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2021 Online Summer School of China Table Tennis College

Free table tennis training camps are a great success (in 2018, in 2019, in 2020 – postponed, and this year 2021).

About China Table Tennis College

China Table Tennis College is the first professional institution of table tennis in the world which is jointly established by the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Chinese Table Tennis Association (CTTA). It is located in Shanghai with teaching, training, scientific research, and foreign exchange. It also has degree education of undergraduate, master, Ph.D. as well as the mission of cultivating outstanding youths.

Every year, we hold Summer School for foreign friends.

Shanghai summer School in 2019
Shanghai Summer School in 2019

Enrollment of 2021 Online Summer School

Coronavirus spread all over the world, so we will go on this project totally online this year for health safety.


Watch video above ☝.


2021 Summer School begins from 9th June to 6th July in Shanghai, China.

Free Online table tennis coaching 2021
Free Online table tennis coaching 2021

This online program is divided into two parts.

1. We will build online training courses, lectures, and live experience courses on APP (ClassIn). Students will experience table tennis training, Chinese language courses, traditional Chinese culture, and extra-curricular practice like sightseeing tours, ITTF Museum & CTT Museum, Chinese delicious food, etc. on ClassIn.You will be taught how to install ClassIn APP when you are enrolled.

2. Besides these online courses, our project characteristic is teaching you how to improve your table tennis skill one by one online by email, ClassIn and other social apps. You can shoot videos of matches, table tennis training or questions of some technical problems and send them to us anytime during 28 days. We get a professional team of table tennis coaches and translation volunteers to solve the problems. (We will start this part as soon as you successfully get the admission, later you can study online courses when we upload videos).

Training at CTTC in 2019 (China)
Training at CTTC in 2019 (China)

How to apply?

It is the first time we start an online project. Limited capacity! First come first serve!

Our event aims to improve the technical level of table tennis players from various countries and expand their horizons to better promote the common development of world table tennis.

Training with Chinese coach
Training with Chinese coach

Duration: 28 days. 9th June—6th July 2021, Shanghai, China

Application Deadline: 26th May 2021

Tuition fee:
Free for all activities and you will get a certification ( electronic or paper edition)


Physical Warm Up at the training center
Physical Warm Up at the training center

Application Qualifications:
*Above medium technical level of table tennis, the experience of taking part in large matches or events. Not for beginners. *20 members, aged between 16-25
Non-Chinese citizenship
*Physically and mentally healthy
*Have fast WiFi or mobile data with a computer or smartphone (for Online coaching)


cultural activities outsite of table tennis training
cultural activities outside of table tennis training

How to Apply
Submit the following materials by email Ms. Xu (stella20402040@163.com):

*Shoot 5-10 minutes videos of matches, table tennis training, we will test your skills.

*Personal application form (download it here “2021 Application Form.pdf”)

*Your passport copy (personal information page)

*Certificate or document that proves your table tennis skills

Application Deadline: is 26th May 2021. A result email on your application will be sent to you within 2 weeks upon receiving your application. Your place would be canceled if no copy of the visa page reply and no online application.

Contact: Ms. Xu

Email: stella20402040@163.com

Tel: +86 21 65507016 Tax:+86 21 65507018

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30 thoughts on “2021 Online Summer School of China Table Tennis College”

  1. Hello emerattich, im 16 and i play one and half year I don’t have documents that proves my table tennis skills, is there any way to fill up the requirement

  2. Chào bạn, mình biết bạn qua youtube – nhưng video rất bổ ích. Mình đánh bóng bàn đc 3-4 năm, bây giờ đánh hay bị lỗi vào bóng sớm, vội – nên hỏng nhiều. Cho hỏi có cách nào tập để bớt vào bóng sớm vội được không. Thanks nhiều

  3. I have applied for the Chinese table tennis college summer camp with the required documents.
    how am i suppose to know that i have selected or not?

  4. Hi EmRaThich, I’m grateful and wished to thank you for sharing all the good info about TT, this sounds like an excellent program. I can understand that the focus/priorty is on young player, however, it would be good to consider also an older player. I’m actually very old and just pick up on table tennis 5 yrs ago; but I still watch and immitate the agility of Mima Ito, consistaney of FanZhendong, Creativity of Lyn Yun Ju and strong determination of Ovtchrov etc. I also try to learn all the principle and technics you share on you vdo(s) I did made some surprize to those young players in the gym some who became the National champion, and some who qualified to the Thai national team ha!ha!ha!

  5. [spoiler title=”45 years old”] [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Hello I would like to know how I can subscribe in waiting list-“] [/spoiler]

  6. I have watched your videos for over 2 years. Would like to know why passport is required for online training. I am a 40yr old intermediate player and could support with videos of matches and training, but have no valid certification of my game play on paper. Can I yet apply without passport and valid certification?

  7. Hi Hemratthich, i have 1 question, if they accept my aplication then i have to travel to China? I mean, how they are going to do the touristic and cultural part? Or this course will be totally online?

  8. hello emratthich, i am 19 years old and i have been playing for 1.5 years (intermediate level) but i have not been able to play tournaments because of the pandemic. Can i still apply?

  9. hi, i am 19 years old and i have been playing for almost 1.5 years. although i’ve been playing for just 1.5 years but my level is a little bit better than intermediate. i have not been able to participate in any tournament in my country, Jordan, because of the pandemic but mu training has never stopped. Am I eligible to participate?


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