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Andrej Gacina will play in France

Andrej Gacina, WTT ranking 22nd, will play in France in the next season. He will play in National 1 with Fouras. Andrej’s equipment is sponsored by Butterfly.

Andrej Gacina will be ranked number 1 in France

Gacina, 35, was at the end of his contract with the Italian club Apuania Carrara, European champions (C2). Recent winner of the WTT star contender tournament in Doha, he could be, until the end of the transfer period which has just opened, the number 1 in the French federal ranking, ahead of Simon Gauzy (23rd in the world).

Andrej Gacina and Fang Bo
Andrej Gacina and Fang Bo

Andrej Gacina will play in Fouras

The Croatian Andrej Gacina has been recruited by Fouras (Charente-Maritime), in National 1. He is currently ranked number 1 in France.

Fouras is playing in National 1
Fouras is playing in National 1

Will he play all the games? No. The most important games and the play off if club Fouras manage to qualify (to jump to the Pro B).

Where is Fouras table tennis club?

Fouras, 4,000 inhabitants and a table tennis team in National 1 (third level of Championship), has just made a spectacular move: Andrej Gacina, 22nd in the world, has signed a contract for next season with the Charente-Maritime club, which has ambitions to move up to Pro B.

Andrej Gacina will be accompanied in Fouras (240 000 euros budget) by Paul Gauzy (Simon’s brother), coming from Nantes, Loïc Bobillier and Damien Provost.

Fouras table tennis club with Loic
Fouras table tennis club with Loïc Bobillier


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