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Alexis Lebrun says goodbye to Butterfly

Alexis Lebrun says goodbye to Butterfly.

Alexis Lebrun and Felix Lebrun are the 2 new rising stars in table tennis.

Sponsored by Butterfly

They are the players who are sponsored by Butterfly.

But recently, Phong Nguyen on our table tennis connect group, has informed us about the news. Alexis Lebrun and Felix Lebrun will quit Butterfly.

Butterfly France has confirmed this. Christophe Legout (Butterfly France) has said,

“After many years of partnership and following the decision of their team, Butterfly regrets to announce the end of the collaboration between the brand and the Lebrun brothers. Butterfly France was proud to contribute to the early success of these two young champions, using our equipment until the last European championships. Whatever the future reserved for Alexis and Félix, we will always remain their first supporters.”

Who will be the brand for Alexis Lebrun?

Alexis Lebrun contract with Tibhar
Alexis Lebrun contract with Tibhar

Sponsored by Tibhar

Alexis Lebrun also confirmed that,

“We signed a partnership until the end of 2028 with Alexis, Félix and the Lebrun-Team. The two brothers are now using TIBHAR Hybrid K3 rubbers and their own blade series developed together with TIBHAR. More detailed information to follow – stay tuned.”

So both Alexis Lebrun and Felix will change their equipment. They are using the Butterfly Dignics 09c on both sides. Now they will use the Tibhar Hybrid K3.



Watch this video:

Alexis Lebrun, Félix Lebrun say goodbye to Butterfly

Watch this video.

Why this move?

Butterfly is paying a lot to Franziska and Fan Zhendong with their own professional paddles. As well as Ovtcharov too. So other stars have to stay goodbye. The Lebrun brothers are on the rise and their names would be attractive to other brands like Tibhar, who didn’t really have anyone famous other than Samsonov.

Tomokazu is a Butterfly sponsored (look at his back like Butterfly)
Tomokazu is a Butterfly sponsored (look at his back like Butterfly)

This is actually great news for Table Tennis because you don’t want the China to dominate everything, just as you don’t want the monopoly of Butterfly as the huge Number 1 brand, plus the astronomical price to match. $400 USD for a top blade and $100 USD for a piece of top rubber? It’s rather expensive. But Butterfly is still the best brand in table tennis.

Is Butterfly product expensive?

Yes. The price is rather expensive. Some players are stunned at the prices for a pro blade and rubbers.

Here is some comments from our viewers:

You can stay stunned as amateurs don’t need a pro blade or pro rubbers. Intermediate players can play just fine with a Butterfly petr korbel or A.Mazunov blade with Butterfly Rozena or Roundell rubbers if Tenergy is too steep.

If you compete nobody uses that equipment anymore.

That’s because Amateur players spend so much money on equipment thinking it’ll make them better players, you can save money by putting rozena on both sides of a butterfly

Fan Zhendong ALC handle
Fan Zhendong ALC handle

A.Mazunov blade and if you actually dedicated more time to practice and learning how to properly rotate and transfer weight using that to accelerate sharply onto the ball you’d become a much better player. The Butterfly A.Mazunov is a great 5 ply blade that doesn’t lack speed and is really fast for an all-wood blade but whilst maintaining the spinny characteristics of 5 plys.

Pro players have switched to 7 ply carbon blades for the new ball but they hinder development for amateur players who need to learn how to generate power with their body a whilst developing consistency and control which is what the A.Mazunov is really good for these days. Instead they spend money on Tenergy 05 and Timo Boll ALCs thinking that equipment will make them better players when it won’t.

The problem with the new ball

With the new ball, you need a harder, and faster blade.

But the problem with the ABS harder ball, you need a slightly thicker (0.1 mm thicker) blade to counter with the less spin and rotation of the ball generated from the previous celluloid ball. With myself as a penholder. For the last 15 years, I changed from an all wood butterfly paddle to a offensive minus Yazaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon, then after 4 years of playing, upgraded to the Stiga Carbonado 190 to deal with then the new celluloid ball, but the ABS ball rendered it useless with the decreased speed and arc for the flight of the ball.

high reaction zone of a blade - choose a slower blade if you can't control the ball
high reaction zone of a blade – choose a slower blade if you can’t control the ball

Now, I am seriously considered of getting the Stiga Cybershape which suited my personal penhold flips on both wings, mid-distance heavy loop attack and balanced defense, and creative shots ability with blocks, RPB and also the around the net swerve shots. Much harder rubber would be my arsenal with the max thickness of the rubber as well.

Why there are so many blades in table tennis?

The other issue is that things become obsolete when something ‘newer, lighter, faster’ comes around. Nobody uses the same equipment now as they did ten years ago because of the evolution of product lines and the power of marketing.

Ma Long's racket 2022 - W986 national long 5 blade
Ma Long’s racket 2022 – W986 national long 5 blade

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