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37th European Championships 2022

Today, in Munich, the 37th European Championships start.

European Championships Munich 2022

During the European Championships Munich 2022, the best athletes on the continent will live in the Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle for the next 10 days. There will be 225 players from 39 countries competing in five medal events.

ETTU Championship 2022
ETTU Championship 2022

Watch lives on ETTU-TV.


Timo BOLL of Germany, who won the men’s singles event last year, is on duty after a tense wait that lasted until the last minute. Timo is ready to defend his title now that he has fully recovered from the rib injury. Timo BOLL has won a total of 28 medals, including 20 gold ones, in singles, doubles, and team events. So far, he has won eight singles events and been on top of the podium.

Dang Qiu – the Gold medal

Here are the best points of Dang Qiu, the champion of the European Championship 2022. He is now the best penholder in Europe. If Xu Xin retires, then he will be the best penholder in the world.

Dang Qiu has defeated many top table tennis players, including Timo Boll, Darko Jorgic, Mattias Falck. He was improving so fast, especially his serve, and his backhand control attack.

Dang Qiu best penholder
Dang Qiu best penholder

His style is similar to Wang Hao’s playing style. Now, if you like penhold style, then go for it. With modern techniques, penhold style can compete with the shakehand grip.

Award podium

Here is the podium of the European Championships 2022.


Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov

But neither Timo nor last year’s runner-up Dimitrij OVTCHAROV are the top seeds. Dima is the third seed, and Timo is the fifth. Young Swede Truls MOREGARDH, who won a silver medal at the World Championships in Huston, is at the top of the list. Darko JORGIC of Slovenia is the No. 2 seed.

Timo Boll 2022
Timo Boll 2022

Petrissa SOLJA of Germany won the Women’s Singles gold medal at the last Championships. She won’t be able to play in front of her home crowd, but her teammate SHAN Xiaona, who came in second in Warsaw, is ready for the challenge. The No. 1 seed, HAN Ying, is another player who can make fans of the host country happy.

Darko Jogic
Darko Jogic
Truls Moregard
Truls Moregard

Last year, SOLJA and SHAN from Germany won the title. Nina MITTELHAM and Sabine WINTER played in the final with SOLJA and SHAN. This year, Nina and Sabine are the top seeds, followed by bronze medalists NI Xia Lian and Sarah DE NUTTE from Huston.

In Men’s Doubles, the top seeds are Sweden’s Mattias FALCK and Kristian KARLSSON, who won the World Championship. They are followed by QIU Dang and Benedict DUDA, who are from Germany.

Today, on the first day of the tournament, we will watch the first rounds of the Doubles and Mixed Doubles events. The Singles Group Stages start tomorrow.

France get the Gold medal of Mixed Doubles

France has the best mixed doubles in table tennis.

Yes, congratulations to Emmanuel LEBESSON et Jia Nan Yuan, who is the Champion of mixed doubles in Europe this year 2022.

We feel that their double is well established. In the semi and the final, Jia Nan posed a lot of problems during his backhand starts in the diagonal. Manu knew how to vary his services and the discounts in order to allow his teammate to install his game. Congratulations to them both.

Emmanuel LEBESSON et Jia Nan Yuan (2)
Emmanuel LEBESSON et Jia Nan Yuan (2)
Emmanuel LEBESSON et Jia Nan Yuan (2)
Emmanuel LEBESSON et Jia Nan Yuan (2)
Emmanuel LEBESSON et Jia Nan Yuan (2)
Emmanuel LEBESSON et Jia Nan Yuan (2)

Congratulations to France!

We hope that Emmanuel LEBESSON and Jia Nan Yuan will get the Gold medal in the Paris Olympics 2024.

Watch this replays:



Doubles champion of European Championship 2022

The best table tennis players in Europe are here.

Yes, you can see the joy and the tears of the top players.

Women’s Doubles event

Bernadette SZOCS of Romania and Sofia POLCANOVA of Austria won the Women’s Doubles event at the European Championships in Munich without ever losing a game. They stood on the top step of the medal rostrum. In the final, they beat Elizabeta SAMARA and Andreea DRAGOMAN of Romania (18:16, 11:6, 11:9).

Sarah DE NUTTE and NI Xia Lian, both of Luxembourg, as well as Maria XIAO, of Spain, and Adina DIACONU, of Romania, won bronze medals.

In the women’s doubles, Romania won three medals: one gold, one silver, and one bronze. This is the first time in European Championships history that an Association has won three medals in doubles in one event. Samara has already won two titles and was in her fifth final. POLCANOVA played in two, while Bernadette and Andreea are first.

Men’s Doubles event

Mattias FALCK and Kristian KARLSSON of Sweden are the new winners of the Men’s Doubles event at the European Championships in Munich. In the final, they beat Robert GARDOS and Daniel HABESOHN 3:1. This was the third time in the last 10 years that they played against Austrians (10:12, 11:1, 11:5, 13:11).

Alexis and Felix LEBRUN of France and Jon PERSSON and Anton KALLBERG of Sweden both won bronze medals.

Like in the final of the event in Alicante four years ago and in the final in Herning in 2012, a pair of Austrians played against a pair of Swedes, but this time the Swedes won. FALCK and KARLSSON won this title in addition to the World Champions title they won a few months ago in Huston.

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