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Anastasiia Rybka Beautiful table tennis player

I would like to present a beautiful player in table tennis. Her name is Anastasiia Rybka.

About Anastasiia Rybka

She is from Ukraine.  Now she has moved to the USA. She is also a table tennis coach in LA, Texas United States. 

Follow her on Insta: @anastasiarybka_ml

Anastasiia Rybka
Anastasiia Rybka

Anastasiia Rybka | Country: Ukraine | Date of Birth: 25.03.1993 |

ITTF best rank 515 (01.09.2011).

Anastasia moved to the U.S. from Ukraine in 2014 and graduated from Texas Wesleyan University. In 2017, she moved to Los Angeles and is currently headlining events with Pongstarz pro players. Anastasia competes internationally and is now considered one of the best female players in Los Angeles.

She has a very fast game and is amazing to watch in an exhibition. Anastasia has headlined numerous Pongstarz shows with Kim gilbert for GBK Productions and their Celebrity Gifting Lounges held at the MTV Movie Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Grammy Awards, and many more.

This is an amazing video that Adam Bobrow has played with coach Anastasiia

Adam vs. Anastasiia

Watch this video.


She also headlines the Annual Pongstarz Pacific City Beach Pong Festival and the Making Strides events celebrity benefits for the American Cancer Society.

Coaching profile of Anastasiia Rybka

Actually, she is the coach of Gilbert table tennis center. Anastasiia began playing table tennis at age 9. She was the best player in her age group in Ukraine and represented the Ukrainian cadet and junior national teams in the European Youth Championships. At 16, she was ranked #3 in Ukraine.

At 18, she became the country’s absolute champion, winning gold in every category. Anastasiia also played in European Cups for Ukraine’s top club “NORD.” Rybka studied Physical Education and Sport in her native country. In 2014, she relocated to America. A graduate of Texas Wesleyan University, her US career began there. Her Texas table tennis team won the National Collegiate Championship. She also won women’s doubles and singles. In 2015-2016, Rybka was named MVP twice.

Anastasiia began instructing while in America because she was a professional table tennis player. While in Texas, she helped children in a tutoring center, adults in a table tennis club and Paralympic athletes prepare for the Paralympic Games. As of 2017, she has been coaching both youngsters and adults at Gilbert Table Tennis Club. Sign up for classes to learn new skills, improve your game, and keep fit.

Anastasiia’s equipment

She is using a Butterfly Korbel blade.

Butterfly Korbel
Butterfly Korbel

Her forehand rubber is the Tihbar MX-P (Since her club is sponsored by Tihbar)

Her backhand rubber is Tihbar MX-S Max.

Anastasia: Beautiful table tennis player

This is my video about her:

Anastasia: Beautiful table tennis player

Watch this video.


Here are some of her wonderful moments:





Anastasiia Rybka
Anastasiia Rybka

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