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Advance Your Game by Focusing on Techniques

Hello, today I want to share with you a true story. A player who focused on learning the correct table tennis techniques has improved so fast his game. I hope that this story will motivate you to continue to learn and advance your game.

I’ve resumed some nice tips to improve fast in table tennis. There are also some common mistakes that you avoid during the game, buying equipment, and training. Finally, if you have mastered the 10 basic skills in table tennis, you should continue to advance to the next level.

Improve fast with correct table tennis techniques

Sargent M. K. has emailed me:

I am a new player as of two years ago!  I could not win anyone at my club when I first got there!  Initially, everyone was trying to give advice about stroke techniques.  So, I went online!  I found so many things, and they are awesome but, I found you!  I have used “in pai” as the basis for my entire game!  With that I have gone to four major tournaments and have increased my rating to 1420!  I play a lot locally, and am starting to give the 2000+ rated players a run for there money!  They ask me how I have improved so much, so I tell them about “in pai”. No one, has ever heard of it, including the Chinese players!  I am 50 years old!  I am giving 20 year olds a run for their money!  I thank you for all you have done for me, and the table tennis community!!  God Bless!

Sargent M. K.

Sargent - Focus on techniques to improve fast
Sargent – Focus on techniques to improve fast

By applying the “yin pai”, Sargent has improved so fast. Furthermore, he also found the motivation and confidence in his game. I hope that you will find the same for your table tennis games.

Here are some photos of Sargent with famous players:

Key Tips to Advance in Table Tennis

Here are some of my tips that help you advance to the next level in table tennis.

1. Learn how to read the spin on the serve

Serve and Service return is the heart in table tennis. If you can’t read spin, then you can improve your skills. Learn and identify 6 types of spin in table tennis. Understand the purpose of serving, and learn how to return a spinny serve correctly. Focus on the “rotation axis“, and try to feel this axis in every shot.

2. Focus on the quality of the shots

The main difference between the good and the amateur player is the “quality of the shots”. The quality means spin, speed, and power. It’s all about timing, and acceleration. He is better than you, it’s not because he hit harder than you. But because he can “accelerate” faster than you!

3. Footwork first, stroke after

If you want to be better at table tennis, you should learn to get into the ready position faster. The only way to do that is learning the right footwork pattern. Top Chinese players have the solid footwork, that’s why they are very strong in the rally situation. So you should learn to move first! Unfortunately, many coaches didn’t realize that. New players just learn to play on the table, but never know how to get into position quickly.

4. Use “Yin Pai” and “Power From the Ground”

In term of power, you should use “yin pai”, and “power from the ground”. Understanding these concepts, you can make very fast and strong shots in table tennis. Have you ever wonder, why a little 12 years old kid (like Harimoto Tomokazu), can make crazy powerful shots in table tennis? He has become the World Class player with a medium physical strength? It’s all about technique!

5. Train Hard Like A Pro

And finally, to be a pro, you should train hard like a pro. There is no secret in China. They just train like a pro at a very young age. So do you! And you will advance to a very high level in a short amount of time.


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  1. i am 57, and learn pingpong start on nov’18. i have changes racket 3times, now i use racket full wood, i feel chemistry with it. and i am very very happy after read 10 basic skills. so i can pratice sistematis. i dont have coach.

  2. Can you please do an article about “top 10 forehand rubbers in China” (like the one you already did about the backhand)?
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