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Alexis Lebrun’s equipment and playing style

What is Alexis Lebrun’s equipment and playing style?

What is the playing style of Alexis Lebrun?
And what is his equipment?


A member of the junior French national team. Currently, he is considered the best table tennis player in France. With Simon Gauzy, Emmanuel Lebesson, and his little brother Félix Lebrun, France will have a bright future who can compete with the top Chinese players.

Alexis Lebrun was born on August 27, 2003, in the French city of Montpellier.

Born: 27/08/2003
Height: 188 cm
Nationality: French
Style: Right-handed, Shakehand
World Ranking: Around top 20 (2022 Update)

Alexis learned how to play table tennis when she was very young. He is the son of Stéphane LEBRUN, who used to be France’s number 7, and the nephew of Christophe LEGOUT, so he has a lot of help to do well. With his younger brother Félix LEBRUN, they are great hopes for French table tennis. Alexis is at the top of the World Youth Rankings right now.

He has already won many important races, including the 2014 and 2015 Euro mini champs. In 2020 and 2021, he won the French Junior Championship for singles table tennis. In 2020 and 2021, he was also the French Junior Table Tennis Champion. Alexis and Esteban Dorr win the doubles event at the 2021 Senior French Table Tennis Championships. And he loses by a small margin in the final against Simon GAUZY, who is number one in France.

Alexis Lebrun - best player in France
Alexis Lebrun – best player in France

He defeated Simon Gauzy by winning the French Senior Singles Table Tennis Championship in 2022. Alexis will win the title of French Champion in mixed doubles with Camille LUTZ in 2022. This will make her the first person to win two titles in the same year.

He had a great tournament at the WTT Contender in Tunis, where he beat Emmanuel Lebesson (3-0), world No. 4 Tomakazu Harimoto (3-0), Chinese Xue Fei (3-1), and 2019 vice-world champion Mattias Falck in the semi-finals (4-2).

Playing Style

Alexis Lebrun has a controlled playing style. His main strength is the variation, service, and control. He makes fewer mistakes than the opponent. His ability to counter-attack is amazing. His backhand is very good, since he plays near the middle of the table.

good backhand counter attack
good backhand counter attack

His service is amazing. His wind-wipe service is very deceptive. Sometimes it has a lot of underspin, but sometimes it is a no spin serve.

A funny thing is that, each time he is doing the wind-wipe service, he will open his mouth wide. In France, we make a joke about it. (I’m a table tennis coach in France).

wind wipe serve of Alexis
wind wipe serve of Alexis
very good serve variation
very good serve variation

His backhand counter attack and his forehand attack near the table is very good. He is not the Chinese forehand dominant style. He tends to jump back further from the table to control, and to counter attack. The opponent needs to adapt to his style, since it has a lot of variation and creative placement.

His equipment

Alexis Lebrun is using the Butterfly rackets. He is using Butterfly Dignics 09c for both sides, forehand and backhand sides (check price 1/ check price 2).

Alexis Lebrun equipment from Butterfly
Alexis Lebrun equipment from Butterfly
Alexis Lebrun is using Timo Boll ALC
Alexis Lebrun is using Timo Boll ALC
Dignics 09c for both sides
Dignics 09c for both sides

His blade is the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC. (check price 1/ check price 2)

He said that he likes this set up, because it gives him a lot of spin and control. This combination of racket and rubbers, also gives him enough power and at the same time, not too fast.

He said “This rubber gives me enough security”. His playing style is the control and all-round style. The more rallies he makes, the more he will win. So this setup fits very well with his playing style.

The new hope for Europe and France

The Lebrun brothers are going to dominate not only in Europe but challenging the Asians as well. Both are great attacking and counter-attacking, creative, and similar to Truls, very Waldner like in terms of varieties which would trick many of the top players due to predictabilities to quite a few of them. Also with Alexis playing shakehand and Felix playing penhold. That’s an awesome combination for doubles with each complemented one another.

Alexis Lebrun - Felix Lebrun
Alexis Lebrun – Felix Lebrun

I am expecting them to be top 25 at the end of this year or in 2023 and challenging for an Olympic Medal in Paris 2024. France would be a strong contender with the Lebrun brothers. We are seeing a changing of the guard, Fan Zhendong would lead the PRC National Men’s team, as in Harimoto with the Japanese, with the marvelous Lin Yun-Ju being the Taiwanese Team Number 1, Truls heading the Swedish team, and now the Lebrun brothers for the French team. Even Kanak Jha dominates as the USA top player and doing well in Europe.

fan zhendong
fan zhendong

Plus the existing exciting veterans elsewhere. The future is very bright for Table Tennis when these young contenders are now beating the established stars.

We need more excitement and surprising wins. The Next Generation pushing the wave from behind to those waves at the front!

Older brother Lebrun

He is Felix Lebrun‘s older brother. They have won the French singles, doubles, and mixed doubles titles three times. Lebun’s brother has won one professional title in a doubles event.

Alexis Lebrun - Felix Lebrun
Alexis Lebrun – Felix Lebrun

A family of table tennis

He was born into a family in which everything was about table tennis. His father, Lebrun Stephane, was a professional athlete who played for the French teams Montpellier TT and Istres Tennis De Table. He took part in the Champions League and won the ETTU Cup twice. He even played in the 2013 World Ping-Pong Championship in London with rackets and sandpaper and made it to the 1/8 finals. His uncle Legout Christophe was even more famous. He was on the French team that won silver at the World Cup in 1997.

There were also four kids in the family, and the two older sisters didn’t play table tennis. On the other hand, Felix, Alexis’s younger brother, does it as a job.
Alexis started playing table tennis when he was very young. His father put him down at the table and gave him a racket so he could start training. Between 20 and 25 hours a week, he and his brother studied with their father’s help.

Alexis Lebrun Felix Lebrun and his father coach
Alexis Lebrun Felix Lebrun and his father coach

Europe Mini Champion

In 2014, when he was only 11, he played in the Euro Mini Champ’s-2014 tournament, which is like the European Championship for 12-year-olds. He won the category for players born in 2003. (under 11 years old).

In 2015, he played for the first time at the youth tournament ITTF – Slovak Cadet Open-2015 and made it to the quarterfinals in the men’s doubles among cadets. He also played at the Euro Mini Champs in 2015, where he again won first place in the category for players born in 2003. (under 12 years old). At the 2015 Portugal Junior and Cadet Open, he won his first medal, a silver in the men’s doubles for cadets.

In 2016, he only played in one ITTF tournament, the Slovak Cadet Open-2016. At the start of his career, he got hurt and missed almost two years, but he was able to come back. Oh

Only in November 2018 did he get to play in an ITTF tournament again. It was the Portugal Junior and Cadet Open-2018, and he won a bronze medal in men’s doubles.

In 2019, he moved up to the junior category and played in several ITTF youth tournaments. In Spain, he made it to the quarterfinals of the men’s doubles tournament, which was his best result. He couldn’t go to the 2019 European Youth Championship in Ostrava because of this. But at the French junior championship, he made it to the final of the men’s singles competition, where he lost to his brother Felix Lebrun and took second place. Because of this, he was put on the French national team and won a bronze medal at the 2019 World Youth Championship as part of the French national team.

French Junior Champion

The next year, he beat his brother Felix in the final to win the French junior championship.

WTT Youth Championship

In 2021, he won the under-19 category of the WTT Youth Contender Havirov-2021 tournament. Then, as a member of the French junior team, he won the 2021 European Youth Championship for mixed doubles, got a silver medal for the team, and got a bronze medal for singles. Then, this year, the famous French club of the ProA series, AS Pontoise-Cergy TT, which is the current winner of the Europe Cup for the 2020/21 season, had problems because their best player, Tristan FLORE, was hurt, so they decided to sign Tristan so he could play in the French team championship for Lebrun Alexis.

In September, he won the silver medal in the under-19 age group at the WTT Youth Star Contender Wladyslawowo-2021. In November, he won the French Youth Singles Championship for the second time. Then, in November, he made his senior debut at the 2021 WTT Contender Novo Mesto. He and his brother Lebrun Felix made it to the quarterfinals, but lost to Lin Gaoyuan and Zhou Qihao of the Chinese national team.

At the end of the year, he competed in the 2021 World Youth Championship for juniors. He made it to the quarterfinals in two categories, men’s doubles and team, but didn’t win a medal.

France Championship

The team won the bronze medal at the 2019 World Junior Championships. Winner of the 2021 European Youth Championship for juniors and someone who has won three medals overall. In mixed doubles, he won the French national championship in 2021, and in singles, he got the bronze medal.

At the French national championship for adults in 2022, he won both the singles and doubles titles. After that, he was chosen for the French national team for the European Championship for adults in 2022, which was announced.

But in December, at the national championship of France-2021, he won gold in the mixed doubles and bronze in the singles.

WTT Competition

In 2022, he won his first senior title at the WTT Feeder Düsseldorf I-2022. He and his brother Lebrun Felix won the men’s doubles title, and he also won the bronze medal in singles. At the WTT Youth Star Contender Otoec-2022, he and his brother won the men’s singles and doubles titles for juniors. They won the bronze medal in men’s doubles at the WTT Contender Zagreb-2022 tournament, and they did the same thing again at the WTT Contender Doha.

Alexis Lebrun vs Ovtcharov dropping racket
Alexis Lebrun vs Ovtcharov dropping racket

2022 WTT Feeder Düsseldorf II WTT Contender Doha

2022 WTT Feeder Düsseldorf II WTT Contender Zagreb

National Competitions

2021 Cesson-Sévigné (Doubles) (Singles)
2022 Mouilleron-le-Captif (Singles & Mixed Doubles)

Club Championship

2021 Playing in Pro A, and Pro B (Montpellier TT)

European Youth Championships

Gold medal – first place 2021 Varaždin Junior mixed doubles
Silver medal – second place 2021 Varaždin Junior boys’ team
Bronze medal – third place 2021 Varaždin Junior boys’ singles

World Junior Championships

Bronze medal – third place 2019 Korat Team

Alexis Lebrun defeated 4-0 Simon Gauzy (3)
Alexis Lebrun defeated 4-0 Simon Gauzy (3)

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