Andrej Gacina will play in France

Fouras table tennis club with Loic

Andrej Gacina, WTT ranking 22nd, will play in France in the next season. He will play in National 1 with Fouras. Andrej’s equipment is sponsored by Butterfly. Andrej Gacina will be ranked number 1 in France Gacina, 35, was at the end of his contract with the Italian club Apuania Carrara, European champions (C2). Recent … Read more


Butterfly Revoldia CNF review – first nanofiber blade

Revoldia blade

Butterfly Revoldia is the new blade from Butterfly. This is the first blade that features cellulose nanofiber. This technology is called CNF (Cellulose nanofiber). What is CNF technology? The Butterfly Revoldia CNF offers a revolutionary blade fabrication technology. Unlike traditional carbon, ALC, TAMCA, or ZLC fibers, this revolutionary fiber sets a new benchmark for blade … Read more


Alexis Lebrun – the new World youth leader

Alexis Lebrun - n1 youth

This year’s World Youth No.1 is Alexis Lebrun, who hails from France. His little brother (Felix Lebrun) is also a very good player – one of the best penholders in Europe. Tomokazu Harimoto and Alexis Lebrun, who is better? Tomokazu Harimoto has been dethroned by Lebrun as the world’s finest young athlete, kicking off a … Read more


Gacina Andrej equipment and playing style

Andrej Gacina is using Butterfly equipment (1)

Croatian table tennis player Gacina Andrej (born May 21, 1986, in Zadar, former Yugoslavia now Croatia) Apuania Carrara (Italy), and TT TEAM (Ukraine) are his current teams. As a member of Croatia’s national team, he won silver in 2007 and bronze in 2014 at the European Championships in men’s doubles. About Two-time Mediterranean Games silver … Read more


What is the World Table Tennis Day? (WTTD)

World Table Tennis Day

Today is International Table Tennis Day. Since 2015, the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSP) and World Table Tennis Day (WTTD) have been held on April 6 annually. On this day, we honor the sport of table tennis and all it stands for universality and social inclusion. World Table Tennis Day World Table Tennis Day (WTTD) is … Read more


Difference between Hurricane 3 and Hurricane 8 and Tenergy 05

DHS Hurricane 8 - a good alternatif of Hurricane 3

What is the difference between Hurricane 3 and Hurricane 8 and Tenergy 05? Which one is better? Let’s review it with coach EmRatThich. I’m extremely interested in trying out the new blade and rubber, and I’ll do so if I have the chance. This time I used Hurricane 8 rubber, which is a little stronger, … Read more


How to apply power from the ground to backhand side

Generate the power by using your legs for the forehand

Hello, Welcome back to PingSunday, I’m EmRatThich. How to apply the Power From The Ground concept for the backhand topspin? What is Power From the Ground? “Power from the ground” is a very famous concept in table tennis. It’s the way to generate the power, by using the legs. How to apply this concept? Philipp … Read more


How to Improve Your Consistency in table tennis

Don't hit too hard to improve the consistency

How to Improve Your Consistency in table tennis Hello, I’m EmRatThich. Welcome back to PingSunday, the best place to learn table tennis. The ability to play consistently and to make fewer mistakes is critical for players of all skill levels. Your ability to develop and progress your game will be greatly enhanced if you are … Read more


How to add more spin in your backhand flick

add more spin to backhand flick

Welcome back to PingSunday, the best place to learn table tennis. Today, we will improve the most important backhand technique in table tennis: The backhand flick. These are the coaching tips from the Chinese national team. Backhand flick with a pendulum rotation of the wrist. This is the special skill of Zhang Jike. His backhand … Read more


Ma Long, Xu Xin at WTT Grand Smash Singapore 2022

Ma Long Xu Xin WTT

WTT Singapore Grand Smash singles champion will be directly connected to the National Table Tennis Asian Games lineup. Today, the first WTT Grand Smash qualifying tournament in Singapore officially started. The Chinese Table Tennis Association released a draft of the selection method for the Asian Games of the table tennis event on its official website. … Read more


Help Lily Zhang in attending 2022 WTT Events

Fundraiser by Hailong Shen _ SUPPORT Lily Zhang in attending 2022 WTT Events

Professional table tennis players need help to participate in WTT events. Nowadays, everything becomes more and more expensive. Professional table tennis wants to maintain the WTT world ranking, but the fee is too much. Lily Zhang needs your help Lily Zhang is a professional table tennis player in the United States. Lily’s home club Table … Read more


Darko Jorgic equipment and playing style

Darko - the new king of Europe table tennis

Darko Jorgic (born July 30, 1998, in Hrastnik, Slovenia) is a Slovenian table tennis player who competes internationally. He represent his country at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, which will take place in 2020. He is considered one of the best backhand players in table tennis. Recently, he is the European champion in 2022 … Read more


Ma Long slow-motion forehand analysis

Hit forward and power from the ground

Ma Long’s forehand is very consistent and powerful. Let’s analyze Ma Long’s forehand technique in slow-motion. Why Ma Long’s forehand is so consistent? Ma Long’s forehand is so consistent because of his longer forehand stroke and his specific hard forehand rubber. His equipment is designed to fit his forehand stroke. Ma Long’s forehand slow-motion Ma … Read more


Emmanuel Lebesson equipment and playing style

France’s Lebesson and Yuan claim mixed doubles title

Emmanuel Lebesson (born April 24, 1988) is a French table tennis player. He will compete in the men’s singles and as a member of the French team in the men’s team at the Summer Games in 2016 and 2020. He won the European Championship in men’s singles in October 2016, defeating compatriot Simon Gauzy in … Read more


Butterfly Maze Performance – very good all-wood blade

Maze Performance

Butterfly Maze Performance Review – Fast, all-wood blade. It’s a light and easy-to-use all-wood blade. Maze Performance This is a very good blade with a soft feeling because of Limba’s outer layer. Easy to use and to spin the ball. If you like the topspin, then this blade is for you.   Light and easy … Read more