Welcome to the PingSundaytable tennis blog of coach EmRatThich: a place to learn table tennis correctly and with fun.

I’m a table tennis coach at a small club in France. I create free table tennis coaching videos every Sunday (That’s why this blog is called “PingSunday”). Using Chinese techniques, I give you the best tips to improve your table tennis skills quickly.

I have played table tennis at the age of 8 in Vietnam. I coach young developing players since 2012. With my friend (Chinese), we have learned a lot the Chinese philosophy about table tennis. By creating this blog, I want to share with you this knowledge. You will enjoy more your table tennis by staying with me on “this journey to China“.

My slogan in table tennis is “In Spin We Trust”. You can ask me any question by commenting on this blog, or private message on my Facebook page.

You can also join the group “Table Tennis Connect” to discuss with many other enthusiastic players about Chinese rubber, equipment, tactics, coaching, and comment table tennis matches.

Why Chinese techniques?

Table tennis technique of the Chinese players is superior. If you want to become better in table tennis, learn from the best. Learn the Chinese footwork, the modern Chinese loop technique, “power from the ground” concept, “acceleration at the right timing”, “hit with the legs”, “how to serve”, “yin pai”, “tactics for specific situation”, “4 main footwork patterns”, and many more.

What do you get from this blog?

table tennis coaching | tutor EmRatThich


Let’s start your journey

  1. Firstly, you should read and understand the principle of this sport.
  2. Secondly, learn the basic table tennis techniques.
  3. Choose the right equipment which fit your playing style
  4. Learn the advanced technique and improve your skills by doing your daily training.


I answer your FAQ (Frequently asked questions) in this video: motivation, training method, equipment, my journey to China and more.

Free Ping Pong Tips from Coach EmRatThich: Q&A

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