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Difference Between Red and Black Table Tennis Rubbers?

Why do we need to use “black” and “red” rubbers in table tennis? Is There a Difference Between these two colors? I also answer your common question “Why top Chinese table tennis players always use “Black rubber” on the Forehand side […]

Zhang Jike Forehand Loop Technique

Zhang Jike is well known for his spinny forehand topspin. His forehand loop is not as powerful as Ma Long’s forehand but is spinnier. Today, I will analyze the table tennis forehand loop technique step by step of Zhang Jike. You […]

How to Get More Spin in Table Tennis

Today, I talk about “How to get more spin in your table tennis shots: serve, loop, push, forehand topspin, backhand flip, topspin serve, etc. Spin is the “heart” of this sport. When you master the “spin” in table tennis, your tablet tennis level […]