Bad manner serve in table tennis (Study Case)

In table tennis, as in any sport, you need to be Fairplay. Win or lose is important. But the way that you behave is more important. And when you are a professional player, you need to react correctly.

Study case of Ľubomír Pištej

In this video, I want to show you a study case of Ľubomír Pištej.

I don’t like this player. His behavior is not professional. For me, it is not acceptable for a professional player to react like this.

Unsportmanship in table tennis
Unsportsmanship in table tennis

Look at the score, Fan Zhendong has won 10-0. And Pistel just reacts non-professional. Ľubomír Pištej has served when the opponent is not ready. This is a “bad manner” serve.

He served when Fan Zhendong is not ready.

Pistel behavior after loosing 11-0 in an official match
Pistel behavior after losing 11-0 in an official match

And again. Bad manner serve.

This is not the first time that he did the bad manner serve. Pistel served when Tomokazu was not ready. He became so confused.

Tomokazu Harimoto vs Lubomir Pistej _ MS _ WC2017
Tomokazu Harimoto vs Lubomir Pistej _ MS _ WC2017

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