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LeBrun brothers – new hope for Europe

The LEBRUN brothers were born in Sudie, in Montpellier in the year of grace 2003 (Alexis) then 2006 (Félix). Family tradition obliges, their mother to give birth, not classically on an obstetrical table, but lying on a Butterfly table. Their father Stéphane cutting each time, with dexterity, and without firing a shot, the umbilical cord of a beautiful tusk nabbed. (just kidding).

Their uncle is Christophe LEGOUT

The Magi, and their uncle, Christophe LEGOUT, are always very protective, bringing for these days of celebration, myrrh, frankincense, but above all two Tenergy 64.

The uncle is Legout
The uncle is Legout

Born into a family where table tennis was a way of life. His father, Stephane Lebrun, was a professional athlete who played for the French teams Montpellier TT and Istres Tennis De Table, won the ETTU Cup twice and competed in the Champions League. He reached the 1/8 finals of the 2013 World Ping-Pong Championship in London, using sandpaper rackets.

His uncle is Legout Christophe, who was a member of the French national team and earned a silver medal at the 1997 World Cup, was even more famous.

Many Gold medal for Alexis and Felix
Many Gold medal for Alexis and Felix

The family also had four children, two of whom were not table tennis players. Felix’s older brother Alexis, on the other hand, is a professional at it. He was wounded at the start of his career, missing almost two years, but he recovered, and most recently, as part of the French junior squad, he won the 2021 European Youth Championship in mixed doubles, a silver medalist in the team, and a bronze medal in singles.

As a member of the French national squad, he also won bronze in the 2019 Youth World Cup.

With already ultra-impressive awards:

– for Alexis: junior French champion (2021), vice European junior team champion (2021), bronze medalist at the European junior championships (2021), and some brilliant freelancers in proA at Pontoise;

– for Félix: youngest French champion (2017), minimal (2018,2019), youngest (2020), triple youngest European champion 2021 (singles, doubles for teams), vice-champion of France junior 2021, brilliant performances in proB at Istres, and on the opens already world-class victory against the Russian SIDORENKO (n°177), the Japanese SHINOZUKA (n°258), the Singaporean CHEW (n°180), and especially the CHUANG (n° °25).

About Alexis LeBrun

Félix LEBRUN, born on 09/12/2006, is one young French table tennis champion who is already starting to have an impressive track record! In 2021 he was triple European Champion in – 15 years (in singles, doubles, and in teams).

Alexis at WTT event
Alexis at WTT event

After a 2020-2021 season marked by several great performances (vice-champion of France juniors, champion of France cadets, winner of the top 10 European -15 years …), Félix Lebrun will play next year in Pro B: a first experience in the professional world.

Brother LeBrun - pro table tennis players
Brother LeBrun – pro table tennis players

Its former club, the Nîmes Montpellier alliance, will do everything in its power to quickly reach the championship elite in order to hope for a possible return of Félix to its training club.

Alexis LeBrun achievement

  • World champion in doubles in the U15 gentlemen category (2021)
  • Silver Medal at the World Championships in U15 singles (2021)
  • Vice-Champion of France in simple Juniors boys (2021)
  • Vice-Champion of France in double Juniors boys (2021)
  • Bronze medalist at WTT Youth Star Contender in Wladyslawowo in double U19 (2021)
  • Gold medalist at the WTT Youth Star Contender in Lisbon in single U19 (2021)
  • Gold medalist at the WTT Youth Star Contender in Lisbon in double U19 (2021)
  • Gold medalist at the European Championships young in simple cadets (2021)
  • Gold medalist at the European Championships young people in double cadets (2021)
  • Gold medalist at the European Youth Championships by Cadet Teams (2021)
  • Gold medalist at the WTT Youth Contender in Havirov in U17 (2021)
  • Silver medalist at the WTT Youth Contender in Havirov in U15 (2021)
  • Bronze medalist at the European Youth Championships by Cadet Teams
  • Bronze medalist at the European Championships young people in double cadets (2019)
  • French Champion Minimes en simple (2018, 2019)
  • French Champion Minimes in doubles (2018, 2019)
  • Vice-Champion of France Benjamins in singles (2017)
  • Vice-Champion of France Benjamins in doubles (2017)
  • French champion Benjamins in doubles (2016)

About Felix Lebrun

Lebrun Felix (born September 12, 2006) is a French athlete, table tennis player. Player of the French cadet team. Champion of Europe Youth Top-10 in 2020 among cadets. Three-time winner of the 2021 European Youth Championship.

Interview Felix
Interview Felix

Felix began playing table tennis when he was three years old when his father set him down at the table and handed him a racquet, and he began to train. They studied for 20 to 25 hours a week with his sibling under their father’s supervision.

Why penhold grip?

Chen Jian, a Chinese player who was also a sparring partner for the French national team, played in the same club as his father. Felix admired his penhold-playing style so much that he decided to emulate it with a racket grip.

Felix Lebrun backhand with penhold grip
Felix Lebrun backhand with penhold grip

Felix began winning trophies in the French championships for the tiniest instantly. In 2016, he won the French pairs championship for mini cadets (under the age of 12). Then, this year, he competed in the Euro Mini Champs-2016 event, which is similar to the European Championship for 12-year-olds, for the first time, and finished fourth in the group one year older than him.

The best cadets player in France

In 2017, he was named vice-champion of France in men’s singles and doubles among mini cadets. At the age of 2006, he competed in the Euro Mini Champs-2017 for the second time and won it.

Europe Mini Champion of the Brother Lebrun
Europe Mini Champion of the Brother Lebrun

In 2018, he wins the French cadets (under 15) singles and doubles championships. He also began to compete in ITTF youth competitions, reaching the finals in the team category at the 2018 Belgium Junior and Cadet Open, quarterfinals in singles at the 2018 Slovak Cadet Open, and bronze medal in men’s doubles at the 2018 Hungarian Junior and Cadet Open. He competes in the European Youth Championship for the first time at Cluj Napoca, Romania, and finishes in the 1/32 finals.

Felix LeBrun - Europe Youth competition
Felix LeBrun – Europe Youth competition

In 2019, he wins the French Under 15 Cadet Championship in men’s singles and doubles for the second year in a row. He is a finalist in the men’s doubles at a tournament in Italy, a winner in the men’s doubles, and a bronze medalist in singles in a tournament in Spain. He wins two bronze medals at the 2019 European Youth Championships in Ostrava (Czech Republic) in team and men’s doubles, while he finishes eighth in singles.

He finishes second in the French Junior Championships in 2020, losing in the final to his older brother Alexis Lebrun. He is the Cadet winner after being rejected as the first substitution in the Europe Youth Top 10 in Berlin, Germany.

The Youngest Pro-B player in France

Félix Lebrun is playing in Pro B, in France. He is the youngest player in pro B.

In 2021, he wins the French junior championship, defeating his older brother Alexis Lebrun in the final. He is the winner of the U17 category and a finalist in the U15 category at the WTT new youth series competition in Havov (Czech Republic). He wins the men’s singles, team, and doubles events at the 2021 European Youth Championships in Varadin (Croatia).

Felix Lebrun - from France
Felix Lebrun – from France

Currently placed 66th in France’s national rankings. He is playing in Pro B.

Making their names known at WTT Series events

The Lebrun family was well-known in France, but Alexis (18) and Félix (15), the two youngest siblings, made the world take note. In June, they won the U15 and U19 singles competitions at WTT Youth Contender Havirov. One gold for Alexis in mixed doubles and three for Félix individually and in team events followed the following month. What they achieved was only the start of their rise.

Felix Lebrun - the little brother
Felix Lebrun – the little brother

A few weeks later, Félix competed at WTT Youth Contender Lisbon, winning both singles and doubles. Alexis was recovering from hernia surgery and a COVID-19 infection. When he returned to WTT Youth series action in Wladyslawowo a month later, it was as if he had never left. She lost to Kay Stumper of Germany in the final after overcoming Félix in the 16th round. The brothers made the doubles semi-finals.

He defeated Chuang Chih-Yuan at 15 years old
He defeated Chuang Chih-Yuan at 15 years old

They debuted on the senior stage in Novo Mesto in November. After a good start in the men’s doubles, Alexis and Félix lost to Lin Gaoyuan and Zhou Qihao of China in the quarter-finals. Unlike prior occasions, Félix stole the show in the singles.

He is using a penhold grip
He is using a penhold grip

Table tennis as their main sport

As a professional table tennis coach, Stéphane Lebrun should be seeing his sons on national and international stages. Their father can no longer be present for most games due to Alexis and Félix Lebrun’s rigorous sports schedules.

playing with his father - professional player and coach
playing with his father – professional player and coach

A former international player, Stéphane Lebrun (48), could not help but spread the infectious love for table tennis to his boys.

“I did not encourage them to play, but it was pure logic, he says. Table tennis runs in the family. My brother was also a player and the president of the club of Manosque, our hometown. And my wife’s twin brother is Christophe Legoût, a long-time professional and international player. When Alexis and Félix were young, they sometimes came with me to practice. Of course, they wanted to hit the ball. Even at home, we always had rackets hanging around, and many professional players passed by. So instead of playing with little cars, they played with rackets and balls!”

New hope for France

Let’s hope for the Lebrun brothers, for French table tennis, and for the little table tennis fans that we are, that they will experience the same success and the same table tennis destiny at the Olympics and at the world championships.

With his father - Stephane
With his father – Stephane

And especially that like Jan-Ove Waldner they will keep the same joy of playing for a long time. Always.

A pleasure to play, and pleasure to smash the guy in front: Yes, that’s table tennis! That’s the LEBRUN attitude!

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