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Alexis Lebrun – the new World youth leader

This year’s World Youth No.1 is Alexis Lebrun, who hails from France. His little brother (Felix Lebrun) is also a very good player – one of the best penholders in Europe.

Tomokazu Harimoto and Alexis Lebrun, who is better?

Tomokazu Harimoto has been dethroned by Lebrun as the world’s finest young athlete, kicking off a spectacular 2022 season. He achieved it in style, capturing back-to-back WTT Youth Star Contenders crowns in Tunis and Otocec. With only those two victories, he was able to rack up about 5000 points.

Alexis Lebrun - best player in France
Alexis Lebrun – best player in France

Thanks to his semi-finals at the Feeder in Düsseldorf and the WTT Contender in Doha, Alexis Lebrun takes first place in the U19 category (under 19!) from the Japanese Tomokazu Harimoto. A start to the 2022 season under very good auspices and which we will not fail to follow during the next WTT tournaments. In the senior rankings, he is now ranked 214th in the world.

Alexis LEBRUN and Félix LEBRUN won the WTT Youth star
Alexis LEBRUN and Félix LEBRUN won the WTT Youth star


Felix LEBRUN vs Maciej KUBIK - U19 Boys' Singles Semifinals - WTT Youth Star Contender Otocec

Watch video above ☝.

Felix LEBRUN vs Maciej KUBIK – U19 Boys’ Singles Semifinals – WTT Youth Star Contender Otocec


Amazing performance in pro A

Alexis Lebrun is stringing together some great performances at the start of the year! After his recent successes both on the WTT circuit but also in Gerflor PRO A with Pontoise-Cergy as a joker, the Frenchman is now the new world No. 1 in the U19 category.

Alexis Lebrun has a very good control and feeling
Alexis Lebrun has very good control and feel

It should be noted that his younger brother Félix LEBRUN, also progresses by one place and is ranked 7th in the world.

Add to that appearance in the WTT Contender Doha in 2022 and the WTT Feeder Dusseldorf II in 2023, Alexis defeated many top players in Pro A, France.

High winning rate

His winning rate is very high. In 2022, his winning rate is 86%.

winning rate of Alexis
winning rate of Alexis

Alexis Lebrun is clearly on the rise after racking up more than 1000 points in the two competitions he competed in. You can’t fool the numbers. His winning percentage has risen dramatically after 2022. In his career, he has won 70 percent of his bouts, but this year, he has won 28 of his 33 matches for an 86 percent success record.

Becoming the best senior player

Next on Lebrun’s to-do list is virtually certain to rise to the position of senior. He is currently ranked 214th in the world, although he has risen 24 places in the last week. On the verge of making it into the world’s top 100. A permanent place in the French men’s national team will expedite his exposure to the international men’s game.

Alexis the new World number 1 youth player
Alexis the new World number 1 youth player

The future seems bright for the new World Youth No. 1, and the world’s table tennis community will be watching with bated breath to see if a new male competitor emerges.

Alexis Lebrun’s special grip

But what is it about the Frenchman’s game that has made him so successful? Lebrun, who hails from a long line of table tennis legends, is a spokesman for the French style. It’s almost as if he was born with it. An unconventional hold sees his index and middle finger creep up the blade.

His little brother is Felix Lebrun - a penholder
His little brother is Felix Lebrun – a penholder

Alexis Lebrun playing style

Alexis has a lot of types of shots, with many variations. He plays at mid-distance, and he is a spin-oriented player.

Alexis Lebrun has a very good backhand
Alexis Lebrun has a very good backhand

With desire and purpose, he’ll cheerfully chop-block with his forehand. Choosing his forehand shots shows a level of maturity; he isn’t afraid to play small and safe or go for broke when the opportunity arises. Finally, his footwork allows him to play a solid ball from any part of the court.

Lebrun’s game also has a strong sense of fantasy. Lebrun is sensitive to the idea that providing service might be seen as an opportunity for creative expression. At any given time, you’ll find him serving from whatever corner or manner you can think of. His service game is a sandbox full of toys. He has many types of service.


Lebrun may fight with a hook, backhand, pendulum, or tomahawk. For someone with so many weapons, he’s eager to locate the one that will bring down his adversary.

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