Where to buy real Double Happiness DHS products

Some real DHS products

In the previous article, we have talked about the National version of Hurricane 3. I recommend you just buy a normal version, which is much cheaper. Today, I will share with you my experiences of buying real and legit Double Happiness products. There are many fake DHS products But a problem with Chinese rubbers is … Read more


Buying National DHS Hurricane 3 version

National Hurricane 3 rubber - honest review

Should I buy the national Hurricane 3 rubber? The myth about the National and Provincial Hurricane 3 I have explained the 3 myths about Chinese table tennis rubbers. You can search “The truth about Chinese rubbers pingsunday” on Google to read it. Or you can watch this video. Today, I will answer your question: Is … Read more


Ma Long equipment and playing style

Ma Long's backhand rubber at World Team Table Tennis Championship 2012

Coach EmRatThich explains the secret of Ma Long’s equipment. Ma Long’s personal blade is the DHS code W968. Is this blade similar to DHS Hurricane Long 5? Ma Long biography Ma Long is considered one of the best, or even the best table tennis player in history. He is the 5th Grand Slam table tennis player, just … Read more


About Borussia Düsseldorf Club

Borussia Düsseldorf - professional table tennis club

About Borussia Düsseldorf Club – one of the best table tennis clubs in the world. About the club Düsseldorf, Germany Founded in 1949 As far as German Bundesliga teams go, Borussia Düsseldorf is the most successful of all time. In 1961, the club won its first Bundesliga championship. Table tennis stars like Timo Boll, Vladimir … Read more


How to coach in table tennis

Know how to analysis the performance

Every table tennis players know that having a professional coach is a must. Their role is very important. If you want to become a good table tennis coach, here are my tips. How to coach in table tennis There are some things that make a great professional coach. A good coach is optimistic, enthusiastic, supportive, … Read more


LeBrun brothers – new hope for Europe

Many Gold medal for Alexis and Felix

The LEBRUN brothers were born in Sudie, in Montpellier in the year of grace 2003 (Alexis) then 2006 (Félix). Family tradition obliges, their mother to give birth, not classically on an obstetrical table, but lying on a Butterfly table. Their father Stéphane cutting each time, with dexterity, and without firing a shot, the umbilical cord … Read more


Best Table Tennis Return Board (Amazing Tools)

Return board with 2 boards

Return boards are great for practicing for tournaments or to beat your friends, but they’re also great for those who just want to get better at table tennis. A return board is an uncommon training tool; many players have never even heard of it. You can still use them to support your training, however. What … Read more


MIZUTANI Jun is officially retired

Gold medallist Jun Mizutani has called time on his magical career

When it was announced that her Olympic Mixed Doubles partner Jun Mizutani will be retiring, Mima Ito had some kind words to share. Mima Ito is so sad Table Tennis legend Jun Mizutani has announced his retirement. Jun Mizutani, one of Japan’s greatest table tennis players, has announced his retirement from international competition. On February … Read more


Boll Mezzoforte Review – very good all-round blade

Butterfly Boll Mezzoforte - Flared Handle

Boll Mezzoforte Review – very good all-round blade. Boll Mezzoforte The Boll Mezzoforte may be played in any scenario thanks to its modest weight, moderate speed, and easy handling. Its medium hardness allows for a long ball dwell time, making it easier to spin the ball and allowing for a wide range of playing techniques. … Read more


Butterfly Falcima Review – Great blade for beginners

Butterfly Falcima good blade for beginner

Butterfly Falcima Blade coming on March 1st, 2022. It’s a very good blade for beginners. Butterfly Falcima New 5-ply all-wood Butterfly Falcima blade. The Falcima offers great bounce and stability. This blade’s moderate weight makes it easy to swing and produce power. The Falcima offers great bounce and stability. Ply: 5W Blade Thickness: 6.0mm Blade … Read more


Butterfly Timo Boll CAF review

Timo Boll CAF

The Timo Boll CAF includes a novel carbon fiber called “control assist fiber”, which combines greater stability, precision, and responsiveness. The 5 ply blade is recommended for players seeking a high ball dwell time special fiber blade. Butterfly Timo Boll CAF Initially, it’s a mix of wood and carbon. Mixture of Stiga Allround Classic and … Read more


Butterfly Lin Gaoyuan ALC Review

Lin Gaoyuan ALC

Butterfly Lin Gaoyuan ALC Review. Amazing blade. It’s 83g-90g. A quick but soft blade due to the ALC layers. I recommend this blade to anyone searching for a rapid blade with a soft feel. World-class quality. Tenergy 05fx for control-oriented gameplay, Tenergy 05 Hard for a faster game, and Andro Rasanter R42 for mid-distance attacking … Read more


WTT Singapore Smash 2022

WTT Smash

With the first-ever men’s and women’s singles line-ups for Singapore Smash unveiled today, the greatest players in the world will converge on the city from March 7-20, 2022. Fan Zhendong and Ma Long at WTT Smash 2022 WTT Cup Finals Singapore is where Fan Zhendong clinched the year-end championship three months ago when he defeated … Read more


Very good coaching videos for table tennis (Nam Do)

Nam Do - YouTube

There are many good YouTube channels for coaching videos. Timo Boll Webcoach One of the best coaching videos is from Timo Boll. You can search his channel by searching “Timo Boll Webcoach”. Timo Boll is the top professional player. His coaching advice is precious. Here is the official channel of Timo Boll: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLWPXg37Nt-R7gmLcVMx0gA Nam Do … Read more


Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Review – the best Butterfly blade

Butterfly Timo Boll ALC review

Review of Timo Boll ALC, one of the best blades of Butterfly. People who are good at table tennis use the Timo Boll ALC blade, and it’s one of the most popular blades out there. So much so that even after several years, it is still a top-notch blade. In fact, it’s one of the … Read more