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Backhand push technique with a lot of spin

You can win a lot with a good push. Hello, welcome back to PingSunday. Let’s learn the right technique for the good backhand push!

You can win a lot of people, with just a super spinny and fast push. It’s a good weapon in table tennis that helps you win more.

Today coach EmRatThich will summarize the basic concept. The technique is illustrated by the Chinese coach.

Backhand push with heavy underspin

I would like to emphasize to everyone that a good push is very important.

It’s like the serve, it’s the basic technique, but it’s VERY important. If you master this skill, then you can win a lot of people. Take your time to learn a good and spinny push.

backhand push technique with underspin
backhand push technique with underspin

Now let’s see the effect of the push. It should have a lot of backspin (underspin).

And look at the ground, when the ball touches the ground, it should come back (due to the underspin).

Use the right leg

Which legs should you use for the backhand push?

Right leg! Right! Exactly!

Use the right leg
Use the right leg

Use the right leg to step it. And use it for the long push, or even the short push.

Use your index and thumb

You need to transfer the force by using the index and the thumb finger. At the moment of contact, the thumb fingers should be hard, squeezed on the racket.

Use the index finger
Use the index finger

This is the common error of many players, especially the amateur player. That the racket is not flat enough. So if you hold the racket like this, how can you impact a good underspin push?

Watch this video

You can win a lot with a good backhand push

Watch this video.

Push with flat racket

You should put your racket flat, no matter the spin of the opponent. Then your underspin will overcome the spin of the opponent. Use the acceleration to generate a lot of spin.

Use flat racket angle
Use flat racket angle

Look at me, the center of gravity is slow.

Then I use the wrist after catching the ball. I need to fix the wrist to generate the force, and to reduce the mistake. Harden your wrist.

Yes, get into the position. Look at me.

Lower your stance
Lower your stance

It’s not a fool to lay down on the table. Don’t worry. Flat! Flatter the racket.

Good. Look at this ball! It has a strong backspin! Good! Good! As long as the opponent can’t attack your push, then you are good.

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