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Alexis Lebrun’s amazing performance at WTT 2022

Alexis Lebrun has a very good performance at WTT this year.

Alexis Lebrun defeated Tomokazu Harimoto

And one more Alexis Lebrun feat! After dominating German Dimitrj Ovtcharov in Hungary, the 2022 French champion has just treated himself to the scalp of Japan’s nugget Tomokazu Harimoto, World No. 4, in the 3-0 WTT Tunis final. Wow !

Tomokazu vs Alexis Lebrun
Tomokazu vs Alexis Lebrun

Something new is happening in France. The two brothers are making the French Ping shine at the international level. Simon Gauzy and Manu Lebesson must appreciate this historic moment which can make this French team very solid in a European and World team championship. Hope it lasts. And congratulations again to Alexis.

Alexis Lebrun vs Tomokazu Harimoto
Alexis Lebrun vs Tomokazu Harimoto

WTT CONTENDER DE TUNIS – Constantly progressing in recent months, Alexis Lebrun has just taken a new step. During the Tunisian tournament, he dominated in the round of 16 the Japanese Tomokazu Harimoto, world No. 4 and seeded No. 1.

Recent champion of France after unbolting Simon Gauzy, Alexis Lebrun continues his ascent. Two weeks ago, he took part in the prestigious WTT Champions in Budapest. He notably beat former world No. 1 Dimitrij Ovtcharov, bronze medalist at the last Olympic Games. This week, he is one of the spearheads of the French delegation at the WTT Contender in Tunis. He started his singles tournament there yesterday, dominating another teammate, Emmanuel Lebesson.

But today, an opponent of a completely different caliber stood before him. Tomokazu Harimoto, world No. 4, is like Alexis Lebrun, a table tennis prodigy, since he is only 19 years old. But the Frenchman was not afraid of this vastly superior opponent on paper. He rolled the Japanese in three dry sets (11-5, 11-9, 11-7) thanks to a venomous spin and an iron will. It is the greatest success of the player’s career, which confirms his immense talent week after week.

The final game of WTT Tunis

It was an amazing final.

We are supporting both players. I’m watching the game live.
The final between Alexis Lebrun from France, and Hugo Calderano from Brazil.

Hugo is too strong. We have sent a lot of “french baguettes” to support Alexis Lebrun. But he can’t do more.

Hugo Calderano started very strongly. He destroyed Alexis Lebrun in the first 3 sets. 3-0 easy for him.

We can see that Alexis Lebrun made a lot of mistakes, especially on his forehand side.

And Hugo Calderano made no mistake. He made 0 mistakes on the service return. He has well studied the special serve from Alexis Lebrun.

Do you know that they have played before?
Yes, in the France versus Brazil friendly match, they have played before. Congratulations to Hugo Calderano from Brazil!

Alexis Lebrun
Alexis Lebrun

And good job Alexis Lebrun. You will be the new future of France.

Alexis Lebrun defeated Mattias Falck

Alexis Lebrun defeated everyone! No more Chinese player!
What a time to be alive!

Alexis Lebrun vs Mattias Falck
Alexis Lebrun vs Mattias Falck

No top Chinese table tennis players in the tournament.
Every top Chinese table tennis player is eliminated. Yes, we don’t have Ma Long, or Fan Zhendong.

This is the semi-final of WTT Contender Tunis. Alexis Lebrun from France, will play against Mattias Falck from Sweden.

Alexis Lebrun vs Mattias
Alexis Lebrun vs Mattias

Alexis Lebrun has previously defeated Tomokazu Harimoto.
Alexis Lebrun said, “I just beat Harimoto, who is ranked 4th worldwide, so of course, I’m super happy. I knew that I could cause him problems as I’ve seen him play for a long time, and it’s a game that suits me.

Mattias Falck
Mattias Falck
Alexis Lebrun
Alexis Lebrun

I approached the match quite confidently even though I knew he was very strong and that I had to play my best here. As for the rest of the event, I hope to go as far as possible and continue to claim beautiful victories.”

Alexis Lebrun won
Alexis Lebrun won

And today, he defeated Mattias Falck. What an amazing performance.
He is only 19 years old. He defeated everyone, including the top Chinese player, Tomokazu Harimoto, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, and Mattias Falck. He is one of the best European players. Yes, no doubt.

Alexis defeated top Chinese player – Xue Fei

Alexis Lebrun also defeated Xue Fei.

Alexis defeated Xue Fei
Alexis defeated Xue Fei

In the near future, may be that is France the best country of table tennis. May be?
Yes, because both Alexis Lebrun et Felix Lebrun are from France. They defeated the top Chinese players. Amazing.

(42) WTT Contender Tunis - Felix defeated Chinese player
(42) WTT Contender Tunis – Felix defeated Chinese player

The older brother

The older brother is Alexis Lebrun. He defeated Tomokazu Harimoto. Now, he defeated the top Chinese player, Xue Fei.

The little brother

The little brother is Felix Lebrun. Here is another match of Felix Lebrun. He defeated another top Chinese player.

He was born on September 12, 2006. He has played for France’s cadet, junior, and now national teams. Winner of the men’s doubles event at the 2022 Youth World Championships and a bronze medalist in the cadets’ singles event.

Everything in his family had to do with table tennis. His father, Lebrun Stephane, was a professional athlete who played for the French teams Montpellier TT and Istres Tennis De Table, took part in the Champions League, and won the ETTU Cup twice. He once went to the 2013 World Ping-Pong Championship in London and played with sandpaper rackets. He got to the 1/8 finals. His uncle Legout Christophe was even more well-known. He was on the French team that won silver at the World Cup in 1997.

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