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10 table tennis tips for advanced players

Advanced players are not the same as for beginners. Advanced players know how to spin and perform good strokes. However, here are some best tips for advanced players to improve further to the next level.

I have explained some coaching tips for beginners here. Here are some more tips for advanced players.

There are 10 ways to get better at table tennis. 10 table tennis tips for advanced players, explained by coach EmRatThich. You should read more about “Tips & Tricks for Playing Table Tennis“.

01 Don’t use the same spin every time you serve

Serves of varying lengths and spin should be mixed up. Among the most advanced serves are those that are medium-long and deep, short and down-the-line, as well as those that are pure spin and speed.

Medium-long serve is called “half-long serve”. This serve will help you attack the next ball because the opponent can’t attack this serve strongly.

half long serve in table tennis
half long serve in table tennis

02 Serve often to pocket position

At the advanced level, you should serve often to the middle, near the pocket position of the opponent.
Since the recipient must rapidly select (and often does not in time) whether to play a forehand or backhand, serves to the elbow are extremely effective.

My serve in crucial moments - The Short Kickserve

Watch this video.

03 Use the third-ball attack strategy

Build a third-ball offensive. Serving and receiving are the only two ways to win in this game. A serve with a short backspin, followed by a long push, and a forceful loop is an example. Top Chinese players use a lot of the third-ball attack strategy.

04 Serve long serve is good

Since a good long serve is very effective with the new ball (the new trend of table tennis). In a crucial situation, you can make a surprise long serve.
Attack as often as possible, focusing on long serves. Openers are more likely to win points, sets, and matches than defenders.

Ma Long used backhand drive to deal with long serve
Ma Long used backhand drive to deal with long serve

05 Focus on the opponent’s paddle

You can see the spin when you focus on the paddle’s angle of the opponent. This is the key to reading the spin on the serve.

contact the ball close to your body to improve the consistency of your serve
contact the ball close to your body to improve the consistency of your serve

When receiving a serve, focus mostly on the opponent’s paddle. Former World Champion Jan-Ove Waldner is known for his rapid glances at the ball’s height and then returning to the racket. If you maintain your eyes on the ball, the server will be able to fool you with his deceptions.

06 Make your opponent guess

Never push, or attack to the same place. The majority of players tend to push too hard, allowing their opponents to take the initiative and begin the play. To keep your opponent on their toes, use a variety of moves, such as loops, drives, pushes, and chops.

Koki Niwa, Mizutani at Tokyo Olympics
Koki Niwa, Mizutani at Tokyo Olympics

Koki Niwa used this strategy very well. He is very hard to predict.

07 Understand your equipment

Invest intelligently in the equipment you use. Start with a medium-fast blade if you’re ready to invest in table tennis gear (rather than fast). Your technique is more important than your equipment when it comes to getting the ball over the net. It’ll also provide you with the most flexibility and power.

However, the most crucial factor to look for in a blade is its “feel.” The “starter” rubbers are best for the beginning. It’s because beginner rubbers are made to have less spin and speed, which makes it easier to return fast and spinny balls while using them. With an extremely spinny rubber, an inexperienced player will find it difficult to return a side-spin serve.

08 Take your time

Keep your cool. Rather than letting your frustration get the better of you, use it to your advantage. To overcome a challenge in your game, ask yourself what has to be done. Take your time after each rally. Don’t rush.

Rushing is the main problem of amateur players. Advanced players and professional players always try to take time and analyze the situation.

Jorg ROSSKOPF -Germany national coach
Jorg ROSSKOPF -Germany national coach – take your time during the time out

After that, see if the solution works. Do it again if it doesn’t work. You should never give up until the match is over. As a server, you are given a good amount of time to consider your options before throwing the ball into play. Make the most of it.

09 Learn the right footwork

Forehands are the way to go in table tennis. Side-to-side footwork is necessary to hit forehands from any position on the table. Ma Long is the best player in the world because he knows how to move and how to incorporate his forehand attack.

<a class=
Xu Xin penholder playing style with great footworks” width=”1020″ height=”572″ /> Xu Xin penholder playing style with great footwork

If you want to hit that down-the-line forehand topspin with complete surprise, do some extra practice on your footwork. As a rule, the best players are always two-winged or able to attack virtually equally well with both sides.

10 Try the new service during your training sessions

Find a variety of interesting serving options. Backspin serves that bounce on both sides of a net and returns to your side are a good example (it’s called a flip serve, or the come back serve). It’s not only a lot of fun, but it also encourages the development of touch and feels.

Look at this video, Zhou Qihao is trying his amazing feeling. This is the reason that he is the pro player (with an amazing feeling on the ball).

Zhou Qihao godlike feeling

Watch this video.

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