Best 5 Tips to Improve Fast in Table Tennis

Improve fast with Chinese training in table tennis

If you don’t know how to train efficiently, then you cannot improve fast in table tennis even after years of training. Today coach EmRatThich explain you the best 5 tips to develop your table tennis skills using the Chinese training.

Many of us have trained from years to years, but we don’t improve or improve slowly. Why the Chinese kids just learned table tennis for 2 years and they improve so fast. Why? You also train in a table tennis club with a coach, but it seems your level can’t grow up. Not many Western coaches know how to coach correctly. To improve fast, the coach and the player must understand the PRINCIPLES of table tennis.

5 Tips from Chinese coach to improve quickly in table tennis

  1. Focus on “feeling”
  2. Hit by the legs
  3. Fix the hitting position
  4. Relax, Explode and then Relax
  5. Learn the tactics in table tennis

Today, there are 5 TIPS that help you improve fast in table tennis. Take time and apply it in your training routine, your table tennis will level up quickly!



The feeling is the first principle in table tennis in Chinese philosophy. The feeling is the way you make the ball spin. Some of us just hit the ball without the feeling of the spin. So the quality of this shot is low as you don’t control the spin. So the simple way to improve the feeling is: do multi-ball like this kid. Try to impact the ball, and “focus on the feeling”, the spin of the ball. This way, you can improve the mechanism of the stroke too.

So please remember, the feeling is the most important, and when you master the feeling, now you can try to hit hard, harder. Don’t hit hard without the feeling of the ball. If you had a bad habit, bad mechanism of the stroke, you should correct it now by focusing on the feeling. Try to do the simple exercises; focus on the spin. This way will help you improve the control. You will discover your own way to spin the ball.


The second PRINCIPLE in table tennis that Chinese emphasize is “hit by the legs”. Most western players are taught to hit with the arm, but Chinese says “hit by the legs”. By hitting with the legs, the whole body will also be used in the stroke: this way the stroke is stronger and much more consistent. This is the secret why Chinese players can hit very hard as they hit the ball with the bigger stroke, a full mechanism is developed.

In China, they also fix the elbow, they don’t let the players move freely their forearm. This way will force the players to use his legs, to move and hit by rotating the body. This is the best mechanism of hitting in table tennis. You should also learn that. This training will correct your bad mechanism and improve the consistency and also the power of the stroke.

Look at the video; they rotate the body to hit the ball. Their arm/forearm moves just a little. So remember this: the arm is just a tool to transfer the power to the ball, the body, legs are used to generate the power. You don’t need to rotate the forearm to hit the ball, but you should rotate the body. Because rotating the body is easier, faster and stronger than rotate the forearm/elbow. Remember this, and your table tennis will go up fast.


I’ve asked my players that “Where should you hit the ball?”. They just don’t know exactly where they should hit the ball. They answered that they just hit the ball at the position based on his habit. So each time, they will hit the ball at a different position, and the consistency of the stroke will therefore decrease. It’s not a good way to develop your table tennis skill. You should know exactly, where you hit the ball.

Look at the video, the coach has asked their students: “Wait for the ball, and fix a position before hitting”. By doing this exercise several times, you form a good habit, a good mechanism of hitting the ball. Each time, you hit at the same position, so the consistency, the quality is always the best. Please remember: Wait for the optimal position before hitting the ball. You have the time. Don’t hit fast and miss the ball. Don’t hit fast and don’t know where you hit the ball.


I have many students. And I know that you can have the same problem of my students. You are normally too tense during the match. Table tennis doesn’t need that. It’s not necessary. The correct way is: Relax, Explode at the moment of hitting and relax again. If you are too tense, the feeling decreases, the speed decreases, and you won’t move faster. You should film yourself by a camera, and you will notice that you are very tense.

Look at this video, Zhang Jike does the right way: Relax before hitting, explode, and Relax right away. He is very flexible, he jumps, and all of his body is very soft, flexible. Now focus on the face of Zhang Jike, you will know the moment he applied the force (the face muscle is tense) and right after the stroke, his face returns normally so his muscle is in the relax mode. Explosiveness needs a recovery phase. So please remember, let the body relax right after the stroke in every situation. You are quicker and faster in table tennis in this way. RELAX, EXPLODE and RELAX! 3 steps!


By learning the tactics, you know where you should hit the ball to: to the opponent Forehand, middle, Backhand, or you should hit long, or short. Tactics help you to shut down the opponent strength, and force him to play in your style.

You should find a good coach: he will help you correct the techniques and learn the tactics. If you can’t find a coach, learn on the internet. I will be your coach. My coaching videos help you counter various playing style. In this video, a model coach in China is presented: coach Gu in Beijing Table Tennis School.


If you want to watch more table tennis tutorials, go to my YouTube channel. You should also want to learn to play power backhand topspin against underspin ball. Another very good tutorial video focuses on the new Backhand Flick performed by Zhang Jike.


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