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About PingSunday

Welcome to the PingSunday: a place to learn table tennis correctly and with fun ?

EmRatThich Table Tennis

PingSunday is created in the summer of 2017. It’s a personal blog of coach EmRatThich (myself). I want to build this blog to share my knowledge, my coaching experiences with table tennis players around the world. I want to make PingSunday – the best place to learn table tennis. And the slogan of PingSunday is “Small Ball Connect The World”. With the passion of a small ping pong ball, we want to connect the world – with love, and peace.

I’m a table tennis coach at a small club in France. Using Chinese techniques, I give you the best tips to improve your table tennis skills quickly.


About EmRatThich

I’m EmRatThich, founder of pingsunday.com, the best place to learn table tennis.

coach EmRatThich - founder of pingsunday.com - the best place to learn table tennis online
coach EmRatThich – founder of pingsunday.com – the best place to learn table tennis online

Coach EmRatThich was born in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1983. He started playing table tennis at the age of 8. After finishing his Ph.D. in Paris, University Pierre Marie Curie (Sorbonne University) in 2011, he is now a table tennis coach in a small club in France (about 153 players). Interested in table tennis coaching for a global audience, he founded pingsunday.com, one of the best online coaching programs for table tennis players. Using the Chinese coaching philosophy, his table tennis lessons are free, which allows many table tennis players to improve fast. He can speak English, French, Vietnamese, and a little bit of Chinese.


What is my full name?

You can call me “coach EmRatThich” or “coach ERT”. When I write an email, I often sign as “coach ERT”. Because I’m still working as a coach, and I don’t want to hear some “negative comment” about my coaching, I don’t want to reveal my full name.

I’ve learned that, no matter how good you are, there is always someone who wants to attack you. Making YouTube videos, and writing blogs is my hobby. So I don’t want these activities to affect my main job. You can learn my table tennis coaching lessons for free.

Here is my social profile, that you can contact me:


Who are my players?

Working in a small club in France, I coach young developing players since 2012. During my spare time, I make free table tennis coaching videos on my YouTube channel. Using the Chinese technique, my tutorials help you improve fast your table tennis skills.

As I coach many young players, at the early age of table tennis. So I’m not a coach for professional players. However, I know how to develop fast young table tennis players at their golden age. Here are some of the trophies in my table tennis club.

many table tennis trophies at my table tennis club
many table tennis trophies at my table tennis club


Why should you trust me?

There are many blogs about table tennis out there, but few of them are from the real table tennis coach (pingsunday, Larry Hodges, eBatTT, Tom Lodziak, etc). Many others blogs are just affiliated blogs, which copied the information from my blog. So I hope that you can trust the coaching materials from pingsunday because I know what I’m saying.


What is the meaning of “EmRatThich”?

I’ve explained the meaning of “EmRatThich” in this video.

Hope you enjoy watching this video, and understand more about me, and also my coaching philosophy.



I have played table tennis at the age of 8 in Vietnam ??. With my friend (Chinese), we have learned a lot about the Chinese philosophy of table tennis. By creating this blog, I want to share with you this knowledge. You will enjoy more your table tennis by staying with me on “this journey to China”.

My slogan in table tennis coaching is “In Spin We Trust”. This sport is so beautiful with spin. When you have spin, you have all – Speed, Power, and Control. Without spin, table tennis is just ping pong.

In Spin We Trust
In Spin We Trust (one of our designs for table tennis lovers on pingsunday.threadless)

You can ask me any questions by commenting on this blog, or private message on my Facebook page.

You can also join the group Table Tennis Connect” to discuss with many other enthusiastic players about Chinese rubber, equipment, tactics, coaching, and comment table tennis matches.

Why the name PingSunday?

I love this sport. And I want to share with you my passion.

But at the same time, I have a full-time job. Creating YouTube is only my hobby. And making quality coaching videos take a lot of time. Read here to understand why.

During my weekdays, I played a lot of table tennis too. Not only coaching, but playing table tennis is indispensable for me.

And I also have two little kids ♥ to play with during my weekends.

That’s why I can only create free table tennis coaching videos on Sunday (That’s why this blog is called “PingSunday” = “Ping Pong Every Sunday”).

I hope if I have more time, I could create “PingMonday”, “PingTuesday” and so on. ?

If you love my tutorial and want to support me, I feel happy for your kindness. ?

Ma Long with Power From The Ground Concept in Chinese table tennis coaching
Ma Long with Power From The Ground Concept in Chinese table tennis coaching

PingSunday is Made with Love ♥

I want to build the best place to learn table tennis because I really love this Sport ?. I hope that you have the same passion as me. Because table tennis for me is one of the best sport. ?

Online Privacy is a huge problem today. On PingSunday, we respect your privacy. That’s the reason why “Table Tennis Connect” (Our Facebook group) is a Private group. And our Community Forum is also private.

I love coaching. That’s why I want to build the place not only for players but also for table tennis coaches. Here is the job opportunity in table tennis, and you can also post your candidates if you are looking for a coaching career.

PingSunday is designed to help you search for anything.

For example, if you want to learn about the “forehand topspin”, on Google just type “forehand topspin pingsunday”.

Try to search “Ma Long Forehand Techniques pingsunday”

Or search “best forehand rubbers pingsunday”, you will get the best coaching advices


Why Chinese techniques?

The table tennis technique of the Chinese players is superior. If you want to become better at table tennis, learn from the best. Learn the Chinese footwork, the modern Chinese loop technique, “power from the ground” concept, “acceleration at the right timing”, “hit with the legs“, “how to serve“, “yin pai“, “tactics for the specific situation“, fundamental skills, backhand techniques, and many more.

There are many tips that you should remember to improve your skills. I’ve worked with a very talented artist, who helped me to incorporate these “Chinese coaching slogans” into some amazing products. For example, if you have a T-Shirt with the tips “Power From The Ground”, you will remember to rotate more your body, move your feet to get a stronger forehand attack during your daily training, or your competition match.

Power From The Ground Concept - coach EmRatThich

This is my main motivation, that I want players to remember and apply the coaching tips in the real situation. All of that is to improve your techniques.

The meaning of the logo?

Some players asked me what is the meaning of the logo on PingSunday.

logo (c) PingSunday
logo (c) PingSunday

The logo of PingSunday is the “Eagle flying in the sky”. Because I love this feeling. The feeling of freedom! High above in the sky to see our lovely earth.

The outer circle is not only our little ping pong ball but also our earth. The blue color is the color of the sky. The eagle is white, and the red-brown is the earth.

The mission of this logo is “Small ball connects the world” with passion and peace.

Also since I studied and lived in France, I really love this country. PingSunday logo is in Blue, White, and Red, Tricolour like the Flag of France.

liberté (freedom: blue), égalité (equality: white), fraternité (brotherhood: red)

What do you get from this blog?


PingSunday Structure

PingSunday website is organized into 8 main categories:

1. Basic Skills

The fundamental techniques that every beginner needs to learn in table tennis. You need to learn to perform the basic strokes correctly. Do it slowly, but learn the mechanism of the stroke.

Beginners don’t focus enough on the timing of the strokes. Hence, they can’t improve fast in table tennis. At this stage, you should feel the ball. Feeling and knowing how to impact the spin to the ball is the most 2 important lessons.

2. Advanced Skills

Advanced table tennis techniques are for intermediate and high-level players. These techniques need to be incorporated into your training sessions. After you have a solid foundation in table tennis, you need to improve the explosiveness, timing, and power of your shots.

3. Equipment

How to choose the best equipment in table tennis. Buying the wrong racket can ruin the development of your skills. It’s nothing wrong to investigate your dream combo!

4. Rules

Basic rules in table tennis for players, coaches, and umpires. What are the legal services? double rules, tournament, ranking rules, and more.

5. Tactics

Table tennis tactics and match strategy play a decisive role at the world-class level. Tactics can change the outcome of the match. A good table tennis coach can find out the weakness of the opponent. A good coach can also give confidence to his players.

6. Coaching Tips

Best tips, tricks, and advice from coach EmRatThich and other coaches. Useful tips help you improve quickly your table tennis skills.

7. Top players

Best table tennis player of all time. Learn their techniques, their personal life, their equipment, and how they become the top world-class player. Watch the grand slam players: J-O Waldner, Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Liu Guoliang, Kong Linghui, and other professional players.

8. Tournaments

Tournament and event highlights. Funny matches & Coverage of the Olympics, World Championship, World Cup, ITTF World Tours, League in Japan, Europe, China, etc.

Let’s start your journey

EmRatThich In Spin We Trust


I answer your FAQ (Frequently asked questions) in this video: motivation, training method, equipment, my journey to China and more.

If you have any further questions, please read the “Help Center” page.


Review about PingSunday

You can submit a review of my coaching tutorial (video, and blogs) here. How do you feel about the quality of my coaching:

Here are the summary reviews:

Rated 4.9 out of 5
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 11 reviews)
Very good9%

The full list of the testimonial on PingSunday. Here are the recent reviews about PingSunday:

your website pingsunday saved me

Rated 5 out of 5
January 28, 2023 1:44 pm

EmRatThich, your website pingsunday saved me. Because of you I learned a lot of techniques and I was able to understand the concept of weight transfer and yin pai. Before I read your blogs, my setup was very fast carbon blade. After reading it, I use stiga oc with h3 blue sponge and mark v. It forced me to imrpove my technique, and it helped me. THank you. Keep making quality content.

Avatar for LilMunchkin

good coach

Rated 4 out of 5
August 23, 2022 11:00 am

a very good coach for table tennis

Avatar for EdRian Oban
EdRian Oban

such a detailed insight

Rated 5 out of 5
August 16, 2022 1:55 pm

Thank you so much for all the videos and advice we think your incredible

That you share such a detailed insight to how play from the basic foundations to most advanced

Bless you and your family

I watch your videos over and over again

Thanks please don’t stop we love what you do

Your correction of best practices is perfect

Your the best in the west



Avatar for Geoff from England
Geoff from England

very good teacher

Rated 5 out of 5
August 9, 2022 1:27 am

I have learned a lot from him.

Avatar for Amit Modi
Amit Modi

very good advice

Rated 5 out of 5
March 5, 2022 8:26 am

TT is very technical, especially its equipment. ERT gives very good advise. I follow with zest!

Avatar for Soh Boon Hong
Soh Boon Hong

What do others say about my coaching?

I’ve got many of your recommendations and support! Thank you so much! My coaching is recommended and reviewed more than +200 times (4.9 / 5 stars). Your email, message, chat, etc. are my main motivation! Here are some of your testimonials about my coaching materials.

Highly Recommended - Coaching from EmRatThich

Larry Hodges (USATT Certified National Coach)

This could be huge news. Great job on all of your articles and videos!

Dan – (Founder of TableTennisDaily):

Greatly appreciated! You are doing a fantastic job to over at youtube. Keep it up!

Lars Jorgensen (Table Tennis Coach of BordtennisVarde Denmark):

The best online coach that I know of. Excellent & he’s not even charging!

Christian Flink (Pro players from Denmark)

I’m top 350 in Denmark and I’m still learning a lot from you emratthich. Thanks

Purushothaman Yuvaraj (Player from Ohio, US)

Sometimes it’s not enough to know what is the right way to do certain things (like strokes footwork etc) but it is also important to know what mistakes you are doing (using a bad combination of equipment, not relaxing between points). After a point of time your skills plateau and when you need to get to the next level you need someone like Emratthich’s guidance… I have benefited tremendously from his advice and it has started to show in my game. Thank you.

Erik Daugaard (Player from Frederiksborg, Denmark)

Just wish I had found you earlier.

and many many more.

Reviews from real players

Here are the testimonials and reviews that many players have encouraged me. Thank you very much.

Lars Sociolog Jorgensen

The best online coach that I know of. Excellent & he’s not even charging!”

Юрий Матвиенко

I just wish I had found him earlier.

Bu Ssy (from Indonesia)

very detail, modern coaching, and easy to understand even for beginner.. that why I put the eagle logo in my car (sorry), to promote it LOL … regards from INA

promotion of PingSunday logo
promotion of PingSunday logo

Wilfrid Belliard (Paris, France)

La bible du tennis de table, EmRatThick!

Amit Modi

I have learned a lot from him.

Nathan Waldock

Excellent instruction at a high level. He really knows what he is talking about.

Soh Boon Hong

TT is very technical, especially its equipment. ERT gives very good advise. I follow with zest!

Piotr Skorupski (from Poland)

Bardzo interesujący kanał. Można poznać wiele sekretów Chińskiego Tenisa Stołowego.

Huang Bong Kue (from Philippines)

thank you Emrathich table tennis coach its been a great help to us and add knowledge about table tennis. from coach DARWIN UY of Philippines

Fundani P W Muzila

Good insight. well articulate

Tommy FN

Uno de los mejores coach del mundo

Ashu Kumar

Thank u for online coaching.
I have seen almost all video on YouTube.
I learn lot of thing.
I was just blocker but now I can attack too.

Pavel Lankmiler (from Kirovograd, Ukraine)

Thank you so much for your advices!I have changed my rubber to DHS Hurricane 3 provincial about 2-3 months ago. So now I feel a difference between Chinese and European techniques. Chinese is more comfortable for me now

Mike S (from Jersey City)

You give me confidence!I’m a huge fan of your videos and blog. Thank you SOOOOOOO Much! You now have given me a lot of confidence to stop EJ’ng with blades and just practice practice practice!

Takkyu Inochi (from France)

Merci coach EmRatThichBen j’ai essayé de mettre en œuvre aujourd’hui son conseil (de footwork) après le service et ça a vraiment aidé. Mon pourcentage de démarrage était plus élevé que d’habitude et la qualité aussi était meilleure.Merci ERT

Jayme Watene (from Thames, New Zealand)

I improve so fast.Hi coach! Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the game. I had been floundering around in division 2 for a long time going nowhere! After watching and applying your principles I have started division 1 this year 2018 and already ranked 5th!! I’m a bigger boy (110kg at best) 35yr old. So it goes to show that no matter your age, size, color or skill level you can still improve! “How to improve fast” my favorite

Anna Kozlowska (from the USA)

my rating went 200 points up in 2 weeks. Thank you for making these videos. I had a few coaches in US and spend lot of money and I didn’t learn as much as from your work. Amazing !!!In 2 weeks watching and applying 5 key point my rating went 200 points up. Please continue with your great videos!

Anthony Perkins (Fakenham)

Best coach. In depth and well explained Usefull for all levels of table tennis.

Jonathan M. Husain

Wow that is really informative coach. I never thought of that. I will try my best to incorporate your tactics in my personal training and matches. You’re knowledge and experience really is helpful to further develop my skills in table tennis. Thanks to you my coach from the other side of our planet.

bruno darrigues (from France)

D’abord un grand merci pour tes vidéeos toutes aussi pertinantes les unes des autres.
Ta série sur power from the ground m interpelle énormément car si je comprends bien le principe, la mise en oeuvre est plus compliquée. En effet, j ai beaucoup de mal a dissocier la rotation des épaules (plus naturelle) de la rotation des hanches avant/pendant la frappe.
Et encore mille mercis pour tout ce que tu fais.

Christy Angelie Mojado

Your videos are awesome. They are of great help especially to ‘nobody’ like me who started to love the game. These exciting raffle of yours mean so much to me. Your gifts would be of help not just to me but to our athletes who can’t afford to buy one. Looking forward to a pair of blade and rubber from you. Thank you and more power!

Eric Fong

I’m a beginner that wanted to advance too quickly. I wanted to jump past basics and purchase new equipment until I started watching your channel. You have contributed to the improvement of my basic skills. Now ping pong is more fun! I’m glad you care enough to make detailed videos to help people enjoy the table tennis sport!

Phillius Leonce

The Legend of EmRatTich Table Tennis Coach!

I was introduced to table tennis very casually at school and quickly fell in love. I did not have professional coaching so I watched a lot of videos. Of the many videos out there, I was particularly drawn by the “table tennis love” from the ERT page. Table tennis has become a way of life for me and EmRatTich Table Tennis Coach has helped me live that.

Janak Sundhar

You can guide us in the right direction.I have learned many basic stuffs from your videos which i made mistakes or probably, its not taught properly in our country. I closely watch many times to understand each and everything and that improved my game. The techniques, the hows and whys of the game is all what you need to know.Thank you for sharing all this information. Someone like you is very much needed who can guide us in the right direction.

John Sung

Hi coach. i’m a new table tennis player. The first three months i just play like a shit, i can’t event smash the ball. but i suddently watch your videos and it really helps me a lot. You teach us how to play table tennis correctly. Now i can play on the local club in my city. thanks a lot

Carlos A Gallego

Awesome work… Outstanding explanation beyond technical, precise and easy to understand .. You’re the best coach I’ve ever seen…. Keep up the great work!!!

Karagrigoriou (Greece)

It’s wonderful! I put this slogan on my arm.

In Spin We Trust - Pingsunday slogan
In Spin We Trust – Pingsunday slogan



You can contact me in several ways.

If you found that my articles are useful for your table tennis, you can support us. Any amount is truly appreciated (even just a coffee!) and goes towards the ongoing development of our free coaching articles.

Thank you Table Tennis is Great - pingsunday