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Best Chinese Rubber for Backhand

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You already have the top 10 best backhand rubbers. Nowadays, the backhand rubbers used by the professional players are often the Japanese or ESN rubbers. Because of the backhand stroke mechanism, you need a bouncy and fast rubber. But some players asked me:

Hey coach, could you write something about possible Chinese backhand rubbers? There are quite a lot of interesting tensor-like Chinese rubbers on the market nowadays. They are attractive because of the prices.

Karkus asked about the best Chinese rubber for Backhand
Karkus asked about the best Chinese rubber for Backhand


High tension rubber (Butterfly) often used as an attacking medium-hard backhand rubber
High tension rubber (Butterfly) often used as an attacking medium-hard backhand rubber

Advantage of Chinese backhand rubbers

Yes, you are right. The main advantage of Chinese backhand rubbers is: cheap and consistent.

Chinese rubbers in general are very cheap, around 4 to 10 USD. And it is very spinny and consistent. You can play with the rubber for 6 months to 2 years, and the rubber’s characteristics are still the same. Here is an example that Chinese players get their full combo for only 40 USD. Very cheap but good table tennis set up. I think if you want to find budget equipment, then Chinese rubbers are the best solution.

Chinese young players often use cheap but consistent equipment for fast improvement
Chinese young players often use cheap but consistent equipment for fast improvement


I didn’t change my backhand rubbers since 2 years. So consistent!

The modern Chinese rubbers nowadays are often lighter than the older version. And it’s spinny and fast also. Not as bouncy as the Butterfly rubbers. You need a good acceleration anyway.

The main advantage of sticky chinese rubber is that it is very linear and consistent
The main advantage of sticky Chinese rubber is that it is very linear and consistent


good chinese backhand rubber which is light and hard
good Chinese backhand rubber which is light and hard

Very hard Chinese rubber, very cheap and excellent quality

Today, I just get an email from good Chinese players. Look at the subject of his email “Very hard Chinese rubber, very cheap and excellent quality”. He was so happy and satisfied with his backhand rubbers.

  • It costs only 4 USD.
  • Perfect rubbers for backhand
  • Very well engineered
best and cheap chinese rubber on the backhand side
best and cheap Chinese rubber on the backhand side

The best Chinese backhand rubbers

So you have a very good example of good and cheap Chinese rubber used on the backhand side. It’s the Iron Triangle – Thunderbolt (only 4 USD).

Chinese backhand rubbers nowadays are often light and fast with thinner top sheet
Chinese backhand rubbers nowadays are often light and fast with a thinner top sheet

So here is his full email.

Hi coach

How are you?
Currently I play regularly, and play very well
Consistently good at lower level of provincial level here. Still have some technical and situational strategical gaps and also some of shallow analysis and tactics, need serious coaching but that is fine for given time I have.
I use very hard rubbers now on Hurricane Long 5, very good rubber.
It is Iron Triangle – Thunderbolt, chinese rubber that costs only $4. I use both for FH and BH, black on FH, red on BH.
Surprisingly it is so well engineered. The perfect rubbers for me.
The black is harder and less bouncy and slightly less tacky, red is softer although more tacky but is more bouncy.
Thick topsheet, so shorter pimple, wide pimple with cylinder shape and very little space between pimples, linear sponge like globe not like dhs.
So it is very dense rubber on very hard rubber and linear compression characteristic. But it is slightly easier to spin than globe and even better. Better than globe and H2. Close your eyes and forget about the price, then you can feel the superiority. White sponge and very dense sponge, denser than H2 or globe sponge
Very high stability, high tolerance for chinese rubber, moderate throw angle, lower than globe but a bit higher than H2, pretty easy to be used compared to H2, a bit easier than globe, but rather tricky at the beginning. Better balls and very hard. Harder than H2 and globe 41 degree. No bottom out at all
Moderately easy to put ball on low power shots, very high consistency on medium to high power shots, really don’t feel like sponge is going to be maximally compressed. Never bottomed out so far even at very fast smash.
Minus thing is it is not on LARC yet
You should try it coach.
Now I play with Hurricane Long 5 or 506X (check price) with Iron Triangle – Thunderbolt (check price) on both sides, with thin haifu seamoon booster or very thin haifu whale 2 speed glue on 2 thick layer of yinhe or friendship water based glue
Warm regards,

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7 months ago

Hello Coach, thanks for the article. You mentioned some interesting rubbers there, although I can’t find the “Iron Triangle – Thunderbolt” on the internet. I had a long break with table tennis. European and Japanese tt equipment was always expensive, but the current prices for Butterfly products are really insane. My set up at the moment is Stiga Clipper, H3Neo (fh) and Skyline 3-60 (mid-hard) (bh). I always liked tacky and hard to mid-hard rubbers. I like the linear feeling these rubbers give when you have an aggressive topspin style. Some other Chinese rubbers with ok prices and backhand potential… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by Markus
Reply to  Markus
7 months ago

Hi Markus It is true as explained by coach, new chinese rubbers are light and pretty fast, although they are not similar in regard vibration and trait to euro or jap rubber. The manufacturing process of chinese rubber is unique and also the sponge is still very dense compared to euro or jap rubber. In my opinion, it depends on yourself perceiving backhand rubber and backhand mechanism and trait of yourself. See chinese player who is successful on chinese rubber on backhand side, Wang ChuQin. His backhand stroke is quite different to other player. He use more of his shoulder… Read more »

Reply to  Stephen
7 months ago

Hi Stephen, thanks for your long reply, but actually I don’t quite understand how it relates to my initial post. 😉

7 months ago

Hi, can you say a good forehand rubbers for modern defensive style

6 months ago

There are always exceptions to the rule, coach EmRatThich ?
It seems, a DHS T3 blue sponge on the BH of Liang Jingkun. Unbelieveable BH in set 2.

Last edited 6 months ago by job
5 months ago

Hi coach, would these backhand chinese rubbers also need to be boosted?

Reply to  Coach EmRatThich
5 months ago

Ok, perfect. Thank you coach, much appreciated. Since I’m fairly new and still working on fine tuning my mechanics – your pointers have greatly helped. Lou.

Nguyễn Hoàng Luân
Nguyễn Hoàng Luân
3 months ago

Hi Coach,

I’m Luan, from Vietnam.
Do you know where can I buy this rubber (iron triangle thunderbolt) ? I search in Amazon, but I cannot find anything.

Luan Nguyen

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