Table Tennis Review Technology: Game Changer

ITTF Hawk Eye Technology

This is the first time in table tennis history, ITTF used the “Hawk-Eye” technology in an international competition. This will be great news for many players! And also important news for players around the world! If you are relying on “tricky serve”, or “illegal serve”, watch out! This could be a game-changer! TTR Hawk-Eye Technology … Read more

07 Important Hand Signals for Doubles Games

Hand Signals in Double Games

Welcome back to PingSunday, the best place to learn table tennis. Today, let’s discuss the hand signals for doubles in table tennis. Is it the same for everyone? Is there any convention, a universal signal used by the pro players? And which one should you use? A player from Jakarta, Indonesia: “Dear coach, I’m new … Read more

Good Black Friday Table Tennis Deals 2019

Black Friday Deals in Table Tennis

Are you ready for some good deals Black Friday this year? Here are the best early table tennis deals for Black Friday 2019 (started Friday, November 29). Like last year’s promotion, this year there are some interesting deals. Black Friday Deals at Use promo code BLACK19 for additional discounts on most robots, tables, blades, … Read more

Is Maharu Yoshimura serve legal?

Timo Boll has a hard time to read Yoshimura's serve

In the previous article “Why Yoshimura Serve is so effective?”, there are many opposing opinions. Some said Yoshimura serve is legal. Other players don’t agree. Today we talk about the “Upside-down service” of Yoshimura. Is it really effective? And is this service really illegal? If you don’t know the serving rule, I recommend you read … Read more

The Secret of Yoshimura’s Serve

The Secret of Yoshimura's Serve

Welcome back to PingSunday, the best place to learn table tennis. Today, we talk about the “Secret of Yoshimura’s serve”. His serve is very spinny and deceptive. Recently, in the Zen-Noh 2019 Team World Cup, Timo Boll has lost to Maharu Yoshimura 3-0 (11-7, 11-9, 13-11). Yoshimura has won a lot of points directly with … Read more

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