How to Backhand Flick in Table Tennis

backhand flick technique table tennis

Coach EmRatThich explains to you how to do a strong backhand flick in table tennis based on a tutorial of Zhao Yiyi from the chuantt website. This backhand technique is becoming the standard stroke in table tennis nowadays. It is used to attack the short ball, with topspin or underspin at your backhand side. This tutorial is in the series of fundamental table tennis lessons” explained by coach EmRatThich.


  1. Watch the ball closely. Lift your elbow. You must lift and put your elbow forward. If you keep your elbow close to your body, you can’t use your elbow as the axis of rotation. By putting the elbow forward, you can now easier to turn back the wrist toward your body. This step is crucial to make a good impact to your backhand flick.
  2. Step toward the table, put the elbow up and forward, turn the wrist maximum so the blade points to your body. Relax the grip, and accelerate when the ball is at the highest position.
  3. Hold the racket loosely. Loosen grip helps you turn back your racket easily. Prepare well for the stroke, and accelerate at the moment. Flip the ball at its highest position. Look at my video about timing in table tennis. Turn back the wrist so the racket head can point to your body. If you can’t do that, it means that you hold your racket too firmly. Relax more.
  4. Accelerate and brush the ball at it’s highest position. If you are too far from the table, you can miss the good timing to flip the ball. The closer you get to the ball, the better chance that you can hit it properly and impact a good power.

This technique sometimes is called as backhand banana flip. To attack the short ball on your forehand side, you can use the forehand flick technique.

If you struggle with the backspin ball (you can’t attack the underspin ball with your backhand), read Ma Long backhand’s technique.

This backhand flick technique is the traditional technique: “banana flick” or “Chiquita flick”. Do you know the new backhand flick technique “boomerang flick”?

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  1. Gud pm coach emrathich, just want to know that because of this video my bh flick has improved a lot, ty very much. I’m from the Philippines and in an class b player. Just want to ask that I’m tenergy 80 for my bh and donic bluefire m2 for my ft. Is that enough or do I need to change my rubber? BTW, I’m using a donic black devil balsa carbon blade. Tnx and I’ll w8 for ur reply.

  2. wow, black devil balsa is a very hard blade. It is for close to the table blocking style. Your rubber is OK, but your blade is too fast, so less spin and difficult to make a short ball.

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