, finish next
  3. Speed first, spin after
  4. Quick and fast counter

1 – Topspin machine style:

If you have a solid technique, good footwork, good physical strength, and you love playing Chinese rubbers, I will recommend you choose the DHS rubbers. It’s so joyful to play with Chinese rubbers with tacky topsheet. You will get the real feeling of your forehand. It’s the secret that top Chinese players rarely make the unforced error on your forehand side. The power comes from the ground, the feeling and the spin come from the sticky topsheet. Choose DHS Hurricane 3 Blue sponge or cheaper alternatives.

2 – Topspin first and finish next:

If you love the feeling of the catapult effect on your forehand side. You are not so consistent, not a topspin machine. You want to finish the point as soon as possible, one slow loop and the next forehand is like smash, loop kill. I recommend you choose something with a catapult effect. Choose MX-P50: the mixed feeling of speed, spin, and catapult.

3- Deep topspin (speed first, and spin after)

This forehand style can be also called “European forehand style” (in the eye of a western coach). To win the ball, player attack first with speed and deep placement, and the next ball is mixed of speed and spin. Many ESN and the next generation of ESN fit very well this style.
I recommend you choose Stiga Calibra LT+ for speed, and Stiga Mantra H 2.1mm (for higher spin). The topsheet of the Mantra H is the advanced version of the Calibra LT+ (fast, low throw, long trajectory but less consistent due to less spin).

4 – Quick attack and counter

If you win the game more with the speed and counter (Japanese trending style). Like Koki Niwa forehand counter and block, or Tomokazu quick counter close to the table on both backhand side, and forehand side. I recommend you choose the Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard, or the Tenergy 25. Tenergy 25 is the hardest sponge of Tenergy series, but the pimple is too big and less spin. While Tenergy 05 Hard is the upgraded version of Tenergy 05 for the new plastic 40+ ball. So I recommend you choose Tenergy 05 Hard on the forehand side for this style. You need to be aggressive in every shot, hit, counter hit on the bounce close to mid-distance.


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  1. i’m defender (aka JSH style) i defend and attack with fh. What fh rubber would be best?
    For now i uses MXP

    • For your style, it’s a controlled topspin forehand style. MX-P, or Tenergy 64 is a very good forehand rubber for this style. The thickness is 2.0 to 2.1mm is the best. JSH uses the same forehand rubber. Backhand chop + variation with Forehand Spin Control attacking style.

  2. hi coach,
    i was expecting to see friendship battle 2 and Hurricane 8 in your list of forehand rubbers but i didnt.Is this because you dont like the rubbers?Can you please tell us your opninos about them?
    thank you

    • Yes, I am pleasantly surprised with how good quality Battle 2 has been. Great for looping, hard, consistent and reduces my error when playing on a medium soft blade like Stiga Intensity NCT. Highly recommended.

  3. Hi was amzing!!!!!!
    Thank you for this lesson. Your lessons making me stronger every day.but can you complate this article with “which of these rubber match with wich of the top 10 blade”.it will be excellent.thank you for helping us to improve our skills in this beautiful sport👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌷

    • Hi Coach,

      I am using Acuda S1 black as FH rubber on my Stiga all round classic which is giving so nice feeling when driving.

      on the other hand I shall follow your recommendation and put DHS H2 neo [ mid hard ] on my other bat i.e., Stiga Offensive classic just to test it out. I am using red Tenergy 80fx on its BH side.

      NB: My local vendor only carries the mid and neo version of H2.

    • Just tried the DHS H2 neo black mid hard on my Stiga Offensive CR and it is very fast, spinny with lower throw angle compared with the neo H3 version.

      It is awesome! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

      good recommendation coach!

    • Coach,

      I took this set up
      [ Stiga Offensive CR with black DHS neo H2 as FH and red Tenergy 80fx as BH rubber ]

      for a local club competition last Sunday. Below is my review:

      Pros: This set up is a bit heavy than what I am used to but the heavier set up means looping with greater power. I was playing more offensive that day. I feel more confident looping.

      Con: Heavier means my twiddling is slower and my FH to BH transition is slightly slower than usual.

      The new set up feels more solid and powerful however it has less vibration than my older Stiga all round classic.

  4. The only issue here is promoting the use of a booster. It is illegal. The argument, that it is necessary to break in the hard Chinese rubbers is irrelevant as long as the rules are as they are. The argument “everyone boosts” is also unjustified. To me, it is really sad, that that kind of cheating is commonplace among the top and lower ranked players all over the world.

    • You are right. Booster is not legal. Japanese Association will provide some solutions to ITTF. They want to fight for the use of a booster. However, it’s very common for the players who use hard chinese rubbers. Booster will make the sponge more elastic, good feeling, good spin and very fast attack.

  5. Hallo Coach,

    Again a very good article!
    You say there are a lot of fake rubbers out there.
    But where can I buy a real H3? Perhaps with blue sponge?
    Don‘t get me wrong, I will stay with my old FS 729-08 because it is fine with me.
    I just want to know s save shop for H3 blue sponge.
    And what is the normal price for this rubber. This information can also help, I guess.

    • I’ve the same Friendship/729 Super FX Blue Sponge. It’s OK, good feeling, good spin. But for me, the speed is good enough. I’ve tried in on both FH, and BH, for 2 weeks. It’s very safe, but at the high level, you can’t finish the point. It seems to me their blue sponge version is not elastic, and hard enough. So 729 is not in the list of top 10 rubbers for the new plastic ball. If you have photo of your favorite rubbers, you can add photos, and review below.

  6. Hi Coach,

    When you say “use the booster,” is it basically the same thing as me using the rubber for three weeks?

    • Yes. The booster will soften and add ‘tension” to the rubber. But you can “break in” by playing 3 weeks with the very hard sponge.

  7. Hi coach,

    I’m short pips attacker and I’m currently using Andro Hexer Pips Force (1.9mm) for FH and Gold Arc 8 (Med thickness and 47.5 hardness) for BH. Do you have any recommendation for short pips rubber for FH? My blade is Andro Timber7 Off/S, 7 ply all wood blade.
    You recommend to choose Max thickness for FH rubber, and I assume it’s for inverted rubbers. Is it the same for short pips rubbers as well? Also, I’m curious to know your thoughts on sponge hardness and density for short pips for FH.

  8. Hi coach,
    An eternity I have been waiting for this article! But it was worth it! Thank you so much!
    Besides, what do you think about the evolution mx-s as a rubber on forehand? I expected it to be on the list.
    Greetings from Germany

  9. Hi Coach EmRatThich,

    Great post and tip, finally the post for top 10 FH rubber that I was waiting for! 👏👏👏👍👍

    I bought a Stiga Ebenholz VII, one of the stiffest 7 ply pure wood blade on the list ( It weighs about 100g blade, 15% more than typical blade. When used with TSP spectol 21 short pips 1.9mm for forehand and Stiga Mantra M BH, it weighs 186g! Initially I want to flathit with it, but in real match I didn’t get any chance to do that! Maybe I am not sufficiently skilled to use it.

    Can you help with a recommendation on what rubber will work on this blade? I like playing with hard rubber like Battle 2 and H3 and like to topspin, loopkill (learning) AND attack on the bounce , though aware that stiff blade may match better with soft rubber. Appreciate your advice here.

  10. Before the h3 prov, i used sanwei target national, like you said it’s good for close to mid distance, very spinny and consistent, the ball is drop fast after bounce, for someone who wants to have forehand topspin like Zhang Jike style :)))

  11. Hi coach,
    I think Nittaku H3 Pro turbo blue sponge is a good FH rubber, it is so hard yet fast and spinny. Hope you include it in the list.

  12. Hi Coach, and thank you for the extremely valuable information and knowledge you provide us for free! As I follow your instructions I use a black max thickness Dhs h8 hard, unboosted on my fh with infinity vps fl. As you have mentioned a true chinese rubber must be hard, tacky & low throw which h8 hard I think meet these criteria. Also revspin users agree with this. What is your opinion about H8?

  13. Hi Coach, thanks for a lot of good lesson. Base on your instruction I want to set up my racket is: blade is stiga clipper cr for good feeling the ball, BH rubber is stiga mantra M for good BH flick, RH rubber is xiom omega V asia for for good loop spin. I set up like that is ok? That is follow Chinese philosophy ( flexible blade & harder ruuber) or not? My friend give comment xiom rubber is not good, It is to thick the ball can’t go. Is he correct? Should I change my set up? If I change my setup? FH rubber is stiga mantra H is ok? My style is loop machine. Please advise.
    Thanks & best regards

  14. Hi Coach ERT!!!
    I choose DHS Gold Arc 8 50/2.2 for FH and GA 8 47.5/2.2 for BH, they combine with DHS H301 padle. I prefer non sticky rubber because i dont like booter material.
    My question is :
    1.)GA8 is good for FH rubber???
    2.) My combo is good enough, can it be better ???
    I want copy Ma Long’s style.
    Thanks coach for your shares! these are help me so much!!!
    HA – From Viet Nam with love.

  15. Why did my Huricane 2 Neo felt the first 2 weeks like it wasn’t boosted, even though the Neo series is boosted?

    • The DHS NEO rubbers are factory tuned, which has only a fraction of the boosting effect compared to boosting the rubbers yourself.

  16. Hi Coach !
    You didn’t talk about Victas V>15 series, what do you think about it ? Many pros start to use them, especially the V>15 Extra (Koki Niwa, Liam Pitchford…).

  17. Hi Coach, i have a very hard blade (butterfly sclager OFF++) and currently i can be categorized as amateur but with some decent knowledege & basic skill of loop & drive. Can you give me advice what rubber fit my blade (FH & BH) so that i can progress with consistency? Thank you.

  18. You suggested the Skyline TG3 but what about Skyline TG2? I think the 3 is labeled as good for speed and control, whereas the 2 is spin and control.
    There is a blue sponge provincial version of the TG2 now. It is too slow for plastic balls or it is a good option?

  19. I have the butterfly Rozena on the forehand and the Tenergy 64 backhand should i Use the Tenergy 64, on the forehand?because it is a little bit Harder, or should i just Use it as i have been doing. And is the Butterfly Rozena good for the forehand?

  20. Hello coach EmRatThich,

    I currently bought a Hurricane 2 National Blue Sponge from the Chinese website “Tian Mao”, supposedly a much more reliable and harder to counterfeit website. However, I am having some trouble trying to perform good strokes with it even with 2 layers of Haifu Seamoon booster, it appears to me that the rubber is too hard and the topsheet is very tacky. Also, I wanted to know whether my equipment is on the right track to match the modern play styles.

    Blade: Hurricane Long 5X
    FH: Hurricane 2 National Blue Sponge 41.5 hardness, 2.15mm (2 layers of booster at the moment)
    BH: Donic Bluefire M3, 2.0 mm

  21. Hi Coach ERT!
    You say FH rubber should have low to med throw angle, can you explain more detail?
    e.g : Throw Angle of some FH rubber, Ref REVSPIN.NET:
    – DHS Hurricane 3 (National) : 6.3 (med-high)
    – Stiga Calibra LT : 6.5
    – Stiga Mantra H : 5.3

    i find some more rubber have low throw angle
    e.g :
    – DHS PF4 40+ : 4.0
    – 729 Bloom Arc : 4.0
    i think they better than some rubber in your list for FH and for beginer, is that true or wrong???
    Hope to see your reply. THANKS!

  22. Mr. EmRatThich…please comment on Dignics 05, 80 & 64 as compared to Tenergy series. Please recommend backhand and forehand dignics rubber.

  23. Hey Coach! I have a question. Which one is better: the Hurricane Neo 3 Provincial Blue Sponge or the Hurricane 3 Provincial Blue Sponge? Thanks!

  24. Hi coach. Penhold player looking for new fh rubber. I’ve started from skyline 3 to skyline 3 neo to now sanwei target national. I hated tg3 but loved tg3 neo on my all wood blade, probably my best time. Now I’m using hao 3, but the tg3 already lost the boost I did on it. So I decided to try STN. Was good initially, great looping potential, but later found it too soft and the speed is not enough for me. I’m thinking about going back to dhs with skyline 2 neo or maybe skyline 3 neo again, but found that a lot of new penholders are just using h3 instead. What your opinion?

  25. Sanwei Target National blue sponge is a very heavy rubber. Keep this in mind, if you don’t like heavy racket. But in general, it’s a very good and cheap chineese sticky rubber.

  26. Hi i am using Butterfly rozena on my forehand and using tenergy 64 on the backhand, i like to use topspin alot what rubber should i use for my forhand? and i am also using a stiga classic allround blade should i change to a better one? i have been used the blade for maybe 3 years.

  27. Hi i am using Butterfly rozena on my forehand and using tenergy 64 on the backhand, i like to use topspin alot what rubber should i use for my forhand? and i am also using a stiga classic allround blade should i change to a better one? i have been used the blade for maybe 3 years.

  28. Great review and very useful. Where would Dignics 05 rank on your list? Also, how does it compare to Hurricane 3 national in shot quality? Thanks and keep up the good work!


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