Table Tennis Professional Micro-adjustment

Micro-adjustment the key to become professional in table tennis

There are many differences between professional and amateur table tennis players. Some of them are timing, consistency, power, micro-adjustment, and tactics. To become professional in table tennis, in my opinion, micro-adjustment plays a role very important! So what is micro-adjustment in table tennis? Micro-adjustment is very difficult to be observed. However, micro-adjustment will make you … Read more Table Tennis Professional Micro-adjustment

Fran TT Table Tennis Club (Mexico) is hiring

Fran TT Tennis Club (Mexico)

Jobs Location Fran TT Tennis Club is a Table Tennis Club in Nuevo Leon, Mexico ( and we are seeking for a youth table tennis coach, The Instructor/Coach will ensure safety regulations are adhered to and will provide service enhancements. Lead a group of students through various table tennis activities. Entertain and engage. Teach the … Read more Fran TT Table Tennis Club (Mexico) is hiring

Understanding Basic Rules in Table Tennis

Basic Rules of Table Tennis

Reading the official ITTF rulebook is rather uninteresting. These are the most common questions and explications about confusing situations in table tennis. If you don’t have time, just check 3 minutes quick main rules in table tennis. So today, let’s review quickly some basic rules of table tennis that every player should understand! Have you … Read more Understanding Basic Rules in Table Tennis

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