Best Chinese Rubber for Backhand

best chinese backhand rubber

You already have the top 10 best backhand rubbers. Nowadays, the backhand rubbers used by the professional players are often the Japanese or ESN rubbers. Because of the backhand stroke mechanism, you need a bouncy and fast rubber. But some players asked me: Hey coach, could you write something about possible Chinese backhand rubbers? There … Read more

Summer Training Camp in Germany

training camp at table tennis academy Germany

I’ve promoted the Shanghai summer training camp. This year, due to the Covid, the training camp in China is postponed. But you can attend the table tennis training camp in Europe, especially in Germany. Summer Training Camp table tennis Club: Topspin Sports Performance Table Tennis Academy Country: Germany Dates: 06 July – 31 July 2020 … Read more

Best Table Tennis Robots

the most intelligent robot that you can buy in table tennis

The most intelligent robot that you can buy in table tennis. Today, we will talk about the 3 types of table tennis robots. And finally, I introduce the best table tennis training tool on the market right now. Do you need a table tennis robot? Welcome back to PingSunday. Nowadays, playing with a robot is … Read more

Top 5 Table Tennis Serve

5 killer table tennis serves to destroy your opponent

Welcome back to PingSunday, today we will discuss about the top 5 serve (or service) in table tennis. The 5 Killer Serve in table tennis to destroy your opponent. If you think you have a good serve, then watch this. This serve is illegal. You are not allowed to do that. If you don’t know … Read more

How many levels in table tennis

how many levels are there in table tennis

How many levels are there in table tennis? 2, 3 or 4? And how to improve your level? Welcome back to PingSunday, and I’m EmRatThich. Today, let’s talk about the levels and skills in table tennis. 5 levels in table tennis So how many levels are there in table tennis? In my opinion, we can … Read more

Table Tennis Forum PingSunday

ask a question

Hello, Our Table Tennis Forum is Live! This is the place for us (table tennis players) to: Discuss, ask for opinion about any table tennis equipments Ask for free table tennis coaching advice Review with many players about equipments, coaching, playing styles, techniques, etc. See you there.   Here are some short video, I answered … Read more

Special Rules of Table Tennis in Olympics Tokyo 2021

Special Rules for Table Tennis in Olympics

Table Tennis Olympics is the most prestigious tournament (Games of the XXXII Olympiad, Tokyo 2021). Therefore, there are some specific rules that you should know. Unlike the normal tournament, there are some different rules than the basic rules in table tennis. Qualification Rules There are limit of participants allowed in Olympic Games table tennis. Here … Read more

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