Chinese Table Tennis: Liu Guoliang Comments in Trial WTTC 2017

Chinese Table Tennis: Liu Guoliang comments

During the Last Stage of Chinese Table Tennis Trials 2017, Liu Guoliang (Head Coach of Chinese Table Tennis National Team) is disappointed about the performances of the Chinese players (Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong, Fang Bo, Xu Chenhao, Liu Dingshuo, Zhou Yu, Wang Chuqin, Yu Ziyang). He gives comments for the matches of each player. He said, “You only have … Read more


How to Get More Spin in Table Tennis

get more spin in table tennis

Today, I talk about “How to get more spin in your table tennis shots: serve, loop, push, forehand topspin, backhand flip, topspin serve, etc. Spin is the “heart” of this sport. When you master the “spin” in table tennis, your tablet tennis level increases dramatically. Without spin, table tennis is no longer table tennis. Professional table tennis players … Read more


5 Steps to Do Backhand Loop Table Tennis – Ma Long’s technique

Ma Long backhand loop training

How to Play a Backhand Loop in Table Tennis? In the history of table tennis, there are only a few players that can consistently use the backhand attack the backspin ball of a chopper. They are Werner Schlager, Kalinikos Kreanga, Karakasevic and Wang Hao. Even the backhand dominant player like Zhang Jike and Ovtcharov, they always use the forehand to attack the backspin ball … Read more


Forehand Loop against heavy backspin

Ma Long forehand technique

How to Forehand Loop Against Backspin In Table Tennis? Many players really struggle hitting the forehand topspin shot against a chop/slice. They know how to swing up, but don’t know how to loop powerful (to loop kill the underspin ball). I will show you the best tips to forehand loop against the backspin ball with Chinese Forehand Style. We … Read more


How To Hold a Table Tennis Racket

table tennis grip

What does a correct table tennis grip look like? “Holding a table tennis bat” is the first table tennis lesson. Having a good grip in table tennis is crucial as it allows you to optimize your technique. Without a correct grip, you cannot do the strokes correctly and never improve to a high level of table … Read more


How to play Forehand Topspin Technique

How to forehand topspin in table tennis correctly

The forehand topspin table tennis technique is one of the most fundamental techniques in table tennis. In this tutorial, let’s learn the forehand topspin (or forehand loop) The old Forehand Topspin technique Normally, we are taught in the table tennis club to loop the ball by the “old” technique. That means: turn the forearm back, … Read more


The Truth about Chinese Rubbers

The truth about Chinese rubber

I have many questions about “where to buy a real Chinese rubber?” and “what is the best Chinese rubber to buy”. Today, I want to explain what is the best table tennis rubber for you and some myths about the Chinese rubbers that top Chinese players use. If you are using European rubbers, and want to change to Chinese rubbers, you should … Read more


Free Table Tennis Shoes Giveaway

table tennis shoes giveaway

What are the best table tennis shoes? Many of us (table tennis players) have focused a lot on equipment (rubbers and blades). But you should also take care of your feet by purchasing good table tennis shoes. Welcome to “PingSunday.com“, the official blog of coach EmRatThich. I explain to you the best table tennis shoes … Read more


Boomerang Flick in table tennis (Zhang Jike’s technique)

Zhang Jike Strawberry backhand flick techniques

You may know backhand “banana flick” or “chiquita flick”. But have you heard about the “Boomerang Flick” (Strawberry flick) in table tennis? Today, I will show you a training session of Zhang Jike and the China Head Coach Liu Guoliang. What is the “boomerang” flick in table tennis? In fact, the “boomerang” flick is the pure … Read more


Easy step to backhand loop against backspin ball

Backhand loop technique tutorial

The backhand loop technique is the basic skill in ping pong. Not many amateur players know how to do this technique. Let’s learn this stroke with the help of a Chinese coach. What exactly is a backhand loop in table tennis? Backhand loop against underspin ball is the basic technique in table tennis that every … Read more


Understand the principle of forehand pendulum serve

Forehand pendulum serve tutorial

Today, we will learn one of the most common serves in table tennis “the forehand pendulum serve”. This service is so popular because with slight adjustments it can make underspin, sidespin, topspin, or no-spin, while the stroke will look quite similar. This service is used to put pressure on the opponent. What is the pendulum serve? … Read more


How to play backhand topspin technique

backhand topspin techniques in table tennis

You can’t survive in modern table tennis without a good backhand topspin or backhand drive technique. Coach EmRatThich gives you the best 3 tips to perform the aggressive backhand attack. This stroke is not as powerful as the forehand topspin, but it’s a quick attack close to the table. Backhand topspin vs backhand loop In general, backhand … Read more


Backhand flick technique in table tennis with Chinese coach

Backhand flick technique tutorial

Coach EmRatThich explains to you how to do a strong backhand flick in table tennis based on a tutorial of Zhao Yiyi from the chuantt website. This backhand technique is becoming the standard stroke in table tennis nowadays. Why backhand flick is so important? It is used to attack the short ball, with topspin or underspin at … Read more