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Best table tennis equipment for chopper

What are the blade and rubber recommendations for the chopper? Chopper is a defensive playing style in table tennis who relies on the spin, and the consistency to win the point.

What is the Chopper playing style?

The defensive chopper is a style of play where the player chops with very heavy underspin all the time. The opponent will often loop, but the loops are less dangerous because it’s hard to aggressively loop against heavy underspin. Often, it is a question of whether the attacker’s offense is better than the defense. Who is more stable, who is more consistent will win this battle?

There are many ways to beat chopper in table tennis, but the best way is to keep it simple, and make fewer mistakes.

Some choppers also twiddle the racket, switching from a smooth rubber to pimple rubber on it to confuse their opponents.

Ma Long vs. Joo Se-Hyuk is considered the best match between “an attacker” and “a chopper” in table tennis.

Best attacker vs best defender (Ma Long 马龙 vs Joo Sae-hyuk 朱世爀)

Best attacker vs best defender in table tennis
Watch this video: Best attacker vs best defender in table tennis

How to choose the best blade and rubber for Chopper

There are a few things going on with chopper equipment.

The best blade for a chopper

In the past, chopping blades were very thin, big, slow, and usually 3 or 5 ply. Newer blades might be faster or have carbon plies, but they can be hard to control the speed with because they’re so fast. If you want to chop and defend far from the table, the Donic Defplay Senso is probably the most common blade. It’s cheap, and this blade gives you a lot of control. Like the Koji Matsushita blade from the company Victa, which is made of a thin blade and can be used for chopping. Both aren’t very slow, and they get a lot of spins to defend far from the table.

Nittaku Large Chopper - blade for chopper in table tennis
Nittaku Large Chopper – blade for chopper in table tennis

Best forehand rubbers for chopper

The best forehand rubber is the inverted rubber. You need to attack with your forehand. During the old days, when choppers were called “classic,” they used very thin, slow rubbers. Things that are about 1.0mm to 1.5mm thick. If you can counter loop, you’re more likely to use rubbers that are thick and offensive. Even people who still chop on the forehand might use Butterfly Tenergy or DHS Hurricane 3.

Real DHS product vs Fake DHS Hurricane 3
Real DHS product vs Fake DHS Hurricane 3

For the modern trend in table tennis, you need a thicker sponge thickness. You should use the thickness of 1.9 to MAX (2.2 mm).

Best backhand rubber for chopper

Long pips are usually used to defend, but you can also use short pips or even inverted pips to do so.

Short pips are more comfortable to chop on (Short Pimple chopping is a lot more similar to inverted chopping than it is to Long Pimple chopping). In this case, the sponge is likely to be under the long pips.

Some best long pimple in table tennis
Some best long pimple in table tennis

Choose the right sponge for your pimple rubber

Sponge lets you put more backspin on a chop and push with more underspin.

How much sponge do you need? It varies. Some players think that the thinnest sponge, 0.5mm, is the best because it gives the beat more control.

Butterfly Feint Long
Butterfly Feint Long

But modern choppers like to attack more. They like thicker sponges (all their top choppers use TSP curl P1r in a 1.5 mm sponge).

If you want to learn how long pips work, though, you should start with 0.5mm. In the beginning, you can use any long pip that you can get your hands on. The sponge should be at least 1.5mm thick for inverted or short pip chopping. This way, you can put more spin on your chops and get a better cut.

Overall, chopping equipment is hard to use! You need time to get used to your equipment.

Choose the right handle/ grip

Chopper love using the Straight handle. It’s the best handle for the chopper, defensive playing style.

VICTAS Koji Matsushita
VICTAS Koji Matsushita

Best choppers players in the world

There are not many choppers in table tennis. Here is the list of best table tennis choppers:

  • 07 Chen Weixing
  • 06 Masato Shiono
  • 05 Wang Yang
  • 04 Ding Song
  • 03 Ma Te
  • 02 Hou Yingchao
  • 01 Joo Se-Hyuk

Joo Se-Hyuk is voted the best defender of all time.

Joo Se-Hyuk the best chopper in table tennis
Joo Se-Hyuk the best chopper in table tennis

The equipment of the professional choppers

Here is the list of the pro’s equipment – blade and rubber of the Pro choppers:

Filus Ruwen (Germany)

  • Blade: Butterfly custom allwood blade
  • Forehand Rubber: Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard
  • Backhand Rubber: Butterfly Feint Long III (Long pip)

MA Te (China)

Ma Te! Arguably the world’s best chopper! Since so many people wanted to know, he is using the Victas Offensive blade (straight handle), Hurricane 3 national team on his forehand and his backhand is long Pips with 1.5 mm sponge.

Ma Te equipment 2018
Ma Te equipment 2018
  • Blade: Yasaka Atletico Balance (straight handle)
  • Forehand Rubber: DHS Hurricane 3 (Blue sponge)
  • Backhand Rubber: Victas/TSP Curl (long pips)

HOU Yingchao (China)

  • Blade: DHS custom 08B blade (7-ply allwood blade)
  • Forehand Rubber: Dian Chi D (Hou Yingchao Ver.) 39 2.1
  • Backhand Rubber: TSP/Victas Spectol (custom 1.5 sponge) (short pip)

Female chopper

Here is the list of female table tennis choppers’ equipment.

Ma Te - Liu Fei - chopper defender (4)
Ma Te – Liu Fei – chopper defender (4)

LIU Fei (China)

  • Blade: DHS Custom Defesive Blade
  • Forehand Rubber: Victas V>15
  • Backhand Rubber: Victas/TSP Curl P-3 (~1.0-1.3 sponge)

Hitomi Sato (Japan)

  • Blade: Goriki Danshi
  • Forehand Rubber: DHS Hurricane 3 (Blue sponge)
  • Backhand Rubber: DO Knuckle (short pips)

Han Ying

  • Blade: Victas Koji Matsushita
  • Forehand Rubber: DHS Hurricane 3 (Orange Sponge)
  • Backhand Rubber: Victas/TSP Spectol

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